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Impact Wrestling Hard to Kill live results: Four title matches

A three-way match for the Impact World Championship headlines tonight's Hard to Kill.

Four titles will be on the line at Impact Hard to Kill including both the Impact and Ring of Honor World titles.

In the main event, Impact World Champion Moose will defend in a three-way against Matt Cardona and W. Morrissey while ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham will defend against Chris Sabin.

Mickie James will defend the Knockouts title against former champion Deonna Purrazzo. Purrazzo is looking to go into this Thursday's winner take all match with ROH Women's Champion Rok-C as both Impact and AAA Reina de Reinas titleholder.

Trey Miguel will defend the X-Division title against Steve Maclin and if Maclin loses, he will not get another shot at the title as long as Miguel is champion.

The rest of the card will see the first-ever women's Ultimate X match; a ten-man Hardcore War; Josh Alexander vs. Jonah; and a pre-show match of Chris Bey vs. Ace Austin vs. Laredo Kid vs. the debuting "Speedball" Mike Bailey.

Saturday's show is being held at Dallas, Texas.

Our live coverage begins at 7:30 PM Eastern.

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Tom Hannifan & D’Lo Brown on commentary tonight. Hannifan is making his Impact debut on the table.

Jake Something defeated Madman Fulton

Really fun hoss fight where Fulton was so dominant towards the end that fans started to cheer for him to Chokeslam Something, but after going for one too many, Something reversed, hit the Black Hole Slam, and got the win.

Gia Miller interviewed Chelsea Green & Matt Cardona about how they were feeling tonight. Green said that she is ready to win and come back to the Knockouts title scene. Cardona said that tonight, they both leave as winners.

“Speedball” Mike Bailey defeated Chris Bey, Ace Austin, and Laredo Kid

This was Mike Bailey’s debut with Impact since signing a couple of weeks ago.

Good fast paced match. Match was set up to start with some multi-man spots, later transitioning to singles pair ups between Kid vs Bey and Austin. Everyone got their chance to dive, and at one point, Laredo Kid did a jumping top rope Spanish Fly to the floor, landing on Bey and Austin.

Back in the ring, they started trading signature moves and going for pin attempts, ending with Bailey taking out Bey with the standing moonsault knees and Austin with the Ultima Weapon. 

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Opening video package saw some of the Impact wrestlers talking about some of their past injuries and how they’ve overcome them to be here tonight, while also alluding that Impact as a promotion, is Hard To Kill.

Tasha Steelz (with Savannah Evans) defeated Chelsea Green, Jordynne Grace, Alisha Edwards, Rosemary (with Havok), & Lady Frost in an Ultimate X match

Alisha Edwards was a late replacement for Rachael Ellering. As for the rest of the women, they were all hand picked by Gail Kim, newest member of Impact management, to participate in the first ever Knockouts Ultimate X match in history.

Match started with everyone trying to make a run for the X, but as wrestlers kept falling, we saw Steelz and Green pair up, followed by Grace versus Steelz, and finally Rosemary and Grace. Early on, Havok helped Rosemary by lifting her to reach the X, but Green stopped her with a missile dropkick. This was followed by Edwards and Green climbing the corner structure and diving at least 10 feet up and diving on everyone. Frost followed with a diving senton.

Frost and Grace battled on one of the corner structures, with Grace making the ropes first, but Frost hung herself from Grace, yet Grace stayed on the ropes. Grace and Rosemary were taken out by double team moves from the rest of the competitors.

Green climbed the ropes and seemed to accidentally lose her grip and fell right on top of Steelz. Edwards ran in with a kendo stick and took out everyone and took her turn at the crossed ropes, only to get speared by Rosemary.

Steelz went for the X, but Grace caught up and ended up taking each other out. Frost did a huge moonsault from the top of the structure to the floor, taking out half of the competition.

Back again, Grace and Steelz fought for the X on the ropes, and exchanged strikes, but during the distraction, Green made it to the X. Steelz caught up and struggled for the X on the ropes, but Steelz dropped herself and brought the X with her for the win.

Some spots looked clunky, but these women went all out for this match, some of the spots were scary. Steelz now gets a shot at whoever wins the Knockouts title tonight.

- We got a promo from Mickie James from earlier in the day, talking about entering the Royal Rumble. She said that her focus is not on the Rumble tonight, it’s on her Texas Deathmatch against Deonna Purrazzo. Good promo.

- Miller interviewed Deonna Purrazzo about James’ comments. Purrazzo said she is ready to reclaim her title, as this is the first time that she enters a pay-per-view without the title. Gail Kim confronted Purrazzo and told Rehwoldt that if he interferes tonight, he is fired and Purrazzo loses the match.

X Division Champion Trey Miguel defeated Steve Maclin to retain the title.

These two have been feuding for months, as Maclin claims that Miguel has never defeated him, as he remains unpinned and unsubmitted and has lost his title matches because Miguel keeps beating other people. Maclin kept requesting a singles match and finally got it after torturing Miguel, however, if Maclin doesn’t win the title, he does not get another shot at the title while Miguel is champion.

Maclin attacked Miguel during his entrance, catching him with a dive before the bell rang. Miguel recovered and caught Maclin with a tornado DDT on the ramp. They made the ring to start the match, but the match quickly spilled to the floor again after Miguel dove over the corner and all the way to the crowd. On a second attempt, Maclin caught Miguel and swung him into the guardrail, successfully cutting off Miguel.

Maclin worked over Miguels’ back and neck, mostly striking him, but at one point, he straight up hit a Cactus Jack elbow drop to the back of Miguel, followed by a apron bomb.

Miguel finally made a comeback with a desperation reversal that left Maclin open for a double footstomp and earned Miguel a couple of seconds to get a breather and some distance on Maclin. Miguel capitalized by dropping Maclin with a DDT on the apron. He tried to follow with a meteora, but instead Maclin hung him from the ropes and hit a huge crosshair that bent Miguel two-fold, but only for a two count.

Maclin went for Mayhem For All, but Miguel countered into a DDT rana, but could also only get a two count. Both men exchanged strikes on the apron until Miguel caught Maclin with a kneelift, followed by a meteora to the floor. Maclin went head-first into the barricade, but he seemed ok.

Miguel dragged Maclin to the ring and hit Meteora, but Maclin kicked out at 2.9. Miguel hit a buzzsaw kick, a brainbuster, and another Meteora and got the win. Really good match. Maclin’s unpinned streak is over and he can’t challenge for the title for now.

- We got a promo from The Influence, Madison Rayne & Tenille Dashwood. They said that the IInspiration were unprofessional for not showing up to work. They said that the match will happen later in the Ft. Lauderdale show.

Ian Riccaboni joined commentary for the upcoming match. Bobby Cruise is on ring announcing duties.

ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham defeated Chris Sabin to retain the title in a Pure Rules match

This match is being contested under Pure Rules and it's the first time in the history of both promotions that the Ring of Honor title is contested on an Impact ring. Commentary explained that this match was owed to Sabin for three years after Sabin took Lethal to a time limit draw when Lethal was the champion.

Code of Honor upheld.

Match started with some grappling exchange sequences, where Gresham kept getting the upper hand, but Sabin came back adding some lucha into the exchange to get the better of Gresham.

Gresham started to target the left arm, while taking shots at the ankle as well. Sabin desperately pushed Gresham to the floor and caught him with a running kick to get that opening.

Back in the ring, the match’s pace picked up, which benefited Sabin, catching Gresham in a Stormbreaker-like DDT for a two count. Gresham tried to snap Sabin’s arm, but Sabin got him with a draping Dragon screw for a pin, which Gresham broke with his first rope break.

Gresham came back with a Dragon screw, a couple of elbows, and into a crossface, but Sabin made the ropes. Gresham pulled Sabin to the center of the ring and locked in the crossface again, but Sabin reversed into a pin. Gresham followed with the Octopus with some hammer-fists, but somehow, Sabin reversed into the Cradle Shock for a 3 count, but Hebner failed to realize that Gresham’s leg was under the ropes, so the match continued and Gresham’s second rope break was used.

Men continued with strikes in the middle of the ring, they got into a long chop exchange until both men came close to collapsing, only to continue with open hand slaps and a standing ovation from the crowd.

Final minute saw both men counter pin attempts until Gresham reversed a Magistral into a European clutch and got the win. Awesome match.

- Miller interviewed Tasha Steelz about her win. Steelz said that tonight she made history, and be it James or Purrazzo, they have a date on the wrong side of the street with her.

Josh Alexander defeated Jonah

Jonah made his debut at Turning Point and immediately targeted Josh Alexander. They’ve come to blows a couple of times now, but on the go-home show, Jonah went a step further and put Alexander through a table, injuring his ribs.

While not usually known as a speed guy, this was a speed versus power match, as Jonah is all power compared to Alexander. From early on, we saw Jonah have some trouble catching Alexander, but once he did, he did a lot of damage.

Alexander on the other hand, went straight for Jonah’s ankle, working towards the ankle lock; whereas, Jonah continued working on Alexander’s ribs, at one point early on slamming him rib-first to the apron.

Back in the ring, Jonah military pressed Alexander right on top of the turnbuckles and then to the middle of the ring for a two count. Alexander attempted a back slide, but after not being able, went back for the ankle and a C4 attempt that didn’t go anywhere. Jonah blocked by dropping him on the ropes and hitting a senton for a two count.

Alexander provoked Jonah to drop him with an elbow, but used the opportunity to attack Jonah’s ankle and clothesline him over and over until Jonah fell to the floor. The match spilled into the crowd, where Alexander floored Jonah with a right hand, and then flew from the top rope all the way to the crowd, taking out Jonah, who barely made it to the ring before the countout.

Alexander went for C4, but once again Jonah countered out. Alexander caught Jonah with a jumping knee, but when he went for a moonsault, Jonah stopped him. Alexander was able to fight back, only to take a superplex.

Both continued with a great strike exchange in the middle of the ring that ended with Jonah powerbombing Alexander for a two count, followed by a big lariat for another two count. They did unprotected headbutts and a brainbuster, but again Alexander kicked out. Alexander got busted opened by the headbutts.

Jonah went for the top rope senton, but Alexander caught him with the ankle lock. Jonah dropped him and went for a moonsault, but failed, so Alexander hit a German and a freaking powerbomb for a two count. Alexander followed with the ankle lock, stomped on Jonah’s head, and tapped out Jonah. Headbutts aside, what a crazy battle. 

- Miller interviewed Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Heath, and Rhino. Edwards said that they’re all ready and willing to go all out and do everything necessary to win tonight.

Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Heath, and Rhino defeated Impact Tag Team Champions Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) & Violent By Design (Eric Young, Joe Doering, & Deaner) in a Hardcore War match.

This feud is long lasting, Violent By Design’s feud with Rhino and Heath goes back more than a year when Violent By Design had originally formed, but as the time went on, they picked up rivalries with Edwards, Swann, and Mack. Their union with the Good Brothers came about a couple of weeks ago when they decided to unite to take out their opponents, as Swann and Mack have been getting closer and closer to the tag titles, still held by the Good Brothers.

The opening entrants were Deaner for VBD and Rich Swann for the babyface team. They mostly went back and forth, using the weapons they had brought into the match. A chair from Swann, and a garbage can from Deaner.

Third participant was Karl Anderson, holding a golf club. Swann took on both Deaner and Anderson for a bit, taking out the former with a cutter, but the numbers game got the better of him and was taken out by Anderson with a belt shot.

Willie Mack came in fourth with an ax handle. Swann and Mack regained control of the match, as Mack brought out a door for a makeshift bed, where Mack and Swann hit a 3D on Deaner.

Next one out was Doc Gallows. Deaner was still down, but the Good Brothers regained control of the ring. Soon after came out Eddie Edwards with his kendo stick. He took out everyone with dives, even the barricades. Edwards proceeded to bring out the tables.

Eric Young came out next, taking out Edwards with trash can lids. Outside the ring, Gallows took out Mack with a chair, while Anderson focused on Swann.

Heath came out next, with powder to Fuji EY and Anderson on the ramp, and a steel pipe to take out Deaner and Gallows. He joined Mack and Edwards for a trash can moonsault where Mack crashed and burned after Deaner moved out of the way.

Finally, out came the goliath of VBD, Joe Doering. Edwards tried to dive on him and Doering simply pushed him to the side. Doering powerbombed Mack and Swann, who were trying to superplex Deaner.

Good Brothers and VBD had control of the ring, Edwards was busted open, but then Rhino’s turn came up. Rhino had a chair around his fist and took out everyone, saving EY for last. Gallows, EY, and Heath were also busted open at this point.

We had a big 5-on-5 staredown before the all out brawl started, but in the ring remained EY and Edwards exchanging trash can lid strikes until EY went down. Edwards broke his kendo stick attacking everyone, but he had a second one, which he lit on fire to strike Gallows. Edwards went for a Tiger Bomb on the apron, but Doering saved EY, and instead, EY dropped Edwards with a piledriver through a table, followed by a 450 from Swann to the floor on EY.

And they were not done, Mack brought out a barbed wire plywood sheet, but Doering stopped them, took Swann and hit a running DVD through it.

Finally, Anderson took out Mack with a Gunstun, but Heath was there to take him down with a Cowboys’ helmet, followed by a Gore from Rhino for the pin. This was quite violent, but really entertaining.

Suddenly, Matt Taven and Mike Bennet jumped the rail and attacked Rhino and Heath. Swann and Mack tried to help, but Vincent and PCO joined them and took out the rest of the crew. The Kingdom spike piledrove Mack, while PCO hit the apron senton on Swann. At the end, Maria Kanellis came out and joined the group. Taven allured that they’re going for the tag titles soon.

- Backstage, Miller tried to check with D’Amore, who left to call Baltimore and figure out what was going on.

Impact World Champion Moose defeated W. Morrissey and Matt Cardona to retain the title

This match came about after Cardona earned himself a shot at Moose for the title. Morrissey on the other hand, got his spot after many failed promises

Match started in second gear. Within a minute in, Cardona had dived on both men, only to get apron bombed by Moose, who then got apron bombed by Morrissey.

Back in the ring, all three men kept trading momentum, first Moose taking out both men, ending with a Go To Hell on Morrissey for a two count. Cardona came back with some Broski kicks, only for Morrissey to stop him on his tracks.

At one point, Moose powerbombed Morrissey, who had Cardona on a Fallaway slam position, but Moose wasn’t able to capitalize, but instead, Moose and Cardona brawled to the ramp, where Chelsea Green came out and splashed on Moose to save her husband.

Back at ringside, Morrissey dove on both men, and followed through with Cardona in the ring, but Morrissey played to the crowd a bit too much and allowed Cardona to make a comeback with a codebreaker.

Moose and Cardona exchanged forearms in the ring, but as Moose went for a top rope jumping crossbody, Cardona pushed him off and Moose flew and crashed through the time keeper’s table.

Suddenly, some fan tossed his prosthetic leg to the ring, so Morrissey used it against Cardona for a huge ovation. Cardona came back with Radio Silence for a two count. Morrissey chokeslammed Cardona for a two count. Cardona escaped a powerbomb and hit another Radio Silence, but Moose pulled the referee to save the title.

Cardona blocked a Lights out, rolled Moose for a two count, but as he came down, Moose went for the Lights Out and accidentally took out the referee. Morrissey came in and took out Cardona, hit the Powerbomb on Moose, and got a ten count on him, but there was no referee.

Morrissey brought out chairs to the ring, but he ended up giving time to Moose to recover, low blow him, and attack him with a chair repeatedly. Cardona came back and did the same to Moose, but the latter retaliated with a low blow.

In a similar spot from some weeks ago, Cardona almost took out Green with a chair, but this time around, Green and a second referee ended up taken out when Moose powerbombed Cardona on top of them. Moose would follow through with a Lights Out on Cardona for the pin and win. Good match, all men had good performances.

No doubt that the crowd is behind Morrissey now.

- Rebellion will take place on April 23rd, from Poughkeepsie, NY.

Knockouts World Champion Mickie James defeated Deonna Purrazzo in a Texas Deathmatch to retain her title.

This is Deonna Purrazzo’s official rematch after losing the Knockouts title to Mickie James back at Bound For Glory 2021. After the heat between them escalated, Impact management made this match a Texas Deathmatch, where one can only win via pinfall, followed by an unanswered ten count.

ROH Women’s Champion Rok-C is at ringside watching the match.

Match started with what was probably one of the hardest lockups in a long time. They rolled around and James got an early three count that caught Purrazzo off guard, but Purrazzo stood up immediately. Purrazzo followed by locking in the Venus de Milo and tapping out James, but with no count.

Both women, angered, started bringing out chairs and tables to the match, yet brawled around the ring first, slamming each other against everything they could find, including a wheelbarrow. The brawl continued up to the ramp area where Purrazzo suplexed James and then ran her over with a rolling trunk for a three count pin, but only a 9 count. James got busted open at this point.

James recovered as the match came back to the ring, where she locked in a desperation single leg crab, which was enough to get Purrazzo off her back for a bit. James landed a series of knee strikes with her knee brace, but instead of capitalizing, brought in a table to the ring, where Purrazzo slammed her instead.

Purrazzo brought in thumbtacks, where James almost dropped Purrazzo with a tornado DDT, but Purrazzo reversed and dropped James instead. Purrazzo choked James with her own leather straps she had for her entrance gear, but James once again made the ten count.

James brought out a guitar, but Purrazzo caught her and went after her bad knee with a chair. She tried to Pillmanize James’ knee, but James managed to get up and nail Purrazzo with ehe chair. At this point, James just kept falling on top of the tacks over and over. Purrazzo got busted open with that chair shot. Purrazzo got pinned and wasn’t going to make the count, but Rehwoldt came out to stand Purrazzo up, which was legal based on Gail Kim’s ruling.

Back in the ring, James set up Purrazzo on the table and went for the dive, but Purrazzo stopped her and instead went for the Queen’s Gambit through the table, but the landing wasn’t great. Purrazzo pinned James, but once again, James made the count.

James dropped Purrazzo on the tacks, and went for the guitar shot, but Rehwoldt took it instead. James hit MickieDDT, pinned her, and dropped the broken table on Purrazzo so she wasn’t able to stand up. James retains the title. Really good match, but the finish was somewhat weak.

James will be able to enter the Royal Rumble as the Impact Knockouts World Champion, but unfortunately for Rok-C, she won’t be getting the Impact title on the line when she defends the ROH Women’s title against Purrazzo.