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Floyd Mayweather, Logan Paul go the distance in exhibition boxing match


Image: Showtime Sports

While Sunday pay-per-views typically belong to pro wrestling, a boxing exhibition with all the promotional underpinnings of WWE or AEW took center stage Sunday as Floyd Mayweather took on YouTube star Logan Paul.

The Miami, Florida, crowd at Hard Rock Stadium saw Mayweather use his patented defense to string the inexperienced Paul along for eight fairly uninteresting rounds, landing whenever he wanted.

The crowd began to boo in the eighth and final round as there were no knockdowns or knockouts despite the massive disparity in experience.

Paul unloaded hooks to the 44-year-old Mayweather at the end of the first round, but with no real technique behind them, the covered up Mayweather took them and shrugged them off. 

Paul kept his hands low the entire fight with Mayweather goading him into range. At the end of the third, Mayweather landed a hook that found a home as Paul continued to tire. 

The fight featured a lot of grappling and tie-ups with Mayweather clipping the increasingly fatigued Paul whenever he chose to. On several occasions, Mayweather showed mercy as Paul was against the ropes, hands to his sides.

The fight was an eight-round exhibition with three minute rounds. There were no judges.

Paul, 18 years Mayweather's junior, outweighed the undefeated boxing legend by more than 35 pounds with nearly six inches of height as well. However, Paul had one pro fight coming into this exhibition while Mayweather was 50-0.

During the broadcast, they discussed Mayweather's WWE WrestleMania exhibition with the Big Show.

The event was available on Showtime PPV and was expected to bring in a large amount of buys.

The spotlight will now to go to Logan's brother, Jake, who faces former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley in an August boxing match.