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Impact Wrestling results: Dan Lambert vs. James Storm career match


On Tonight's Show:

Impact Global Champion Eli Drake faces Alberto El Patron while Impact Tag Team Champions OVE defend against LAX. Plus, James Storm battles Dan Lambert in a career vs. career match.

Dan Lambert, Bobby Lashley, and American Top Team arrived at the Impact Zone. Lambert sent ATT and Lashley away thought because he doesn’t need their help due to Storm being “just a pro wrestler”.

Taiji Ishimori defeated Trevor Lee (w/Caleb Konley) to win the X Division title

Ishimori was in control early until Konley interfered to give Lee the advantage. Lee transitioned from a backslide to a sit out powerbomb for a near fall. Ishimori made a comeback and hit the double knees followed by the 450 splash to win the X Division Championship.

- In the back, Dezmond Xavier challenged new champion Taiji Ishimori who accepted.

Grand Champion Ethan Carter III defeated Matt Sydal and Fallah Bahh

Bahh won the first round after dominating the action. In round 2, Sydal and EC3 worked together to take out Bahh. The judges awarded round 2 to EC3 who controlled the majority of the second round.

The story of round 3 was Sydal had to win by pin because EC3 and Bahh each won a round. With seconds left, Sydal attempted the Shooting Star Press on EC3 but Bahh pulled him down. Sydal finally hit the Shooting Star Press but it was too late as the time ran out. The judges awarded round 3 to EC3 as he retains the championship.

- Backstage, Moose arrived at the Impact Zone when KM jumped him from behind in another attempt to impress American Top Team.

- McKenzie Mitchell tired to interview Allie but Knockouts Champion Laurel Van Ness attacked Allie.

Dan Lambert defeated James Storm in a career vs. career no holds barred match

Lambert stalled early by taking a long time to take off his ring gear. Suddenly, Lashley and ATT jumped Storm. Storm made a fiery comeback and took out all of ATT. KM snuck in and broke a beer bottle over Storm’s head. The finish came when Storm had two more bottles broken over his head simultaneously, allowing Lambert to get the win. Lashley seemed unhappy with ATT’s actions. The fans chanted “Thank You Storm” after the match. In the back, the other wrestlers applauded and hugged him. He phoned his family to let them know he’s on his way home.

Joseph Park defeated Bully Ray (from Slammiversary 2012)

This was the culmination of Park conducting an investigation into the disappearance of his brother Abyss. Ray knocked Park to the floor and he rolled under the ring. Abyss emerged from under the ring and chokeslammed Ray through a table. Abyss went back under the ring and Park came back up to make the pin.

Chandler Park (w/Joseph Park) defeated Jon Bolen

Bolen was in control early and dominated Park. Bolen missed a charge in the corner but Park celebrated and Bolen took back over. Joseph nailed Bolen and Park rolled him up for the win.

Global Champion Eli Drake defeated Alberto El Patron (from Wrestlepro in Rahway, New Jersey)

Patron ran wild early but Drake took over and they brawled into the crowd. Drake hit the Gravy Train but Patron got his foot on the rope. Drake tried to use the championship belt but Patron ducked. Drake pushed Patron into the referee and used a belt shot to retain the title.

LAX (w/Konnan & Homicide) defeated OVE (w/Sami Callahan) to win the Impact tag team titles

If LAX loses this match, they must leave Impact. OVE jumped LAX as they made their ring entrance in the crowd. Callahan and Homicide brawled out of the arena, leaving Santana alone with the Crist brothers.

Santana made a brief comeback but had nobody to tag. The heels regained control of the match. Ortiz finally made it back to the apron and got the hot tag. Ortiz ran wild on the heels. Jake scored a close near fall with a supecutter. The fnish came when LAX hit the Street Sweeper to win the Impact Tag Team Championship.