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Cody Rhodes' wrestling future to include both TNA & ROH

Cody Rhodes

At this past weekend's PWG Battle of Los Angeles, our Dave Meltzer was on the scene for all three nights of the action, and got the opportunity to catch up with first-time competitor Cody Rhodes, getting some interesting information revealed first on Wrestling Observer Radio last night.

Meltzer reported that Rhodes is going to work in both TNA and ROH -- unusual given today's wrestling environment. However, Meltzer noted both deals are non-exclusive, giving him the opportunity to work anywhere he wants.

Meltzer said Rhodes hopes to work with Mike Bennett in TNA, someone he worked with recently in an indy appearance. That would also give Rhodes' wife Brandi an opportunity to work as well as Bennett is flanked by his wife, Maria Kanellis.

With ROH, Meltzer said Rhodes hopes to work with ROH Champion Adam Cole but nothing has been determined yet. Rhodes is slated to work ROH's December Final Battle PPV which would be his first with the company.

One thing that still has to be worked out is that he doesn't have the right to use the Rhodes name on television, but is still using the Rhodes name on the indies.

Rhodes has a busy week ahead following BOLA action. He wrestles Chris Hero on Thursday, Brian Fury on Friday, Pat Buck on Saturday, and tagging with Johnny Gargano vs. Hero and Drew Galloway on Sunday.