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Daily Update: Weekend fallout, Kota Ibushi, Crusher Fest


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We're looking for your thoughts on today's New Japan Dominion, Saturday's UFC 238 and Friday's WWE Super Showdown, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to

We're also taking polls on the Best of the Super Juniors tournament, for both the MVP of the tournament and for the best match of the tournament to

WWE returns from Saudi Arabia with house shows with Raw in Fresno and Smackdown in Stockton, CA and we're looking for reports on both shows to

We're also looking for reports on yesterday's Impact/HOH show in Philadelphia and today's show in St. James, NY.

Monday has Raw in San Jose. They have not canceled Monday's show in Reno for Smackdown and are billing Roman Reigns, Bayley, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston and Drew McIntyre on that show. That would mean they wouldn't be on Raw but I wouldn't take that one to the bank.

Smackdown and 205 Live will be taped on Tuesday in Sacramento.

F4W NEWSLETTER: Figure Four Weekly: Jon Moxley and the WWE creative process

After becoming the talk of the professional wrestling world when he joined AEW at Double or Nothing, Jon Moxley took things up to another level when he appeared on Chris Jericho's Talk is Jericho podcast last week.

While prefacing his comments with how grateful he was for his time in WWE, Moxley got years of frustration off his chest in the 90-plus minute podcast episode. The WWE creative process was his target, with Moxley saying that one of his goals in AEW is to prove that the process WWE uses sucks, is absolutely terrible, and is "killing the company."

WON NEWSLETTER: June 10, 2019 Observer Newsletter: The evolution of Will Ospreay

A look at Will Ospreay and the Super Juniors tournament win, a study of PPV buyers of AEW, WWE and Impact and questions regarding WWE and Saudi Arabia are among the lead stories in the new double issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The lead story talks about the rise of Ospreay, the Super Juniors tournament, the debut of Jon Moxley in New Japan, the new Juice Robinson, the Super J Cup business, Dominion, plus a rundown of the last three nights of the tournament.

Also look at Ospreay's interviews and his future goals.

Have a look at WWE Super Showdown and the last minute story involving the women and the culture.

Read full coverage of Takeover Bridgeport with the next main event, match-by-match coverage with star ratings and poll results.

Also look at Gargano's big run.

This issue has a story on the life of Atsushi Aoki, the All Japan booker and trainer and his career.

Read a study on PPV buyers and what the real crossover between WWE and AEW and Impact and AEW among buyer actually is. 

Go into depth on the Wade Keller interview with Jon Moxley, birth of Hulkamania, reaction from WWE, WWE looking at changing how they do entry -evel wrestler contracts for obvious reasons, & Ric Flair releases videos.

This issue contains full coverage of the UFC show in Stockholm.

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Bryan and I will be back tonight talking Dominion and taking e-mail questions that you can send to

Beacuse of an issue with g-mail, anything that was sent to or did not get here over the last 24 hours. It is now fixed but the e-mails sent during that 18 hour period did not reach us, so if you sent anything to either of these e-mail addresses, please resend. It is working now.

UFC 238 was the most searched term on Saturday on the Internet with 1.1 million searches, soundly beating The Belmont Stakes for the top spot. Gennady Golovkin was No. 6 and Valentina Shevchenko was No. 8, both at 100,000. On Friday, WWE Supershown had 100,000 searches and was seventh for the day. To put that into perspective, the UFC number is at the level of a show that would do well (300,000+ buys under the old system). The WWE show was low for a PPV, but every Saudi Arabia show has done in the same range so not a surprise. New Japan Dominion didn't crack the top 20 today, but it would have been a shock because New Japan has never, even with the MSG show, cracked the rankings.

Kota Ibushi was described as okay but it isn't like he came out of today's match unscathed. There was a very scary move where he took a German suplex off the apron, but his head landed at the edge of the ring and bent in a scary direction. He continued the match and he and Tetsuya Naito did all kinds of crazy things after. We didn't hear anything more. Obviously Ibushi was to play a major part in this year's G-1 which starts in four weeks.

There was a ton of area media and a crowd far larger than organizers expected for Crusher Fest in Milwaukee with the unveiling of the Crusher statue. The guys did one hell of a job. It looks just like him, which is a complete opposite of the famous Fonzie statue in Milwaukee which looked nothing like him. They had a second day of Crusherfest today.

Here's some of the media coverage:

The Novas, who performed the 1964 show The Crusher, were 55 years later, at Crusher Fest.

Kenta and Shingo Takagi were announced for G-1. Will Ospreay is in it as well, but didn't announce it because his mic work was directed to build to his Southern Showdown match on 6/29 in Melbourne, Australia, where he'll defend the IWGP jr. title against Robbie Eagles. There are technical issues where they aren't able to stream it live but FITE TV is able so it'll be on FITE TV. We're told that the booking side felt it was important enough that it had to air live. Whether that means there's a key storyline thing or things or just that they expect Ospreay vs. Eagles to tear the house down and they want it up right away, that I'm not sure.

Lance Archer will be appearing on the Lex & Terry nationally syndicated radio show on Tuesday to promote G-1.

G-1 may not be announced until next week's Korakuen Hall shows. We haven't gotten official word, but last year they waited until the post-Dominion Korakuen shows, where one night they'll announce brackets and the next night they'll announce cards.

Past Bill Goldberg getting a concussion, we haven't heard anything regarding fallout from Super Showdown.


  • WWE has sent out a four tickets for the price of three for the 7/15 Raw show at NYCB Live in Long Island. This is a live Raw show.
  • Raw tomorrow, unless they have a hotshot angle they haven't announced, is going to have trouble not being one of the three least watched episodes of the show in at least the last 23 years. The Toronto Raptors can close out the NBA playoffs with a win over the Golden State Warriors. Even at worst, it will beat both the Christmas and Year's Eve shows on 2018, but it could do worse than any other show in history given the ratings down overall and the competition.
  • With just two weeks of television to build the Stomping Grounds PPV on 6/23 in Tacoma, they are going to pretty much have to shoot angles and announce all the key matches tomorrow and Tuesday.
  • For the first time in weeks, WWE has not canceled the Monday night Smackdown house show. The show in Reno is still on. The names listed, which in theory mean they won't be on Raw (in theory because WWE doesn't deliver what is advertised like most promotions these days do) would include Roman Reigns, Drew McIntyre, Bayley (who lives in San Jose, where Raw is taking place), Kofi Kingston, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton, Charlotte Flair, Finn Balor and Kevin Owens.
  • This is not confirmed, but we've been led to believe Andrade won't be at TV this week. Juanis Oropeza, his mother, passed away on Saturday. Our best wishes go to him and his family.


  • Ace Romero was legitimately hurt at today's Impact/House of Hardcore show in St. James, NY. The only details we have is the mach was stopped and he was taken to the back and they went right to an intermission.
  • Barry Norman, a former WCW publicist, has made a play about the 1997 Montreal screwjob.
  • OTT's most recent lauded hype video for Walter vs. David Starr. They do some of the best work in the industry.
  • Florida J Cup results from Friday night in Orlando: Remi Danilo won Dojo Battle to win rookie championship, Chris Silvio b Carlos Gabriel, Chasyn Rance d Jonny Vandal, Ariel Dominguez b Jay Sky, Andrew Merlin b Remi Danito, Amber Nova & Sofia Castillo & Lexi Gomez & Gia Roman & Kaci Lennox & Marina Tucker & Layne Roario & Dank the Clown, Chris Silvio won three-way over Chasyn Rance and Johnny Vandal, Andrew Merlin b Ariel Dominguez, Mike Reed & Anthony Catena & Jake Shows & DeMarkus Cutler b Deon James & Kwame Nas & Cisco Sucio & Tony Danti, Andrew Merlin b Chris Silvio. (thanks to Al Haft)
  • Melbourne Championship Wrestling from last night in Melbourne: Matty Wahlberg b Mike Burr, Danny Psycho b Shaun Young, Jake Andrewartha b Zane Zodiac, Kaz Jordan b Atlas Whittaker-DQ, Kellyanne b Xena, Lochy Hendricks b Ritchie Taylor, Jessica Troy b Indi Hartwell, Tome & Stevie Filip b Mitch Waterman & Nick Bury to win tag title. (thanks to Kevin Chiat)
  • PWA iPPV from today in Sydney, Australia: Richard South b Kai Drake, Bel Pierce b Xena, Jay Sorbet b AJ, Michael Spencer b Carter Deams, Sam Osbourne b Big Fudge, Will Kiedis b Donnie Mako, Paris DeSilva & Jude London b Mat Diamond & Robbie Eagles. Main event said to be ****. (thanks to Kevin Chiat)
  • Greg Valentine did a 2 hours 2019 career interview with The Hannibal TV posted free at this link.

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