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Impact Wrestling's parent company releases statement on allegations


Impact Wrestling's parent company Anthem Sports & Entertainment released a statement Friday in response to sexual abuse allegations against several of its talents.

"It is a core value of the Anthem organization that we conduct our business with respect and integrity, providing a safe and secure work environment for our employees and performers. We are following carefully the various allegations being made through social media, and are reviewing all incidents involving Impact Wrestling talent and personnel to determine an appropriate course of action."

The allegations are against Dave Crist, Joey Ryan, and Michael Elgin:

  • A wrestler named Ziggy Haim tweeted that after she met Crist, she was sent unwanted photos but was blown off because she was only 20 and Crist did that to everybody. She added that Crist said he had feelings for her even thought he had a girlfriend. She later retweeted several other stories about Crist shared with her by other women. One school announced they are ending their affiliation with Crist's school.
  • A wrestler named Corinne Mink tweeted that she picked Ryan up at the airport for a show and he groped her breasts and thigh, attempting to get Mink to his hotel room after kissing her. She said she told the promoter about the incident, was apologized to, and told they wouldn't book him again only to rebook him 18 months later.
  • Female wrestler Kaitlin Diemond tweeted that Elgin, under a different name, sent her an unwanted picture of his genitals in addition to emails and other messages in 2016. She said he didn't acknowledge he sent her anything after she confronted him, but the messages stopped at that point.

The allegations come as the pro wrestling world continues to deal with the fallout of the #SpeakingOut movement in which women are telling their stories about harassment. Neither of the three men have publicly commented about the allegations.