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Daily Update: WWE NXT, AEW Dynamite, Ricky Steamboat

NXT and AEW notes, Big Time Wrestling co-promoter talks Steamboat's return, and more.

Daily Update


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This Week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

  • Match of the week and Performer of the Week
  • How the hurricane has affected WWE and AEW for this week including changes to AEW programming
  • Update on the Performance Center in Orlando
  • Why Florida is so key to American pro wrestling right now
  • The Bray Wyatt experiment and how it has done so far and what we can learn from it
  • The update on the Wyatt situation
  • TripleMania preview, what Americans are being brought in, lineup, and why some champions aren't there
  • The Five Star Grand Prix finals PPV show
  • What to look out for on the PPV
  • Update on Extreme Rules, matches not announced, and business updates on the next few WWE PPV shows
  • Full coverage of New Japan's major show of the month with Will Ospreay vs. David Finlay
  • New Japan shows in England, U.S. and Japan updates
  • The most detailed update on the ratings from the past week
  • Death of Starman
  • Frequency of recent CMLL deaths
  • Major CMLL debut
  • AAA announces show in the U.S
  • Major international star to make his U.S. debut
  • More on the Keiji Muto farewell tour
  • Notes on Takeshita vs. Higuchi
  • Ric Flair update
  • Territories on Vice notes
  • Young Rock notes
  • Ted DiBiase case makes national news because of Brett Favre
  • Women of Wrestling news
  • Japanese stars headed t the U.S.
  • More on the Von Erichs movie
  • Inventor of the ladder match
  • GCW in Japan
  • Bound for Glory updates and Victory Road coverage
  • Battle of the Belts news
  • Notes on high profile real wrestling fights and how companies handled them
  • Advance ticket sales for AEW & WWE and there i a lot of news regarding that
  • Streaming numbers for AEW & WWE
  • International TV ratings
  • Crazy Dana White story and being told he had ten years left to live
  • UFC signs Bo Nickal, one of the best prospects in years
  • Strange USADA news
  • Lots of new UFC fights
  • Bo Nickal challenges Chimaev and Logan Paul
  • Melvin Manhoef retirement
  • Preview of the Bellator and UFC shows this week
  • What sports entertainment company lost the most money
  • Lots of notes about WWE developmental
  • 25th anniversary of DX Raw notes
  • What PPVs will the top stars be appearing on
  • What was supposed to happen in Drew McIntyre segment on Smackdown
  • Landmark lawsuit verdict coming
  • Big E holds college record
  • A look at all the WWE arena events of the past week and business notes

This Week's Retro Observer Newsletter:

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Tuesday News Update



  • WWE stock was up 2.79 percent today, closing the day at $74.12 per share. It’s the highest point the stock has been at in the past year.
  • Raw announcer Byron Saxton will be on commentary for tonight’s NXT alongside Wade Barrett. Saxton is filling in for Vic Joseph after Joseph and McKenzie Mitchell got married in Italy over the weekend. NXT Level Up's Sudu Shah is also calling the show with Saxton and Barrett.
  • Ahead of tonight’s NXT, Grayson Waller hyped that he’ll be revealing a “Halloween Havoc exclusive” on the episode. Waller is hosting a Grayson Waller Effect talk show with Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade tonight.
  • Jade shared a picture of the new NXT logo/graphics with their updated color scheme.
  • NBC Sports Boston’s Ten Count podcast interviewed Raquel Rodriguez. Rodriguez said she hopes WWE adds a title like the Intercontinental Championship or North American Championship to the women’s division:
          • 100 percent. I think that would be something so great for the women’s division especially because we have so much diversity in the women’s division. We have women from all over the world, from all over the country, from different backgrounds and different ethnicities. I think having an Intercontinental Championship, having a North American championship for the women would be something. Just a huge leap forward for the Women’s Division in wrestling in general. 
          • And I personally do feel like that is something that is possible and is something that’s that could possibly be happening in the near future so I’m looking forward to that and possibly you know making new history.
  • WWE’s YouTube channel uploaded John Cena vs. Batista in a Last Man Standing match for the WWE Championship from Extreme Rules 2010, Belair, Ripley & Morgan vs. Lynch, Doudrop & Nikki A.S.H. from the February 28, 2022 episode of Raw, and Kane vs. Umaga from Unforgiven 2006.

AEW/Other Wrestling

  • AEW uploaded its Road to Washington, D.C. video ahead of tomorrow’s third-year anniversary episode of Dynamite.
  • On Twitter, MJF announced that his match against Wheeler Yuta will be the first match on this Wednesday’s show: “I was in the first ever Dynamite. I’ll be in the First match for the 3 Year anniversary of Wednesday night Dynamite on @TBSNetwork against Wheelsy. I am @AEW… long as @TonyKhan keeps paying up #2024”
  • Tony Khan appeared on Barstool Sports’ My Mom’s Basement with Robbie Fox. During the interview, Khan said AEW originally wanted The Great Muta to appear at All Out:
          • Great Muta, we'd been talking about for a long time. It was funny because Mox brought it up in the press conference and we were already talking about it. I was like there with New Japan. So I was kinda like, 'I don't know if this is like the best time,' and we were already working on it. But like, yeah, the timing was very good. I originally wanted to get Muta for All Out and he was not available. Then it just seemed like a good deal for Grand Slam.
  • Khan also spoke about Paul Wight’s role in AEW:
          • Paul, seeing him up and around has been great. Paul Wight is such an awesome presence in pro wrestling and when he's healthy, and can be on the shows again, you know, I want to feature Paul. Unfortunately, a lot of his time in AEW he's been hurt. He's great on commentary when he's been able to travel. I think that's something, he has a great future quite frankly. I think he's worked really, really hard at it and deserves opportunities there. So I have a lot of great things to say about Paul Wight.
  • This week’s episode of Sammy Guevara’s vlog is now available.
  • Minoru Suzuki posted an Instagram tribute to Antonio Inoki.
  • Big Time Wrestling co-promoter Steve Perkins discussed Ricky Steamboat’s return to the ring:
          • So, and some of it, I’ll get into it as much as I can [Perkins said about Ricky Steamboat’s in-ring return] but obviously, everybody had heard about Ricky possibly getting back into the ring for Ric’s ‘Last Match’ and it didn’t happen for whatever reason and you know, it’s probably for a myriad of reasons that most the internet doesn’t get right but didn’t happen. But that allowed me to know that, hey, Ricky’s not against this. Ricky’s capable of doing this. This was close because Ricky’s agent was a friend of mine, Tony Hunter, who’s an agent for a lot of guys too. Bret [Hart] and I happened to be in Knoxville for a Comic Con and I was there with Bret. I just started asking Ricky questions and Ricky wasn’t adverse to doing it and I just went to Ricky and said, ‘Ricky, this night’s going to be about you. This is a night about Ricky Steamboat.’ We’re gonna do it at the [J.S.] Dorton Arena and that’s just a historic place for Ricky Steamboat, it’s an historic place for Jim Crockett. The amount of one-hour draws Ricky and Ric [Flair] probably had there is, you know, insurmountable, the number of times they probably went 60 minutes and it’s just a historical building and a great place and I said, ‘Ricky, it’s gonna be a classy thing. It’s gonna be all about you and we’ve got a hell of a lot of talent that’s gonna wanna jump on board and be around this’ so I took quite a bit of time to convince him and come to terms on it but it’s gonna be incredible. I know in my head who’s committed to be there and it hasn’t fully been announced because we’d love to get promos filmed first but… the talent on the card doesn’t end with Ricky Steamboat. It could be Ricky Steamboat in one match and you could take the ring down and go home and everybody would get their money’s worth because I don’t know if you’ve heard, I don’t think Ric Flair could have been more correct about it but when Ric was asked on his podcast about it, Ric said, ‘Hey, Ricky Steamboat wouldn’t be getting in the ring to do this if he wasn’t going to do it right and wasn’t gonna look like a million bucks’ and Ricky trains, Ricky works out, Ricky doesn’t have carbs after lunch. Ricky takes his body seriously now so, I guarantee no one will be disappointed by Ricky Steamboat in the ring.
  • Slam Wrestling has an interview with Willie Mack.