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Daily Update: Becky Lynch, The Briscoes, AEW Road to Baltimore

WWE news and notes, Jay Briscoe provides a positive update on Mark's wife, and more.

Daily Update


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This Week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter: COVID strikes pro wrestling again, Warner Bros. Discovery & AEW

  • The new issue of the Observer has these stories:
  • Major players from five companies test positive for COVID causing changes in television or major shows.
  • Sunday's Fukuoka Dome show and a look back at the previous pro wrestling events in the building that featured some of the biggest American stars of all-time.
  • The Discovery/Warner merger, what was said at the earnings call about cutbacks, and the different ways this can go for AEW
  • Streaming vs. television and the realities of the numbers
  • Wrestling on television in every category, who is up, who is down, factoring out cable losses, and reasons behind the ups and downs.
  • WWE & AEW shows coming up between now and August ticket sales, interest in the secondary market, how many seats WWE is setting up for the stadium shows
  • WrestleMania Backlash card update and business update
  • Saturday's UFC report
  • New wrestling history television show series being filmed and who is behind it
  • Karl Lauer and the growth of the Cauliflower Alley Club
  • Ratings of all the television shows of the past week
  • Death of Toro Bill Jr.
  • Preview of TripleMania
  • Unique statement by L.A. Park about TripleMania
  • All Japan, Dragon Gate, NOAH and other Japanese events
  • This week's PWG show
  • MLW answers the WWE's attempt to get the lawsuit by MLW thrown out
  • Personnel changes in Impact
  • AEW injury notes
  • AEW's Double or Nothing show
  • Updates on ticket sales for WWE & AEW shows
  • Promotion gets major television deal with Amazon Prime
  • Tyson Fury on Drew McIntyre and Francis Ngannou
  • Peacock business update
  • WWE survey sent to fans about what they want
  • Biggest streaming numbers from the week

This Week's Retro Observer Newsletter: March 21, 2005 Observer Newsletter: Raw leaving Spike TV, TNA Destination X review

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Tuesday News Update



  • Becky Lynch posted a statement last night asking people to immediately block and report anyone who contacts them pretending to be her: “It should go without saying, but I, or any other WWE superstar, Would not ever message any fan looking for money or gift cards. Please, if anyone ever messages you, pretending to be me, asking for money, or anything else, immediately block and report. The amount of times I have heard of this happening is sickening.”
  • During a press conference in the United Kingdom last week, Randy Orton was asked if he’d like to become a coach after his in-ring career is over: “I don’t really think I’d be a good coach because I would start to just ramble… It’s almost like I don’t know how to articulate myself to a group of green guys that are coming into the business that need to learn the basics.”
  • Orton did say that he thinks he’d be good at working with wrestlers in small groups: “If there was three, four or five guys, a small group, and if we could go and talk and sit in the ring. If it could be like close quarters, just a small group of people where we’re not doing drills and stuff, but just talking and maybe watching tape, I think I’d be good in that aspect.”
  • Drew McIntyre told Sports Illustrated about potentially facing Tyson Fury: “If Tyson Fury steps back into the WWE ring, it’s not going to be as easy as he thinks. He showed last time in his match against Braun that he’s capable. And, no doubt, he’s an entertainer. But if he steps into the ring against me, he’s in for something he’s never experienced before.”
  • After a fan had their “Liv $old This Seat!” sign taken away at Raw last night, Liv Morgan offered to buy them tickets the next time WWE is in town: “Thank you so much ! I love u and appreciate it. Reach out to me next time we’re in town.. tickets on me”
  • A new partnership between Doudrop and Nikki A.S.H. was formed on Raw last night. Doudrop approached Nikki A.S.H. and asked if she’s done playing around and is ready to start taking things more seriously.
  • Xavier Woods’ UpUpDownDown YouTube channel announced that it’s returning with new content.
  • In a preview clip from this Friday’s Broken Skull Sessions episode, Cody Rhodes played the “30-Second Shot Clock” game.
  • The Miz appeared on this week’s edition of Out of Character with Ryan Satin.
  • WWE’s YouTube channel uploaded Seth Rollins vs. The Miz for the Intercontinental title from Backlash 2018, a Cutting Edge segment with Randy Orton and Wayne Brady from the May 3, 2010 episode of Raw, and Edge, Shelton Benjamin & Tajiri vs. Triple H, Randy Orton & Batista from the May 3, 2004 episode of Raw.

Other Wrestling

  • After a family medical emergency forced The Briscoes to miss shows for GCW and PWG last weekend, Jay Briscoe announced that Mark Briscoe’s wife is out of the hospital and doctors were able to prevent her from giving birth prematurely: “Momma is home and baby is still in the oven!! Thank you all for your prayers and positivity”
  • A great promo by William Regal was featured on AEW’s Road to Baltimore ahead of tomorrow’s Dynamite.
  • Chris Van Vliet has an interview with Tino Sabbatelli. During the interview, Sabbatelli said Andrade El Idolo had the idea for him to be in a “group like Evolution” in AEW, but Tony Khan didn’t want Sabbatelli in the faction. Sabbatelli speculated that Khan might have been upset that he went back to WWE after appearing for AEW: “So here’s the thing. I don’t know what happened or where it went wrong, this is the truth, that bridge was burned, and I don’t know how. Tony Khan knows me from football, and when WWE offered me that contract, I actually texted Billy Gunn about it. They [AEW] hadn’t offered me anything, Triple H was the one who offered me something. I sent a nice text to Billy Gunn to thank [him] for the opportunity and I thought it was all good. But when I got released again, someone reached out to AEW and said to Tony Khan, ‘Tino is a free agent and he’s going to be a star.’ Tony said to him, and I am paraphrasing, but Tony is upset I went back to WWE. Then three months ago, Andrade approaches me and said that he wanted me to be in a group with him. Me and Andrade have always had a good relationship. But he texted me personally and we shot a vignette together. He wanted to bring a group like Evolution to AEW. We shot the video and spent the whole day in Miami. He texted me back and said, ‘Tony Khan likes the idea but no Tino.’ I’m like, ‘What do you mean? I would love to sit and talk to Tony,’ he might have been upset that I had one match and then went back to WWE.”
  • Korakuen Hall's 60th Anniversary show from last month is now available on NJPW World.
  • Mickie James will be co-hosting Busted Open Radio every Wednesday starting tomorrow.
  • Joe Dombrowski announced that he’s officially signed an agreement to become the lead English-language play-by-play voice of Lucha Libre AAA for the foreseeable future.
  • Tony Khan will be the guest on next Monday’s episode of the Swerve City Podcast.
  • Episode 371 of Sammy Guevara’s vlog is now available.