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Impact Wrestling announces signing of Joe Hendry

Hendry will soon return to the company after four years away.

Another familiar face will soon be returning to Impact Wrestling in the weeks ahead as former ROH roster member Joe Hendry made his on-screen return Thursday in a vignette.

In an inside joke from the recent CM Punk/Young Bucks/Ace Steel fight, a man is near death after a chair was thrown at him and also has bite marks. 

With the family around, the man's son hears the father try to say a name.  Hendry then busts in, using his ROH "It's Joe Hendry" music, and attempts to lighten the mood as a motivational character.

The 34-year-old Scotland native was last in Impact in 2018, working seven matches in Canada, Mexico and England. His debut date is unknown, but their next TV taping is set for September 24th.

This will be Hendry's first U.S. appearance of any kind since April when he lost to Dalton Castle at ROH Supercard of Honor. Since then, he has been wrestling for various UK indies.

Hendry was an ROH regular from 2018 through 2021.