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EVOLVE Wrestling fires Joey Styles for on-air remark

Joey Styles

Joey Styles will forever be known as the voice of Extreme Championship Wrestling, but what he said on air Saturday during EVOLVE 72 was just too extreme for them.

Before the night's main event featuring Timothy Thatcher and Drew Gulak, Styles said on air toward ring announcer Joanna Rose, “Joanna, you look great tonight. And if our next President were here tonight, he’d want to grab you by the..."

The reference is, of course, related to President-elect Donald Trump's infamous comment made on a tour bus in 2005 that was picked up by a hot microphone he was unaware was on.

Styles had said on-air that he was told to not get too political on air, essentially setting up the comment.

EVOLVE head Gabe Sapolsky was not thrilled with Styles' choice of words.

I deeply apologize for Joey Styles' comments and am furious

— Gabe Sapolsky (@BookItGabe) November 13, 2016

And then 30 minutes later, Sapolsky delivered some news shortly after the show had wrapped up:

We've parted ways with Joey Styles and that's my final comment on this. Thank you for your support.

— Gabe Sapolsky (@BookItGabe) November 13, 2016

Streaming partner FloSlam tweeted that they support EVOLVE's decision, and that the replay will be delayed due to editing.

Styles is a longtime conservative voice who has gone after President Barack Obama on Twitter frequently through the years. As of this writing, he has yet to comment on the firing.

After being released by WWE in August, Styles had become a voice for several indie groups including EVOLVE, Beyond Wrestling, and CHIKARA.