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Daily Update: Samoa Joe, Tommaso Ciampa, Eddie Kingston


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WON NEWSLETTER: June 28, 2021 Observer Newsletter: Hell in a Cell review, NJPW LA show announced

A look at the WWE's last PPV of the Thunderdome era and what did and didn't work on the Hell in a Cell show is the lead story in the new issue of the Wrestling Observer.  We've got the booking, future direction for Money in the Bank, update on MITB tickets, star ratings, poll results and match and performer of the week.

Also in this issue:

A new lawsuit against UFC and why it is a potential game changer along with what would be almost a sure thing if it's successful regarding WWE, what the claims are, and if it's successful what it says about payment of money to athletes.

New Japan running shows in the United States, a look back at  the early shows in Southern California, who is and isn't on the cards and more.

Becky Lynch returning, SummerSlam ticket sales, WWE return to MSG, WWE ticket sales, FOX and NBCU suggestions for WWE programming, Montez Ford surgery, Karrion Kross and Bronson Reed tryouts, Shayna Baszler talks angle, International TV ratings, controversy over writer with no product knowledge continued and reaction internally, Rey Mysterio talks angle he doesn't want to do, Kushida talks Kyle O'Reilly, Titus O'Neil talks his award nomination, plus next week's TV shows, WWE's biggest YouTube videos from this past week and WWE company market value.

Saturday's UFC show with match-by-match coverage, future directions for the talent, business notes and more

Changes being worked on for the Nielsen ratings and who isn't happy about them and why, television vs. streaming in 2021 and a comparison using AEW programming.

Suwama's vacating the Triple Crown, how it will be decided, and then look back at how the three belts, the United National, PWF and International belts all formed, when, their rules, their history and the creation of the Triple Crown more than 30 years ago.

A feature on the death of former bodybuilding star turned pro wrestler Melissa Coates.

More into detail on the ratings than any other source, how many different viewers the shows had, breakdown of who watches the shows and how they watch, DVR numbers and how long the average fan watches.

Results of the major pro wrestling events of the past week.

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  • Samoa Joe talked to Ryan Satin about his WWE release, his return, and his new role in NXT. When asked if he is planning on an in ring return, he made it clear that he is, saying “Absolutely. We’ll just say, yes, we’ll leave it at that.”
  • Joe also talked to Sports Illustrated about his release. “A younger me would have handled this much, much differently,” Joe said. “I know when I got the call, and it’s hard to explain, but I really was nonplussed about the whole thing. Johnny [Ace] called me and gave me the token speech, and it’s hard for Johnny because he has to make a lot of calls. At the same time, there were already discussions between myself and Hunter from a while ago. This is something Hunter had wanted. So essentially, when I got released, I understood their logic and reasoning. For me, I didn’t miss a beat. I was ready to take on whatever came next, and that’s what I was ready to do.”
  • WWE filed a trademark for “Nikki ASH” on June 25, a term Cross used on last night’s Raw to describe herself as “almost a superhero”. They also filed a trademark for “Happy Corbin” and a trademark on the World Class Championship Wrestling logo.
  • Sports Illustrated has an article on John Morrison and his inclusion in the upcoming Money in the Bank ladder match.
  • Morrison also spoke to TVInsider on his recent return to WWE. When asked about his current direction, he replied: “In wrestling, things never really go the way you expect. I was really excited to come back and work with Miz. In the [WWE] Chronicle documentary that talks about my return, Dolph Ziggler is walking toward me while cameras are following. All I did for my debut was open the door and say, “I’m sorry. Miz doesn’t feel like talking right now.” Ziggler gives me a high five after and says, “Sweet debut bro.” Did that go how I expected? No. Everybody thinks of ideas on the basis they see themselves as main event guys. I certainly do. But since have  go the way I liked? Definitely, yes.”
  • Tommaso Ciampa did the media rounds speaking to The Sportster regarding interest in wrestling WALTER again.
  • Ciampa also spoke to PWInsider. When asked if he still has plans to go the main roster, he said he would rather see where his career takes him. “It's a tough one for me to answer, because I don't know that... That's not how I work, as far as goals go,” he said. “When I was a kid, it was different. When I was a kid, I wanted like, "Oh, I want to be on WrestleMania and stuff." For sure, those were the goals. Because I was signed at 20, 21, and released, and then did a bunch of independents, and toured around the world, and just found myself and grew as a performer. It's just all these different experiences I had, and it just became more about the journey than anything, and it became more about just becoming better, a better performer.  So when Johnny and I came to NXT and our first thing was doing the Dusty Classic in 2016 or something, even then, I mean, it was just, for me, it was like, "Oh, cool, here's an opportunity to get in the ring with new different people, fresh people, get in front of different audiences and grow as a performer." And obviously it keeps snowballing, but... The Raw brand is fantastic. Great roster, lots of talented men and women. Same thing with SmackDown, same thing with NXT. I'd love to get in there with everybody. It's just more about me doing things that, I don't know, help my own legacy at the end of it, that helped me, as a performer, grow and get better and stuff. There's no door that's closed, but at the same time, there's no weird carrot that's dangling in front of me, where I'm like, "Oh, that's what I got to do." It's just going with the flow of it all and making the most of every opportunity that's presented to me, essentially.”
  • Here is behind the scenes footage featuring Bianca Belair prior to the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view event.
  • Titus O’Neil is holding a ‘Back to School Bash’ that will be held at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida on August 7. The event helps title one schools in Hillsborough County to make sure all students have backpacks and school supplies.
  • Full matches added to WWE’s YouTube page today include Randy Orton vs. Edge from WWE Vengeance 2004, John Cena vs. Cesaro from the June 29, 2015 episode of Raw and Becky Lynch & Natalya vs. Charlotte Flair & Dana Brooke from WWE Money in the Bank 2016.

Other Wrestling

  • Eddie Kingston spoke to WrestleZone about the speech he gave at the end of Saturday’s Dynamite. “Let’s all calm down,” he is quoted as saying. “You think I’m going to go bury the locker room that I work for? No, plus I love our locker room. I love AEW. What do you want from me? They’re paying me! They’re putting me on national television after – it’ll be 20 years in October. Of course I’m gonna rah-rah AEW. Relax. Relax. I expect people from the other joint if they’re allowed to mention our names, they’ll probably do the same thing cause you know what I mean? They want their home team to win. It’s just like the NFL or Major League Baseball, man. You wanna go with your home team, AEW’s my team. That’s my squad.”
  • Jake Lee’s first Triple Crown title defense will be on July 22 for a show in Korakuen Hall. Shuji Ishikawa and Shotaro Ashino will have a match on July 11 to determine the next challenger.
  • On the latest Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette, the former IIconics Cassie Lee (Peyton Royce) and Jessica McKay (Billie Kay) noted that both are unable to currently work due to ongoing green card issues. “The difficult thing for us is, we still don't have our green cards, so we're not allowed to work until we get those or until we find sponsorship anywhere else,” Lee said. “We're so excited, we have all this freedom and so many ideas, but pump the brakes because we can't do any of it.”
  • CyberAgent, which is the parent company of DDT, NOAH, and Tokyo Joshi Pro, has begun administering the COVID-19 vaccine to wrestlers and employees of each company. 
  • Sports Illustrated has a story on inclusivity in professional wrestling in rural Georgia.
  • AEW’s Santana has filed trademarks for “BornNasty” and “Mike Santana”.
  • Jay White did an online meet and greet via Tokon Shop Global.
  • Lita did a virtual signing at the Asylum Wrestling Store.
  • The Miami Herald has an article of AEW returning to the road.
  • Mount Pleasant Daily Voice has an article on Michael Cammett, a pro wrestler that drowned over the weekend along with two other people. Slam Wrestling has an additional column on his passing.

Daily Pro Wrestling History: Stan Hansen stripped of AWA World title