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MLW Fusion results: Fatu vs. Krugger Weapons of Mass Destruction match

The Middleweight title was also on the line on this week's Fusion.
Fusion 23-Jun-2022

This week's MLW Fusion opened with a video package of how we got to tonight's Weapons of Mass Destruction match between former CONTRA Unit members Jacob Fatu and Mads Krugger: blaming their loss at War Games on each other, the fallout and the chaotic matches in their feud so far.

This week's show came from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia.

Middleweight Champion Myron Reed was met backstage by Davey Richards who offered him a spot in his training team last week. He gave him a pep talk, but heavily teased a future match between the two for the gold on Reed's shoulder.  

MLW Middleweight Champion Myron Reed defeated KC Navarro and Arez (w/ Strange Sangre) in a three-way to retain the title

This was a good action-packed way to begin the show. They took turns in the early going by eliminating one of the competitors so the other two could have a fluid exchange to show off their abilities.

Arez was the first to have firm control of the match, moonsaulting off the apron on to Reed and then slingshotting himself back in the ring to hit Navarro with a cutter.

When the champion was on top, he hit his signature No Cap splash (springboard 450 splash) while showing a little frustration at the constant presence of Strange Sangre at ringside distracting him.

Navarro knocked Reed down with a big spin kick before launching himself over the top rope and onto all of Strange Sangre on the floor. He then hit Arez with a springboard cutter, only to be hit with one himself by Reed who dove back into the action.

Reed then seamlessly transitioned into a Captain Crunch (Celtic Cross) and squashed Navarro on top of Arez to pick up the win and retain his title.

After the match, Reed gave thanks to Richards for his training tips. Rich Bocchini asked him about a potential future match, but Reed immediately got angry and stormed off after the question. Throughout the match, the commentators hinted at Reed's change of personality so this might be the start of a slow heel turn for the champ.

- Backstage, Krugger promised "to leave Fatu's body lying in ashes as his reign of cruelty begins." There was a Black Hand graphic that closed the promo, so there could still be a CONTRA sub-group led by Krugger in the future. 

- Bomaye Fight Club's National Openweight champion Alex Kane and Mr. Thomas were on hand to deliver details for their next initiative. They teased a beat the clock challenge for Kane's title and settled on "survive 20 minutes with the champion for $20,000."

Los Maximos (Joel & Jose) defeated Kris Kage & Jadon Balo

EJ Nduka, one half of the MLW Tag Team Champions, was on commentary for the Maximos' return to MLW. Early on, Nduka ran to the back after we saw Calvin Tankman being assaulted by a mystery attacker.

Los Maximos took to the sky with a dive to the floor after catching their opponents on a sunset flip attempt. They hit Kage with a Washing Machine (double team pendulum facebuster) and brought back their double team Spanish Fly from the top rope to pick up the win.

After the match, Bocchini interviewed Los Maximos and mentioned Nduka and the Tankman attack. Los Maximos interrupted and said Bocchini doesn't have to worry about the champions because they (Maximos) are there for the gold. 

- Backstage, Cesar Duran found Gangrel and Arez from Strange Sangre lurking in the boiler room. He asked them to take out Microman next week as he has been a thorn in his side for weeks. Duran left saying the Samoans were up next.

- We learned that MLW Champion Alex Hammerstone will defend his title against Richard Holliday at MLW Kings of Colosseum on the July 14th episode. Bocchini interviewed Hammerstone via video who said he is not coming to prove anything but just coming to take out months of frustration on Holliday.

Jacob Fatu defeated Mads Krugger in a Weapons of Mass Destruction match

The ringside area was filled with military equipment and large containers seemingly containing chemical weapons. One container had an anthrax label and another had smoke billowing from it with a biohazard sticker. Others, as we would find out, contained weapons.

The match was suited for its location inside the old ECW Arena. Fatu brought a chair with him and tossed it in Krugger's face to set the tone. A kendo stick, batons, and a chain were brought out and used early.

Krugger threw powder in Fatu's eyes and attempted to power bomb him off the apron through a table, but he struggled to get Fatu up and ended up dropping him straight down on top of his head on to the table. The table collapsed and didn't break, but thankfully it looked like Fatu got away without serious injury as he was able to finish the match, but it was a scary-looking fall.

Fatu hit a spear to swing the momentum in his favor, but Krugger hit him in the face with a Bakalai club and draped him in the CONTRA flag. Krugger then poured the contents of a gasoline can on Fatu, but the former champion thankfully nipped up and landed a huge Fosbury Flop onto Krugger on the floor.

They exchanged big moves including a German suplex and a pop-up Samoan drop by Fatu. Krugger amazingly hit a Panama Sunrise next, but Fatu popped back up with a superkick and then a run-up corkscrew twisting senton. Fatu then hit his finishing moonsault, but knocked Krugger to the floor.

Fatu hit another dive to the floor and brought out some barbed wire. Krugger was lying on a military stretcher and the barbed wire was placed on top of him. Fatu then leapt from the top rope, splashing Krugger and squashing the wire into himself and his opponent.

Sentai Death Squad members ran to ringside and brought in a ladder and a table for Krugger. They loosened the top and middle ropes to eliminate the Fatu moonsault as Krugger turned Fatu inside out with a clothesline.

Fatu fought back and hit Krugger with a chair (who fell through the table, breaking it prematurely before the next move). Still, Fatu went to the top of the ladder and hit a massive big splash to pick up the win.

After the match, Krugger came back to life and dragged Fatu to the biohazard-labeled container. But, Krugger himself was the one who went face-first into the container which burst into light and smoke. Krugger was left in the container, the poor victim of a supposed chemical attack, while Fatu came away with Krugger's mask in his possession which seemed to symbolize the destruction and the end of his foe..or will it?

Next week:

  • Mini Abismo Negro, Arez & Holidead vs. Lince Dorado, Microman & MLW Women's Featherweight Champion Taya Valkyrie