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MLW Fusion results: Microman, Lince Dorado & Taya Valkyrie vs. Strange Sangre

The Sandman and The Blue Meanie also popped up on this week's Fusion.

Do I remember how to do this? Let’s see.

Before the show, Jacob Fatu was outside selling merchandise when "Big Juice" Juicy Finau and Lance Anoa’i came up and, after a brief conversation, they called it "The Polynesian Chop Shop" where they steal stuff from you and then sell it right back to you. 

Juice had EJ Nduka’s chain and were selling it for $450 plus offering Calvin Tankman’s towel for free. Lance had a “ring worn” Microman mask that he could get signed. Jacob had stolen Cesar Duran’s office fan and was selling it.

Suddenly, Duran arrived and said he should call the police and send the trio back to jail. Jacob pointed out that Cesar really doesn’t want the police involved. Eventually, booked them vs “his guys” for next week. Jacob said it’s on. This apparently was last week, since they then wrestled this week, but there wasn’t a graphic or anything telling us that.

- After his match last week, Mads Krugger refused medical assistance, and no one knows where he is. Fatu and his guys entered the building.

Samoan Swat Team defeated Los Aztecas

Duran came out with Los Aztecas to kick off the show. Two weeks ago, the Samoan Swat Team took over his office and stole his possessions.

He said he will present the debut of the most dangerous and cunning lucha team ever. They learned to fight on the streets and everyone in the back fears them, including Jacob Fatu.

So, out came Fatu. He’s not a fan of Duran and his guys. He says Duran doesn’t understand that Fatu doesn’t go out alone, he comes with family: the Samoan Swat Team, who are the aforementioned Lance Anoa’I and Big Juice.

Duran said Fatu made a mistake and rang the bell to start our opener.

Fatu did commentary for this one. Anoa’i looked fantastic from the bell. He and Juice laid out the two henchmen until Duran announced it was now no DQ, so a third henchman came in. Anoa’i did a Van Terminator to Azteca #3 and then after a double samoan drop from Juice, Anoa’i pinned one of them after a top rope splash.

So much for the most dangerous and cunning lucha team ever.

nZo came in through the crowd and smashed a bottle over Fatu's head before running away. He was busted open from the back of his head.

- After being beaten up last week, Los Maximos said they want a Tag Team title match against Hustle & Power (Nduka and Tankman).

- A video package for Killer Kross and Scarlett aired.

- A video package aired for Richard Holliday. He said he always liked fashion, but now he is into the color red thanks to MLW Champion Alex Hammerstone since it’s Alex’s blood on his coat. The color red has opened his eyes to all new possibilities. He sees the world so much clearer nowadays and it's never going to leave because once you taste blood, it's tough to give up the feeling. He stated that he is the sole proprietor of The Dynasty and it was always him.

- Holliday challenges Hammerstone for the World title on the July 14th dubbed at Kings of Colosseum.

- MLW action figures are coming soon.

- Fatu got his head stapled and is currently in concussion protocol after being assaulted by nZo earlier.

- Backstage, Middleweight Champion Myron Reed entered Davey Richards’ locker room. They trained together recently and Richards wants a match “just for competition."

- Alex Kane will wrestle against a mystery opponent next week. The opponent has only 20 minutes to win the Openweight Title. It’s dubbed "The Thrilla in Phila."

Microman, Lince Dorado & MLW Women's Featherweight Champion Taya Valkyrie defeated Strange Sangre (w/Gangrel and Dr. Dax)

Okay, let’s get the negatives out of the way first. The announcers did such a poor job introducing the heel team that the match was half over before I figured out they were Mini Abismo Negro, Arez and Holidead. I get that a regular viewer would have known this, but I don’t know how many new viewers would have tuned in, saw a bunch of people doing stuff who weren’t properly identified, and stuck around after.

Microman is 3’3” tall. He’s so short that I was convinced that Negro was a normal sized wrestler and he’s only five feet tall himself. Valkyrie is the Women’s Featherweight Champion and for a company with one weekly hour of TV, they may have too many belts.

This was a fast-paced series of spots to where it was almost impossible to write anything down, because by the time you were finished, three more things happened. The heels bullied Microman, but the little guy stood tall, taking over both men in the match with a spinning headscissors takeover. Dorado and Valkyrie were both fine, but this was all about Microman.

At one point, all the heels chased Microman around the ring. He dove under it, so Strange Sangre reached under and pulled out...The Blue Meanie, of all people. Microman got out the other side and then hit a giant tope to the outside. Meanie punched Abismo for reasons and then started yelling “cat fight” as Valkyrie and Holidead fought up the aisle. This all led to Microman rolling up Mini Abismo for the win.

After the match, Gangrel laid out Microman with a boot and the heels stomped away on the mini. Suddenly, "Enter Sandman" hit and two minutes, twenty seconds later, The Sandman finally hit the ring to make the save. Thankfully for Microman, at some point the heels grew tired of kicking his ass. Anyway, Sandman caned all of them, followed by Microman caning them and then sharing a beer with Sandman as the show went off the air before any more ECW Originals wandered out.

Final Thoughts: 

This is not a show for a new viewer. I have only watched a handful of shows MLW aired on Vice last year. This is now almost a year later and I was lost for the most part. They need to better identify their wrestlers. It shouldn’t have taken me until halfway through the main event to learn the heels names. 

With that said, the matches were fun, the show was paced very well, and it was over long before I could get bored. I think Lance Anoa'i was amazing for the little bit of time he was in the ring and Richard Holliday is a fantastic promo.

Next week:

  • Lince Dorado vs. nZo