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Impact Wrestling results: Tag Team title change


A title change highlighted this week's edition of Impact.

The show opened with a recap of last week's episode and Moose's victory over Eli Drake to earn him an Impact Championship title shot against Austin Aries at Slammiversary.

LAX defeated Z&E to win the Impact Tag Team titles

In the show's opener, LAX attacked DJ Z and Andrew Everett as they were making their entrance to the ring. LAX beat on Z&E outside the ring for the first few minutes of the match. Z&E hit several of their high-spot flying moves, while LAX executed quick tags and double-team moves.

Z&E hit a combination of moonsaults on LAX's Santana, but eventually Everett missed a 450 splash, allowing LAX's Ortiz to hit the street sweeper for the victory and title change. 

Scott Steiner defeated KM

KM showed good microphone presence, cutting a promo on Fallah Bahh. KM said he was bigger than Impact \Wrestling and that they need to rename the company "KM Impact Wrestling."

KM asked Bahh to come to the ring. He obliged, but instead of fighting him, handed him a note that was hidden in his pants. KM read the note and out came Scott Steiner. The Big Bad Booty Daddy, wearing a shirt, beat up on KM, hitting an overhead belly-to-belly suplex and then throwing KM into the ropes.

Announcer Josh Mathews said KM was training with American Top Team. Steiner won with the Steiner Recliner in a short match. He then high-fived the fans at ringside, who gave the "Too Sweet" gesture to the former nWo member. 

Next up was a Slammiversary press conference to promote the Aries vs. Moose match. Moose said it was his 15-year dream to fight for the championship after his football career, but Aries said “This isn’t my second career after I failed my first.”

Madison Rayne defeated Taya Valkyrie

This was a good match with Valkyrie dominating most of the offense, getting near fall after near fall against Rayne. Su Yung was watching the match from the rafters. Rayne rallied, hitting a tornado DDT off the top rope and a diamond cutter. Valkyrie worked stiff, applying a bow-and-arrow and then kicking Rayne in the back.

Rayne eventually kicked Valkyrie and then hit the Cross Rayne, which resembles a reverse swinging neckbreaker, for the win.

Rayne took the microphone and said “It is always exciting to come back home to the Impact Zone.” When she returned earlier this year she said she didn't intend to be an in-ring performer, but now she intends to win the Knockouts Championship for the sixth time. "I am going to slay the undead bride and become champion," Rayne said.

Rayne will challenge for Yung's title at Slammiversary.

Konnan returned to argue with new LAX manager King. Konnan implied that he couldn't trust King, while King said if he had a problem with him, he should state it. Commentator Don Callis tried to explain the rift by saying "there can only be one OG. I know because I am from the streets."

Flashback Moment of the Week: Sonjay Dutt defeated Low Ki to win the X Division Championship

The company used this excellent match from June 2017 to promote its streaming service. Both guys put on an impressive aerial display. Dutt won the match, in India, to claim the X Division Championship.

El Hijo del Fantasma & Pentagon Jr. defeated oVe (Dave & Jake Crist)

They had a slow-paced methodical match that was highlighted by a crazed Sami Callihan freaking out after it was over and attacking the stars from Lucha Underground. Callihan has become more and more unstable in recent weeks and snapped after the match. Callis said Callihan was calling the shots, "like a demented Bill Belichick on the sidelines."

Jake attempted to dropkick Pentagon Jr., but he moved, forcing Jake to hit his brother. Pentagon Jr. then belly-to-belly suplexed Jake into Dave in the corner. He hit a superkick on Jake, then a pump-handle slam for the victory.

Callihan then ran in and attacked Pentagon Jr. He hit Fantasma with a baseball bat. The Crist brothers triple-teamed Pentagon Jr. and attempted to remove his mask, but Fantasma broke it by swinging a steal chair at the trio.