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AAA made final call to have Kenny Omega retain title at Triplemania


Some new information has come out regarding the decision to have Kenny Omega retain the AAA Mega title at last Saturday's Triplemania instead of going with the original plan of Andrade El Idolo leaving that night as champion.

Dave Meltzer reported after the show Saturday that AAA originally wanted to change the title, but AEW requested they not do that because Omega had just lost the Impact title the night before.

On Monday's Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer had further insight into the decision-making process that day.

He said that AAA originally wanted El Idolo to win while AEW preferred that didn't happen, but that it wasn't a contentious conversation. AEW originally didn't want Omega to lose either the Impact or AAA belts before he lost the AEW title, but when they had to insert Christian Cage into the World title match at next month's All Out, they needed to propel that program a bit more and thus moved ahead with the title change that happened on Friday.

"Once that happened, everything was different," Meltzer said.

When Omega arrived in Mexico City, he didn't know that Ric Flair was going to be with El Idolo. He then suggested they change the title after all and to get Flair involved in how it happened. Tony Khan was then brought into the conversation and was fine with the title change given how Omega proposed it. 

However, AAA's Dorian Roldan made the final call for Omega to retain as they have an idea for the title match they want to do next which could be Omega vs. Psycho Clown.