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Details still sparse on WWE NXT positive COVID-19 tests


Details are still sketchy, but several reports emerged Monday evening that a number of NXT wrestlers and/or personnel tested positive for COVID-19.

Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed the situation briefly on the post-Raw Wrestling Observer Radio with Meltzer saying there was talk about it backstage at Raw and that others on the main roster have been talking about it as well.

As of this point, the number of positive tests appears to be small enough where several people in NXT had no idea anything had happened.

As of now, no names have been released nor has anyone come forward on social media to confirm they tested positive. WWE has not commented publicly either.

Fightful first reported that "several positive tests in NXT the week of September 9 led to significant changes to NXT programming over the last couple of weeks" and that it involved recruits at the WWE's makeshift Performance Center. Some classes were canceled while others remained on the schedule and that PC policies called for wearing masks while outside the ring but not while inside the facility or in the gym area.

Citing multiple sources, Spectrum News 13's Jon Alba also reported there was an "outbreak" and that his sources said some "have gotten relaxed with mask wearing, especially in spots where some people congregate and there was concern over that. Am told people were still testing positive as recently as this weekend, with the belief being a coach accidentally spread it."