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MLW Fusion results: Bunkhouse Brawl, nZo vs. ACH, Tag title match

The Von Erichs looked for revenge against 5150 in a meeting of former Tag Team Champions.
Fusion 19-May-2022

Joe Dombrowski and Rich Bocchini welcomed us to Dallas, Texas, for another episode of MLW Fusion recorded over WrestleMania weekend. 

After a hype video for the Bunkhouse Brawl main event between the Von Erichs and 5150 (Rivera and Hernandez), the announcers helped hype up the rest of the card including MLW Tag Team Champions Calvin Tankman and EJ Nduka defend against National Openweight champion Alex Kane and his bodyguard Mr. Thomas. 

Plus, what will be the fate of MLW Champion Alex Hammerstone after he accidentally knocked out matchmaker Cesar Duran last week?  

nZo defeated ACH

nZo's original opponent was Budd Heavy, but nZo dropkicked him as he was entering the ring and rammed him headfirst into the ring post, taking him out of action. He then issued an open challenge which was accepted by ACH.

This was a good opener and helped tell the story of nZo being a major player in the middleweight division.

nZo beat down ACH using a Razor's Edge into the ring post (the same move that kept recent rival KC Navarro out of action for months) and a top rope-assisted lungblower. ACH fired up with a gutwrench suplex from the top rope and had a near fall after a dropkick while nZo flew through the air.

When ACH went to the top again, nZo deliberately pushed the referee into the ropes, crotching ACH in the process. This gave nZo the opening to hit his Eat The Feet finisher to pick up the big win.

After the match, he bragged a bit on the mic which brought out the aforementioned Navarro. Navarro was held back by referees and security, so look for them to clash again soon.

MLW Tag Team Champions Hustle and Power (Calvin Tankman & EJ Nduka) defeated The Bomaye Fight Club (National Openweight Champion Alex Kane & Mr. Thomas) to retain the titles

This was given a lot of time and was another good match. The champions hit an early impressive splash and leg drop combo that had the crowd rocking for local hero Nduka. This was Thomas' first match in MLW and he was kept quite strong in his simple, but effective, spots.

Thomas sprayed something into Nduka's eyes behind the referee's back which played into the match. Nduka was blinded for a good portion of the match, so Tankman had to go through it 2-on-1. During this time, Thomas hit an impressive spinning uranage on Tankman.

The champions' comeback started with a big lariat from Tankman which led to Nduka getting the hot tag to run wild. Nduka knocked Thomas down with clotheslines and a spinebuster before hitting his stampede powerslam. Tankman got the blind tag and followed up with a big splash to pick up the win and retain the titles.

- Dave Marquez interviewed the Von Erichs backstage before their Bunkhouse Brawl main event. Marshall said 5150 have been running their mouths for too long and it all comes down to tonight, bringing out a cowbell to use later on.

- After being accidentally knocked out by Alex Hammerstone last week, Cesar Duran was nursing his face with a bag of ice as he told us he is challenging Alex Hammerstone to a fight for the MLW World title next week.

- The first five names have been announced for June 23rd's Battle Riot in New York: Killer Kross, Calvin Tankman, Alex Kane, Marshall Von Erich and Lince Dorado.

Marshall and Ross Von Erich defeated 5150 (Rivera and Hernandez w/Dr. Julius Smokes) in a Bunkhouse Brawl

Rivera got on the mic before the match to rile up the Dallas crowd and it worked. When it came time for Marshall and Ross to enter, the crowd gave them a hometown hero reception.

The brothers started out strong by tossing Rivera from the ramp into the ring, hitting a double dropkick and Marshall then hitting a standing moonsault. Hernandez got back involved and this broke down into a Texas tornado-style brawl.

The commentary team played up the angles leading up to this match, especially 5150 tossing the World Class Championship Wrestling title belt into a river and when Hernandez border tossed Ross from the ring to the floor through a table.

Marshall crashed and burned through a wooden board at ringside while Hernandez used a rake down low on Ross. They then made good use of the Bunkhouse apparel when Marshall dropped Rivera gut first on a bale of hay while Hernandez choked Ross with the aforementioned cowbell rope.

Marshall hit Rivera with a superplex and a pop-up power slam as we hurtled towards the finish.

Ross set up a table in the corner but ended up crashing through it himself. 5150 set up another board in the corner and sprayed "5150" on it, but it was Rivera who went through it this time when Marshall came storming back into the ring.

Ross broke a shovel over Hernandez's back which opened the door for Marshall to lock in the claw and for the brothers to hit their claw-assisted slam to pick up the win.

Next week:

  • MLW World Champion will defend against matchmaker Cesar Duran