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Impact Wrestling live results: Tomohiro Ishii vs. Steve Maclin

Thursday's broadcast will be the go-home show for Saturday's Under Siege.

Ahead of his challenge of Impact World Champion Josh Alexander Saturday at Under Siege, Tomohiro Ishii will look to remain unbeaten in Impact as he faces Steve Maclin on Thursday's AXS show.

Maclin feels like he should be getting the title shot, but will face recent rival Chris Sabin Saturday instead.

The X-Division title will be on the line as Ace Austin will defend against Rocky Romero. This will be Austin's first defense since reclaiming the gold at Rebellion.

JONAH will face PCO for the third time, but this time, it will be in a Monster's Ball match.

Following a backstage confrontation last week, Bullet Club's Jay White and Chris Bey will face Rich Swann and Willie Mack.

In a tables match, W. Morrissey will take on Brian Myers. Morrissey made his AEW debut Wednesday in a loss against Wardlow.

The BTI pre-show match will be Gisele Shaw vs. Tenille Dashwood.


Gisele Shaw defeated Tenille Dashwood on the BTI pre-show

Shaw will face Dashwood's teammate Madison Rayne on Saturday's pre-show.


The opening video recapped Josh Alexander retaining his title last week over Moose, setting him up to battle Tomohiro Ishii at Under Siege in two nights. We also saw the destruction of W. Morrissey courtesy of The Major Players last week followed by footage of the ongoing feud between JONAH and PCO culminating in tonight's huge Monster's Ball main event. Impact Wrestling begins now!

W. Morrissey defeated Brian Myers in a tables match

Morrissey got the advantage early as commentary announced that Morrissey should be tired after competing last night for All Elite Wrestling. After some showboating on the outside, Myers was able to able to gain the upper hand, but failed to capitalize for long as Morrissey nailed Myers with a big boot. Matt Cardona then came down to the ring and The Major Players double-teamed Morrissey before finding themselves on the receiving end of a beating. 

Before Morrissey could do too much damage, Chelsea Green arrived on the scene with the Digital Media Championship and attempted to nail Morrissey with it. The numbers game caught up to Morrissey and he soon found himself being choked out while a table was being set up. The Major Brothers failed to end the match, missing Morrissey with tables including one being broken in half against the ring post. 

Jordynne Grace hit the ring and after hitting some great offense on Cardona with the help of Morrissey putting Cardona through a table, Grace chased off Green. Myers broke half a table over the back of Morrissey, but it wasn't enough as Morrissey was able to gain the advantage. With Cardona still being down and out in the corner, Morrissey nailed a powerbomb over the top rope through a table on the outside to pick up the victory going into Under Siege this weekend.

- Gia Miller was backstage with Rich Swann and Willie Mack. They talked about their upcoming match with Bullet Club later tonight before being interrupted by The Major Players. Myers was in rough shape and Cardona was concerned, but still managed to get in the face of Swann, reminding him of his championship status potentially setting up a potential future match between the two.

X-Division Champion Ace Austin defeated Rocky Romero to retain

The match started out with some good technical wrestling with both men feeling the other out. Romero gained the upper hand and attempted to hit the Forever Clotheslines, but Austin was able to counter with a second-rope spin kick. Both men started battling back and forth once again but this time with a lot more aggression as Romero hit a suicide dive to the outside. Austin followed up with an apron kick, but it wasn't effective as Romero nailed a hurricanrana on the outside. 

Romero tossed Austin back inside and hit a tornado DDT off of the ropes, followed by Sliced Bread but only managed two counts on the current champion on both occasions. Romero attempted a double stomp off the second rope but missed, Austin went for another spin kick off the second rope, but Romero countered and Austin got locked in the Boston Crab. Romero was feeling the championship changing hands, but Austin broke up the submission by reaching the ropes. 

Romero attempted to gain the upper hand once again, but Austin proved too much and nailed Romero with The Fold to retain the X-Division Championship.

As Austin celebrated his win after the match, Trey Miguel hit the ring sending Austin up the ramp. He informed the crowd that we would be seeing him invoke his rematch for the title this coming Saturday at Under Siege.

- Backstage, Gia Miller is with Impact World Champion Josh Alexander. Miller brought up Scott D'Amore handpicking a challenger for Alexander at Under Siege. Alexander stated that he would be watching his match tonight against Steve Maclin and this coming Saturday, he would be facing the "best wrestler on Earth."

- Another interesting vignette was shown with someone targeting the Impact Wrestling roster.

Masha Slamovich defeated Damaris

After a small staredown, Slamovich grabbed Damaris by the throat and backed her into the corner. After Damaris landed some very minor offense, Slamovich decided that was enough and landed the Snow Plow for the win. After squash match after squash match, it will be interesting to see when Impact pulls the trigger on the wrath of Slamovich.

- Backstage, Raj Singh & Shera cut a promo on Bhupinder Gujjar and his match against VSK last week.

-The Briscoes cut a promo on Violent By Design and their match against them for the Tag Team titles in two nights. As their promo ended, VBD interrupted with their own promo and stated that they are remaining champions at Under Siege.

Bullet Club (Jay White & Chris Bey) defeated Rich Swann & Willie Mack

As Swann and Mack entered the ring, the announcers referenced the earlier interaction between Swann and Cardona. Swann had the early advantage over White before tagging in Mack. Bullet Club wasn't off to a great start until Bey hit a cheap shot on Swann. After some great double-teaming by Bullet Club, Mack was knocked off of the apron, leaving Swann with no one to tag when the time was right. 

Swann eventually made the tag and Mack hit some monster offense on Bey including a samoan drop. Before too much damage could be done, White was able to regain momentum for team and setup Mack for The Art of Finesse by Bey, sending them to the pay window.

Honor No More hit the ring after the match and attempted to destroy White and Bey, but The Good Brothers made the save before too much damage could be done. The announcers made reference to PCO not being there due to the fact that he has been locked up prior to the Monster's Ball match. They also referenced the current state of The Bullet Club in New Japan Pro Wrestling with White recently standing tall over IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada.

- We saw current Impact Knockouts Champion Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans walking in a stairwell talking before being haunted by Decay. 

- A video promo aired on the current feud between Deonna Purrazzo and Taya Valkyrie referencing Impact, Ring of Honor and AAA. They square off Saturday.

Tomohiro Ishii defeated Steve Maclin

If you're Maclin, how are you not going absolutely insane on the inside knowing you're about to battle Ishii? They started off with back and forth forearm strikes in the middle of the ring before Maclin was able to gain the advantage. With that being said, Maclin doesn't have it easy after this match as he's facing Chris Sabin at Under Siege. 

Maclin continued with control of the match, using the ground game to stall out any momentum Ishii may have wanted. Maclin attempted to step it up, but Ishii landed a huge back suplex to get back on a level playing field. After a series of chops, Ishii was in full control until Maclin hit an Olympic Slam for a two count. Maclin followed it up with a boston crab, but Ishii was able to get to the ropes for the break. Maclin attempted more offense but "The Stone Pitbull" started to make the Impact audience aware of why he owns that nickname. Ishii fought off Maclin's best shots, nailing the brainbuster for the victory.

- We saw a backstage promo that featured Swinger's Dungeon featuring Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice. Enough said.

PCO defeated JONAH in a Monster's Ball match

After both wrestlers were released from their holding cells, PCO was immediately attacked by JONAH. After a back and forth battle backstage between the two monsters, they arrived on the entrance ramp throwing huge blows back and forth. Commentary informed us that this is the 53rd Monster's Ball match to ever take place with the last one taking place in October 2021.

Both men entered the ring with several weapons scattered inside the ring. Not quite Foley/Funk but not far off as PCO nailed a hurricanrana onto chairs off the second rope to JONAH. JONAH was hurt and rolled to the outside, but quickly countered with a sledgehammer to the head. As expected, both men would not give in. JONAH attacked with anything he could get his hands on in the ring while PCO was nailing somersault suicide dives, apron swantons and second rope leg drops to only get a two count on the first attempt of the match after all this destruction. 

PCO set up chairs but couldn't deliver and PCO got put through chairs followed by a huge clotheslines but JONAH was only able to find a two count. With JONAH disgruntled, he headed to the outside and grabbed the "Mick Foley special" as thumbtacks were now dumped all over the ring. JONAH nailed PCO with a huge power bomb onto the thumbtacks, but only got a two count. 

PCO followed up with a sledgehammer and after a miss as first, he sent JONAH hard to the outside off of the second rope through a table. PCO went to the outside, tossed JONAH back into the ring and hit his top rope moonsault for the victory to end this week's show.