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Gabe Sapolsky retires from promoting & booking indie wrestling



After WWE purchased the company he co-founded, longtime wrestling promoter and booker Gabe Sapolsky released a statement Wednesday where he said he is retired from promoting and booking indie wrestling.

In July, Sapolsky and co-founder Sal Hamaoui sold the rights to EVOLVE and the content library for both that company, Full Impact Pro and Dragon Gate USA to WWE for an undisclosed sum after several months of discussions. Hamaoui is continuing with streaming service WWN which was not part of the deal.

Sapolsky has been a consultant for NXT since 2018 and is expected to remain in that position. 

"With WWN announcing the new Eddie Kingston Grindhouse show on September 26th, it is the right time for me to clearly state I have parted ways with WWN. This is amicable and mutually decided. I look forward to seeing new minds and ideas come to the forefront on the independent scene. I feel Eddie Kingston is perfect to lead the charge.

I still love working with talent, have a passion for talent development and enjoy the bell-to-bell aspect of putting on shows. However, the down time due to Covid-19 has made me realize how much I do not miss the day-to-day aspects of running an independent promotion. I no longer have the drive to continue the constant grind of running an independent wrestling promotion.

I consider myself retired as an independent wrestling promoter and booker.

I want to give my most heartfelt and sincere “thank you” to everyone who supported any independent promotion I was associated with over the years. I also give my deepest gratitude to everyone who worked with me.

The final stats are:

507 shows from Feb. 23rd, 2002 to March 1st, 2020.

  • Ring Of Honor – 208
  • EVOLVE – 146
  • Full Impact Pro – 81
  • Dragon Gate USA – 50
  • Style Battle – 9
  • WWN Supershow – 5
  • WWN China – 4
  • Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup – 2
  • WWN Recruitment Camp Do Or Die – 2

Thank you for all the good times! I am excited to follow independent wrestling as a fan. I hope I can be a positive influence and help talent. I look forward to seeing most of you again down the road. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."