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Impact Wrestling live results: Briscoes vs. VBD Tag Team title rematch

Mike Bailey vs. Laredo Kid for a spot at Slammiversary's Ultimate X match is also on the show.

This week's Impact on AXS TV will be headlined by Impact Tag Team Champions The Briscoes defending the gold against Violent by Design.

The bout is a rematch from Under Siege that saw Jay & Mark Briscoe win the titles in their first chance at them. Doering and Deaner are expected to represent VBD.

In a qualifying match for the Ultimate X match for the X-Division title at Slammiversary, "Speedball" Mike Bailey will face Laredo Kid.

In a preview of the first-ever Queen of the Mountain match at Slammiversary, Knockouts Champion Tasha Steelz, Savannah Evans and Deonna Purrazzo will face AAA Reina de Reinas Champion Taya Valkyrie, Jordynne Grace and Mia Yim. This will be Yim's Impact in-ring debut.

Honor No More's Mike Bennett and Matt Taven will face Bullet Club's Good Brothers as their respective factions' rivalry continues.

In the BTI pre-show match, Crazzy Steve will face Zicky Dice.


Crazzy Steve (w/Decay) defeated Zicky Dice (w/Johnny Swinger) on the BTI pre-show


The opening video recapped last week's Gauntlet for the Gold match in which Eric Young outlasted 19 other men to earn the honor of challenging Josh Alexander for the Impact World Championship next month at Slammiversary. The Road to Slammiversary continues now.

"Speedball" Mike Bailey defeated Laredo Kid in an Ultimate X qualifying match

This match had all the makings of a technical classic and it delivered with both men going move for move in the beginning. After the match took to the outside briefly, Bailey capitalized hitting a double knees from the middle ropes. Laredo Kid, refused to back down and after Bailey headed to the outside once again, nailed a moonsault off of the ropes. Back inside the ring and Kid nailed Bailey with a running elbow before the crowd started chanting "uno mas".

Kid missed a hurricanrana and Bailey landed a two count. Kid got tossed to the outside once again and Bailey nailed him with a springboard moonsault from the second rope to the outside. Back on the inside and Kid is nailed with a missile dropkick with a chance to head to Slammiversary on the line. Bailey followed up with a running twisting shooting star press for only a two count.

Back on their feet, Kid nailed Bailey with a running forearm in the corner and Bailey followed it up with a running spin kick of his own. Bailey attempted his finisher and Kid rolled him up for a two count only. Kid nailed a driver for a two count before the fans started chanting "Speedball". Kid went to the top rope but Bailey caught up with him and both men battled above the mat for the next few moments with Bailey coming out on top.

Both men were exhausted but Bailey managed to nail a standing somersault kneedrop before nailing Kid with a huge kick to the head. Bailey got a two count, Kid reversed to get his own two count while Bailey reversed again to get the win. Bailey may have had his body outside of the ropes for the win as the announcers stated that the referee's position meant Bailey was headed to Slammiversary regardless. Great match and it will be interesting to see if Kid makes the Ultimate X match as well based on this.

-Ace Austin cut a promo from Japan and stated that he's disappointed in Mike Bailey's failure to align himself with the X-Division Champion. Austin bragged about winning the Best of the Super Jr. tournament and taking that momentum into Slammiversary.

-A great promo aired featuring Josh Alexander, Slammiversary and TNA Wrestling. Goosebumps folks.

-Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green were on their honeymoon and cut a promo on last week's Gauntlet for the Gold match. Cardona stated that while he's always ready, he's not always available. Green followed it up stating she's coming for the Knockouts Championship.

Jordynne Grace, Taya Valkyrie & Mia Yim defeated Deonna Purrazzo, Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans in a Six Knockouts Tag Team Match

The announcers mentioned it's the first time in five years that Mia Yim has had a match in the Impact Zone.

It was Purrazzo and Grace opening the match and after Grace proved too powerful, Valkyrie and Steelz were tagged in. Taya with the early advantange over the current Knockouts champion before we headed to commercial break.

We are back from commercial and it's Grace now dominating Steelz with a standing vertical suplex that would have made the late Davey Boy Smith proud, Purrazzo made her way back into the match and after gaining the upper hand, made the tag to Evans who nailed Grace with a butterfly suplex.

Evans tagged Steelz back in and Tasha attempted to wear down Grace with the ground game. It didn't last long as Grace managed to make the hot tag to a fiery Mia Yim who decided to take out every opponent standing.

Yim nailed Steelz in the corner before continuing the assault, nailing her with a running cannonball. Out of the corner, Steelz is nailed with a powerbomb by Yim for a two count after Evans made the save. Valkyrie entered the ring as the equalizer and Yim nailed Evans with a full nelson suplex before Purrazzo once again made her presence known.

Yim and Purrazzo went back and forth until Deonna was able to make the tag to Evans. Yim quickly gained the upper hand and after an assist from Valkyrie, nailed Evans with "Eat Defeat" for the win for her team.

-Locker Room Talk was now right in front of us with current Knockouts Tag Team Champions Maddison Rayne and Tenille Dashwood of The Influence. Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice are introduced before Havok and Rosemary of Decay interrupted. The Influence stated that Decay didn't deserve a championship match at this point.

-Gia Miller is backstage with Chris Sabin. Sabin stated that while he didn't win the Gauntlet for the Gold last week, he's reliving his past and challenging Frankie Kazarian to a one-on-one match next week.

-We saw a promo by Eric Young, leader of Violent By Design, referencing his early beginnings in the wrestling business including his entire run in Impact Wrestling.

-Gia Miller is backstage with Impact World Champion Josh Alexander. Alexander stated that while he respected those Impact talents before him, he will remain champion at Slammiversary.

The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) defeated Honor No More (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett w/Maria Kanellis)

Maria jumped on commentary and was immediately questioned on her relationship with Karl Anderson which she skillfully deflected.

It was complete destruction in the early on by Anderson and Gallows before the OGK were able to capitalize and play the ground game as Bennett managed to lay a chinlock on Anderson for the next couple of moments until Karl was able to switch things up with a spinebuster.

Hot tags are made and it's Gallows and Taven in the ring with Gallows dominating. Taven attempted to interfere but Gallows was a house of fire. Gallows hits a huge side slam but Bennett breaks it up. He's quickly tossed from the ring again and the Brothers attempted to capitalize with a Magic Killer on Taven but it's blocked by Bennett. Taven with a roll-up on Gallows followed by a moonsault for only two counts.

It was all OGK at this point on Gallows until Bennett accidentally nailed a superkick on Taven. The Good Brothers nailed a double neckbreaker on Bennett but before they could score the win, Maria has jumped up on the ring apron. Anderson stared her down as she dropped down off of the apron before getting into the ring to confront Anderson as he's looking to put Bennett away.

Bennett attempted to nail Anderson but speared his wife instead, knocking Maria out. Anderson followed up by hitting the Gun Stun and scored the victory for The Good Brothers heading into Slammiversary.

-We saw a promo by Sami Callihan stating that he's coming for Moose.

Masha Slamovich defeated Shawna Reed

As you would expect, it was a complete squash match as Slamovich nailed the Snow Plow to win the match in less than a minute.

-Havok came down to the ring post-match, went head to head with Slamovich potentially setting up a future match between the two monsters.

-Another great promo aired featuring Josh Alexander, Slammiversary and TNA Wrestling. Again, goosebumps folks.

-Backstage, Raj Singh & Shera cut a promo on Bhupinder Gujjar before Gujjar interrupted. Singh continued to lay out the numbers game before W. Morrissey interrupted. Shera stated "next week" before taking off as Gujjar and Morrissey locked hands agreeing to battle the enemy.

The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) defeated Violent By Design (DEANER & Joe Doering w/Eric Young) to retain the World Tag Team Championship

Mark and Doering began the match and the announcers referenced that Doering hasn't been pinned or submitted since returning to Impact in late 2020. The two men didn't last long as quick tags were made.

"Controlled Chaos" was a term used by Matthew Rehwoldt referencing the Briscoes and I couldn't agree more as #DemBoys started dominating the match. As Deaner was taken out on the outside by Mark, Jay attempted to follow up but was nailed by Doering with a running crossbody.

Back in the ring, Doering was dominating Jay before a tag is made to Deaner. The former champions continued to capitalize as commentary referenced The Freebirds with Young definitely playing a factor at ringside. Briscoes were on the attack as Deaner is nailed with a double handed slam from the top rope from Mark. Briscoes followed up with a double team neckbreaker powerbomb but only for a two count.

VBD were back on the attack as Deaner nailed a diving headbutt on Jay but only for a two count. Jay recovered and went to execute the Doomsday Device with his brother but failed as Doering made the save, haulting Mark on the top rope. With the being said, Jay took the advantage to roll-up Deaner for the win, retaining the World Tag Team Championship.

-Post-match, Young entered the ring and attacked The Briscoes before Impact World Champion Josh Alexander arrived on the scene to even the odds. Staredown between champion and challenger before the other members of VBD got involved. The Briscoes managed to re-even the odds and it's the World Champion and World Tag Team Champions standing tall at the end of the show.