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Christopher Daniels & Karl Fredericks join NJPW Strong tag title tournament

The tournament begins at NJPW Ignition on June 19.
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Christopher Daniels and Karl Fredericks have agreed to team up and enter the NJPW Strong tag team title tournament. 

The promotion announced last week that an eight-team single elimination tournament will begin at Ignition on June 19 with the winners being declared the inaugural NJPW Strong Openweight Tag Team Champions. 

NJPW released a YouTube video on Sunday featuring Fredericks asking Daniels to be his partner. 

"I brought you here in front of this camera, Chris, because I wanted to ask you in front of the whole world," Fredericks says in the video. "New Japan has announced a Never Openweight Strong Tag Team tournament and you told me, you came and you saved me, you told me awhile back if I ever needed any help, if I ever needed a tag partner, you said that Chris, that you'd have my back. You said the Fallen Angel would be watching over the Alpha Wolf. I've been starving for opportunity on this show for a very long time. I need a partner. What do you say?"

Daniels expressed that after his team with Frankie Kazarian broke up, he wasn't sure he'd ever have another tag partner. He eventually agreed to team with Fredericks, however. 

"You make me one promise, you promise me that every time we go out to that ring, when he bell rings, you give me not 100%, not 110%, you give me 200%," Daniels responded.

"You heard it, the Fallen Angel and the Alpha Wolf, New Japan Strong Openweight tag team tournament," Fredericks said.