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Los Parks fired from MLW due to TV taping brawl

The three got too physical with Hammerstone and Jacob Fatu last Thursday.

All three members of the Park family were fired from MLW last Friday following an incident during their Thursday TV taping in Dallas, Texas.

Dave Meltzer reported the news in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Meltzer reported that all three Parks (LA Park, LA Park Jr. and Hijo de LA Park) were set for a run-in on Alexander Hammerstone and Jacob Fatu at the end of last Thursday's TV taping and in doing so, they got too rough with both men.

"One person noted that they went off script, ruined the post-match angle and went into business for themselves and unloaded live rounds (real punches and shots) on Fatu and Hammerstone including reckless chair shots that busted both Fatu and Hammerstone open. Both needed medical attention," he wrote, later saying Hammerstone challenged LA Park to a fight backstage but he pretended he didn't understand English.

The senior Park was set to appear against Fatu in the main event of the Azteca Underground show the next day, but was replaced by Bestia 666 in the Azteca Apocalypto match instead.

Footage from both Thursday and Friday's TV tapings will air over the next few months on MLW Fusion. Due to the firing, it appears unlikely the brawl will ever make air.