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Daily Update: AEW Road to Albany, Dudley Boyz, Genichiro Tenryu

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Details of Punk's latest injury
Details of Punk's broken foot, how it happened, and his recovery
Why more details about the suspension weren't announced on television
The suspensions and how the company is handling the backstage fight
Stories coming out about the fight that are clearly not true, motives to explain why things happened
More details about the press conference
More things that happened that haven't been reported
Where AEW goes from here
Full coverage of Clash at the Castle
Full coverage of AEW All Out
PPV and live numbers for both shows and what lessons can be taken
Notes from our two-hour interview with Tony Khan on AEW business
Keiji Muto retirement news
WWE Worlds Collide coverage
UFC makes debut in France with a great main event
Complete rundown of TV ratings of all the national shows plus how each segment did
CMLL Noche de Campeones card with fan voting on matches
Lucha Libre Dy cad at Arena Mexico
Five Star Grand Prix update
N-1 tournament finals and next major NOAH show
Movie on Ric Flair
Notes on Scottish Hall of Famer Ian Campbell
Thunder Rosa update
Update on AEW video game
Advance tickets for WWE & AEw shows
International TV ratings
WWE & AEW streaming numbers
Backstage fight in UFC
New executive hires in WWE as well as new contract details for the WWE big four execs

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Other Wrestling

  • The Dudley Boyz are reuniting for a match this December in the 2300 Arena, the former ECW Arena. It will be a singles match between Bully Ray and Matt Cardona for Battleground Championship Wrestling, with D-Von being in Bully's corner.
  • Yuji Nagata received a “letter of appreciation” from the Chiba Chuo Police Department for his efforts in combating phone fraud.
  • Genichiro Tenryu is scheduled to undergo surgery this week in relation to his recent spinal stenosis diagnosis.
  • GLEAT is scheduled to start their own MMA division, with their first show kicking off on December 14 in Korakuen Hall. Matches for the show will be announced in a press conference on September 16.
  • Bret Hart officially received his plaque from Canada’s Walk of Fame today.
  • Marty Janetty wrote on Facebook that he is recovering from ankle surgery. “I'm very proud to say that ankle right there it's just slightly damaged from all them years of putting my foot in people's rear end otherwise called ass and jumping off top ropes to the floor not just into the ring but to the floor and I'm very proud to say I'll do it again right now I ain't scared well wait a minute swaggy just looked at me and extended is claws which means don't you even try oh well it was a fun thought.”
  • PlutoTV removed their wrestling channel this week. When asked why the channel was removed, Pluto TV responded on social media: Thanks for reaching out! We do make changes to our channel lineup and sometimes our favorites can get removed, but we are constantly changing to make sure we have the best lineups for our citizens, stay tuned for more exciting programs to follow!
  • An autobiography of Madusa, titled “The Woman Who Would Be King: The Madusa Story” by Greg Oliver, will be out April 13, 2023.