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Daily Update: G1, weekend recap, Google trends

Dave Meltzer's Sunday news update.

Daily Update


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This Week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

  • Match and performer of the week
  • The life and times of Gene LeBell, MMA, stunt work, pro wrestling, an accessory to a murder, being trained by Lou Thesz, national judo champion, enforcer work in boxing and wrestling, details on the supposed first mixed match in history and later refereeing Ali vs. Inoki, the Bearcat Wright story, Steven Seagal, Bruce Lee, Chuck Morris, Ronda Rousey, Roddy Piper, the Los Angeles wrestling territory
  • Updated G1 Climax report with all the bouts last week, the standings and the final shows
  • Clash at the Castle update
  • Vice's Tales from the Territory, what is and isn't confirmed
  • UFC Saturday night coverage
  • AAA Triplemania preview and Verano de Escandalo coverage
  • The death of the Mexican star TNT, and a look back at a boom period for wrestling in that country
  • The most detailed look at the pro wrestling TV business over the past week
  • More on the CMLL anniversary sow
  • More on the CMLL Grand Prix
  • Konnan and Dorian Roldan talk AAA future
  • *Stardom Five Star Grand Prix update
  • NOAH N-1 tournament
  • Ric Flair talks his last match
  • Dave Bautista movie update
  • Death of Mike Masters/Rocky Jones
  • Former early Raw performer loses race for senate
  • Lots of AEW updates
  • Major star talks going to AEW
  • AEW & WWE streaming numbers
  • Ticket sale updates on AEW & WWE shows
  • UFC new deal in its second biggest market
  • Lots of new major UFC fights
  • Bo Nickal and UFC
  • Vince McMahon's new payments found
  • Questions being asked about a WWE branch
  • Returns of Dexter Lumis, Karrion Kross & Scarlett
  • Women's tag team title tournament
  • New WWE TV show filming

This Week's Retro Observer Newsletter:

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Sunday News Update


Bryan and I will be back tonight talking G-1 with Kevin Kelly as we had into the last day of the round-robin on Tuesday at Budokan Hall. Garrett Gonzales and I went over the past week's news on our Friday night show.

  • These are Tuesday's G-1 matches at Budokan Hall
  • A block: Kazuchika Okada (4-1) vs. Lance Archer (3-2)
  • B block: Tama Tonga (4-1) vs Jay White (5-0)
  • A block: Jonah (3-2) vs. Bad Luck Fale (2-3)
  • B block: Tomohiro Ishii (1-4) vs. Sanada (3-2)
  • C block: Hirooki Goto (3-2) vs. Evil (2-3)
  • C block: Tetsuya Naito (3-2) vs. Zack Sabre Jr. (4-1)
  • D block: Shingo Takagi (3-2) vs. El Phantasmo (2-3)
  • D block: Will Ospreay (3-2) vs. Juice Robinson (2-3)
  • If Okada wins, he wins A block. If Archer beats Okada, he wins A block. If Okada and Archer do a no contest and Jonah beats Fale, Jonah wins A block.
  • White vs. Tonga winner wins B block. If there is a draw, White advances
  • If Sabre wins, he wins C block. If Naito wins, he wins C block.
  • If Robinson and Phantasmo win, there is a seven-say tie at 3-3 in D block. If Takagi and Ospreay win, Takagi wins the block. If Ospreay wins and Takagi loses, Ospreay wins the block.
  • On Wednesday, the A vs. B and C vs. D winners face and the winners face off on Thursday for the championship.
  • If you saw the Smackdown overnight viewership number of 2,431,000, as noted before, it's not really indicative of what the show actually drew. There were 28 markets that aired NFL preseason in that time slot and the Fast National measure FOX stations in the slot, not the specific show. So that number includes 28 markets airing higher rated NFL. So the overall number will be significantly lower. The one good thing is after last year, most people do know that so there has only been a minimal amount of people pointing to that number like it means Smackdown did a blow away number.
  • Drew McIntyre missed last night's show in Salisbury, MD and will be off tonight's show in Atlantic City. He injured his back a few weeks ago and has been working through it. The idea is to do rest and rehab. The injury is not expected to impact him wrestling Roman Reigns at Clash at the Castle.
  • We're looking for dark match notes from Friday's Smackdown show in Raleigh, NC as well as reports from tonight's WWE show in Atlantic City and tonight's GCW show in Atlantic City to
  • Mary Austin, the daughter of the Fabulous Moolah, who wrestled for his mother, usually under the name Pat Sherry from 1956-72, passed away. She may be best known to current fans for her appearance on the Dark Side of the Ring show on her mother in season one of that series.
  • Larry Katz, who did a Saturday night pro wrestling talk show in the Baltimore market in the late 80s and early 90s, passed away on Wednesday at the age of 74. Best wishes to his family and friends and former listeners.
  • In matches that have had high recommendations this weekend, the big ones are from Impact Emergence, Josh Alexander vs. Alex Shelley as well as Bandido vs Rey Horus. Another match to go out of your way to see is Nate Landwehr vs David Onama at yesterday's UFC show on ESPN. Also have heard Miu Watanabe vs. Miyu Yamashita and Watanabe vs. Yuka Sakazaki in the Tokyo Princess Cup of TJPW were great matches.
  • The WWE programming on A&E tonight has the Biography of DX at 8 p.m. WWE Rivals covers HHH vs. Mick foley at 10 p.m. and Smack Talk has Shawn Michaels as a guest at 11 p.m.
  • WWE results from last night in Salisbury, MD:
  • Bianca Belair b Asuka to keep the Raw women's title
  • Gunther b Ricochet to keep the IC title
  • Veer Mahaan b R-Truth
  • Seth Rollins b Dolph Ziggler (Riddle attacked Rollins after the match)
  • Bobby Lashley won three-way to keep the U.S. title over Miz and Theory
  • Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler b Aliyah & Raquel Rodriguez with a double tap out finish
  • Street Profits & Madcap Moss b Sheamus & Usos via DQ. It was then restarted as a street fight with Profits & Moss winning. Moss replaced McIntyre.
  • Not much in the way of Google searches related to combat sports/Wrestling this past week. The only thing was Dominick Cruz (who lost the main event yesterday) at 100,000, although for whatever reason in checking, he's no longer listed in yesterday's to 20. Cruz was up on all three scorecards going into the fourth round of his main event with Marlin "Chito" Vera, before being knocked out with a head kick in round four.
  • Former UFC welterweight champion Rory MacDonald announced his retirement. He lost in the PFL semifinals to Dilano Taylor via first round knockout in a bout that determined who would go to the $1 million final.


  • An interview with Dana Brooke building the upcoming Raw show tomorrow in Washington, DC. 
  • AJ Styles, Rey Mysterio and Doudrop were in Saudi Arabia this past week promoting WWE's return in the fall. They are flying from Saudi Arabia directly to DC for Raw tomorrow. 

Other Notes

  • The N-1 tournament continues on Tuesday in Sendai with Kenou vs. Go Shiozaki, Kazuyuki Fujita vs. Hideki Suzuki, Masaaki Mochizuki vs. El Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr., Katsuhiko Nakajima vs. Takashi Sugiura, Satoshi Kojima vs. Masa Kitamiya and Kinya Okada vs Jack Morris.
  • Pro Wrestling EVE on 9/1 in London at 229 The Venue with Alexxis Falcon vs. Kanji.
  • GCW from last night in Atlantic City, NJ: Dark Sheik b Bradley Prescott IV, Nick Wayne b Starboy Charly, Jordan Oliver b Ninja Mack, Gringo Loco won over Joe Landro, Jimmy Lloyd, Axton Ray, Grim Reefer and Marcus Mathers, Blake Christian b Tony Deppen, Mark & Jay Briscoe b Los Macizos to regain the GCW tag titles, Cole Radrick b Charli Evans to keep the extreme title, John Wayne Murdoch b Matt Tremont in a crazy death match, Rina Yamashita b Alex Colon to win the Ultraviolent title, Jon Moxley b Effy to keep the GCW title. After the match Nick Gage came out to challenge Moxley to a title match and they agreed to a title vs. career match but didn't announce the date. (thanks to Owen O'Connor)
  • Stardom today in Okayama: Syuri & Ami Sorei won three-way over Saya Kamitani & Lady C and Mina Shirakawa & Mai Sakurai, Unagi Sayaka b Saki Kashima, Giulia b Hanan, Utami Hayashishita b Momo Kohgo, Maika b Koguma, AZM b Himeka, Hazuki b Mirai, Momo Watanabe b Natsupoi
  • Jacob Fatu defends the West Coast Pro title on 8/18 against Mike Bailey in San Francisco as part of their two days of shows this weekend.
  • Prestige Wrestling and West Coast Pro joint show n 9/3 in Sacramento, CA with Titus Alexander, Reno Scum, Alex Zayne, Masha Slamovich, Alan Angels and Davey Richards.