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MLW changes August TV taping to house show

The El Paso, Texas, event will now feature a handful of MLW talents.

MLW has experienced another change to their 2022 schedule as their Fury Road event in El Paso, Texas, is now a house show instead of a TV taping.

PWInsider first reported the news Friday.

In an email to talent that PWInsider obtained, Jared St. Laurent wanted to inform wrestlers who had planned on being at the Saturday, August 27th show so they could attempt to get bookings elsewhere. 

The reason given for the change, according to St. Laurent, was that the lucha promotion they were doing the show in tandem with wasn't going to bring in as many talents as they originally promised.

As of now, MLW Champion Alex Hammerstone, Jacob Fatu, Mads Krugger, Microman, and the Samoan SWAT Team are listed as appearing.

St. Laurent also informed any unbooked talents that they would get half of their appearance pay "as a token of our appreciation as I know it's been very frustrating having the schedule change this summer while we continue to finalize the new TV deal."

It's the second schedule change MLW has made in recent months as they canceled a July Chicago event due to the aforementioned tease of something happening with a new TV deal. The outlet(s) and financial significance of said deal is still unknown.

MLW is next scheduled for September 18th in Norcross, Georgia, for the Super Series TV taping with AAA. They are set to begin a new season of MLW Fusion next month as well which will most likely begin with the footage from their late-June Battle Riot IV taping in New York City.