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MLW Fusion results: Bandido vs. Flamita, nZo vs. KC Navarro

This week's show also featured a tag team Mexican Death Match.
Fusion 02-Jun-2022

Joe Dombrowski and Rich Bocchini welcomed us to Dallas, Texas, for another episode of MLW Fusion recorded over WrestleMania weekend. 

After seeing a recap of last week's controversial ending to Fusion with Richard Holliday, Mads Krugger and King Muertes jumping MLW World Champion Alex Hammerstone only to be saved by the Von Erich brothers, the announcers hyped up tonight's card consisting of nZo vs. KC Navarro and Flamita vs. Bandido. 

Los Parks (LA Park and LA Park Jr.) defeated Gangrel and Pagano in a Mexican Death Match

We opened with a crazy brawl that had El Jefe (Cesar Duran) appearing before the bell and saying that tag team matches are so boring, so he added the Mexican Death Match if these four needed extra incentive.

Bizarrely, with the stipulation added, Gangrel and Jr. started with a collar and elbow tie-up and an opening lucha exchange spot. However, it did not take long for things to break down and Los Parks took to the air with a double dive to the floor as we went to commercial break.

Back from the break, all four were brawling around ringside. Pagano took Gangrel's sickle knife and intended to use it on Jr., but his dad saved him and used the sickle on Pagano's forehead instead.

Inside the ring, Pagano hit a springboard facebuster but LA returned with a powerslam.

The match was no disqualification, but strangely the referee got involved and stopped LA from using a chair, resulting in Pagano swinging a right hand and punching the chair into his face. Pagano then ripped half of LA's mask off which fired him up as he stuck a handful of skewers into Pagano's forehead. LA then finished off his bloodied opponent by flattening him with a spear to pick up the win.

KC Navarro defeated nZo

Earlier in the year, nZo had put Navarro out of action for weeks after he hit an Outsiders Edge on him, driving him head and neck first against the ring post. Then when Navarro returned, nZo lured him into a false sense of security and blindsided him with a cheap shot before beating him down. Tonight was Navarro's chance at revenge and the announcers played up that he was a big underdog.

nZo got on the mic and told a story about Navarro asking for advice, but he instead beat him up over and over again, leading to this match where he intends to do it again.

nZo played with Navarro in the early going and bullied him around the ring. nZo was in firm control until he missed a splash in the corner when Navarro moved. He quickly leapt to the top rope and hit a moonsault ala 1-2-3 Kid on Razor Ramon to get the shock flash pinfall on nZo to win the match. 

The commentary team played this up as being a big shock after all the weeks and months of nZo bullying Navarro.

- After blindsiding Hammerstone last week, Richard Holliday and Alicia Atout had a business meeting with Cesar Duran to discuss what happened last week. Duran said there would be consequences, but Holliday wanted an opportunity instead. As they started discussing it, Atout closed the office door and kept the camera out of earshot of what was being said.

- The cameras caught up with nZo who was racing through the backstage area, obviously embarrassed and angry about his loss. He, unfortunately, brushed past Jacob Fatu who shot him a look.

Bandido defeated Flamita

As you would imagine, this was high impact, high flying and high quality from the get-go.

They both played up being mirror images of each other as they hit the ropes, reversed, flipped and faced off in the opening exchanges. The announcers mentioned they were both former Ring of Honor Six-Man Tag Team champions.

Flamita had the advantage before taking the match to the outside where he hit a suplex on the entrance ramp. Back in the ring, he tried to break his former tag partner down with a single crab but he ended up just firing Bandido up.

Bandido hits the ropes with such ferocity and did just that before he hit a tremendous three times round headscissor takeover and a big Fosbury Flop to the floor. Flamita was not to be outshone, coming off the top with a twisting corkscrew crossbody to Bandido on the floor.

We saw Bandido's strength with a one-handed gorilla press slam, but Flamita again was not letting him take the spotlight. He climbed to the top and teased a big move but instead flipped off the fans and dropped down to hit a simple kick to the head. Flamita's downfall was that he seemed more interested in making the crowd angry than beating Bandido. Bandido flipped out of a power bomb and also hit a flipped GTS, a Spanish fly and a pop-up cutter.

Flamita hit a tiger driver for a near fall, but then missed a moonsault off the top rope. Bandido then picked up Flamita and hit another flipped GTS and his 21 Plex to pick up the impressive win.

Bandido tried to shake Flamita's hand after the match but instead, his former tag partner flipped him off. 

Next week's Rise of the Renegades card:

  • MLW World Champion Alex Hammerstone & The Von Erichs vs. Mads Krugger, Richard Holliday & King Muertes
  • Aramis vs. Gino Medina in a Mexican strap match
  • Caribbean Champion Octagon Jr. defends against Matt Cross