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PWG Threemendous V live results: Two title matches


Image: Dave Doyle

Here are notes from last night's PWG Threemendous V show at the Globe Theatre in Los Angeles. There were no matches of the year, but aside from the opener, every match was very good to great:

- Dalton Castle defeated David Starr with a crossface submission.

Castle is very limited in what he can do due to all his injuries. It was never boring but probably went too long. Starr did a scary tope spot. Castle was nowhere near him and the plan was to do a tope into either the chairs a few rows deep or the floor. And that's what he did.

- Rey Horus defeated Penta 0M with a rana off the top rope.

Excellent match. Fans threw a lot of money in when it was over. This was high-level Lucha done with the modern United States indie style worked in.

- Jeff Cobb defeated Joey Janela with the Tour of the Islands.

As expected, Janela did crazy bumps and Cobb did insane power moves. Cobb did a superplex off the middle rope where he had Janela up, keeping him at a nearly 90 degree angle rather than vertical in a way where the laws of physics looked like there's no way he could have gotten him back up. He did.

- PWG Tag Team Champions The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) defeated The Young Bucks to retain their titles

This started as total comedy. The Young Bucks started out almost doing a Drew Gulak gimmick of anti-high spots, coming out with the "How Psychology Works" book that Kenny Omega gave them on Being the Elite this week. So whenever Nick Jackson would want to do high spots early on, Matt Jackson would spot him. Xavier and Wentz did all kinds of high flying.

The Young Bucks opened up late and it turned into the best match on the show. Everyone thought it was over when they gave Xavier a Meltzer Driver on top of the psychology book, but Wentz made the save. They set up More Bang for Your Buck, but Matt got pinned with a crucifix. They all raised each others' hands after.

- Rey Fenix defeated Trevor Lee with a Fenix Driver.

One thing very different is the perception of Impact Wrestling. Lee always comes out and says he's from Impact and he's making money doing that gimmick, and it usually gets a lot of heat. Here, almost nobody booed him even playing it up as a heel, so it appears the indie crowd hating Impact days are over.

Fans threw money here as well.

- Matt Riddle defeated Marty Scurll

Two great pros. The match was short but excellent. Instead of breaking Riddle's fingers, Scurll broke his toes and then stomped on the other foot. Riddle powered out of a chicken wing and used a tombstone piledriver followed by the Twister submission.

- PWG World Champion WALTER defeated Brody King to retain his title

This was advertised as non-title, but King asked WALTER to put the belt up and he agreed. The story was that King kept ducking and escaping WALTER's chops while chopping the hell out of WALTER. WALTER's chest was all bruised. The chops were exploding.

Walter finally started hitting chops in the end. This was one of those matches that was probably better live because of the impact of them.