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MLW Fusion results: Real 1 vs. Lince Dorado, Davey Richards vs. Alex Kane

Davey Richards answers the National Openweight Championship challenge.
Fusion 07-Jul-2022

We opened with a video package of the growing tension between nZo (now going by the name of Real 1) and Jacob Fatu, culminating in last week's sneak attack where Real 1 jumped Fatu from behind and busted him open by smashing a glass bottle over his head. Fatu cut a promo backstage with his head in a bandage, promising revenge.

Joe Dombrowski and Rich Bocchini welcomed us to the famous 2300 Arena in Philadelphia.

Real 1 defeated Lince Dorado

Real 1 is the former nZo and Enzo Amore, going by a new name but keeping the same gimmick and persona. Cesar Duran granted him this match as a prize for jumping Fatu last week. He got on the mic before the match and made some inflammatory comments about the home town crowd, Fatu, and Dorado.

The opening was quite slow, probably on purpose so Real 1 could garner even more heat. This was also when we saw the return of the PWI Top 10 rankings: Octagon Jr, EJ Nduka, Real 1, Myron Reed, Calvin Tankman, Mads Krugger, Davey Richards, Alex Kane, Richard Holliday, and Fatu made up the top 10.

Dorado sidestepped Real 1 which sent him crashing to the floor. This gave the match the shot of adrenaline it needed as Dorado torpedoed him with a dive through the ropes. Back inside, he came off the top with a huge crossbody. Seconds later, Real 1 pushed Dorado off the top to the floor, injuring his leg in the process.

Back from a commercial break, Real 1 hit Dorado with the same Razor's Edge into the steel ring post that took KC Navarro out of action for several weeks. Dorado shook it off easier than Navarro and somehow crawled back into the ring, but Real 1 was a man possessed and went straight after Dorado with stomps and a spear in the corner.

Dorado fought back with a delayed German suplex and some running chops, but Real 1 floored Dorado again with a leaping DDT from the middle rope.

Dorado then looked to finish off Real 1 with a handspring stunner and three moonsaults, but Real 1 rolled out of the way of the third moonsault. Real 1 then hit a low blow behind the referee's back before hitting his Eat The Feet finisher to pick up the win.

- Taya Valkyrie was talking with Dave Marquez who said she will defend her MLW Featherweight title all over the world.

- Mance Warner is returning to MLW.

- We then had a tease of a future match between Davey Richards and Myron Reed for Reed's Middleweight title with the commentators claiming that "online chatter" wants this match to take place.

- Alicia Atout was here to talk about the upcoming MLW World Heavyweight title match between champion Alex Hammerstone and her partner and challenger Richard Holliday. Her words were short and sweet: Hammerstone and the Von Erichs should be ready for anything.

- Before the next match, Alex Kane got on the mic and called himself the greatest fighter in MLW history. He and Mr. Thomas named all the different fighting styles they have come across. He also mentioned "the hunt" during his spiel which, of course, brought out Davey Richards as the surprise opponent.

Alex Kane went to a 20-minute time limit draw with Davey Richards to retain his MLW National Openweight title

The title match was dubbed "The Thrilla in Phila" in which any member of the roster could have stepped up to take on Kane. $20,000 and Kane's title were on the line if Richards could win within 20 minutes.

Kane stalled early on but once it got going and passed the test of strength, it turned to a more technical match with both trying to outwrestle each other while focusing on the arms and wrists. 

Richards took Kane around the Philly ringside and lined up kicks on all four sides of the floor. On the last attempt, Kane caught him and dropped him on the apron stopping him in his tracks. This is where we heard that the ring announcer will announce the time remaining in five minute intervals.

For the next few minutes, Kane was on top, targeting Richards' back and neck with backbreakers and suplexes. Richards fought out of a sunset flip with a double foot stomp and kicked his way back into the match as we heard we were at the halfway point of the 20-minute match.

Richards locked in the Trailer Hitch, but a panicked Kane got to the ropes. The commentary team played up the growing pressure for Kane as each minute passed. Richards hit a Saito suplex for a close near fall.

Kane came back into it by catching Richards and hitting a German suplex followed by an Olympic Slam but Richards also kicked out at two. 15 minutes had elapsed at this point.

Richards hit a huge superplex off the top rope as both showed the effects of the gruelling match. After a short break, both were on their feet and breathing heavy. After a forearm exchange, Richards locked in an ankle lock, hit a brain buster and locked in another ankle lock as we heard that two minutes were remaining.

In the ankle lock, Kane reached for the ropes as 30 seconds remained. Richards cranked the hold harder and then transitioned into the Trailer Hitch. The ring announcer counted down the last ten seconds as Kane survived, barely, to retain his National Openweight title.

After the match, it looked as though Richards was wanting to shake Kane's hand as a show of respect. But as Richards moved towards Kane, who was still showing the effects of the submissions of his legs by cowering in the corner, Mr. Thomas jumped Richards from the back and he and Kane began beating him down.

This brought out Richards' new training partner Myron Reed with a steel chair to come to the aid of his friend and mentor. Or, so we thought.

Reed winked at Kane and shot a cheeky half-smile before turning and slamming the chair into Richards' gut. The suspicions of a new member of the Bomaye Fight Club joining the ranks seems to be answered as Reed joined the three-on-one beatdown.

Kane put Richards' arm through a chair and Reed came off the top with a double foot stomp to add insult to injury. Reed dawned a Bomaye Fight Club jacket to show his new allegiance.

- After Fusion went off the air, we cut to a horror movie-style video of Mads Krugger on a surgical bed still recovering from his Weapons of Mass Destruction match with Fatu two weeks ago. 

The doctor gave him a mirror and we saw glimpses of his scarred face before Krugger smashed the mirror and the screen faded to black.