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HHH NXT TakeOver media call: Fan frustration, NWA all-women's PPV


Paul "Triple H" Levesque spoke to the media Thursday afternoon prior to Sunday's NXT TakeOver and gave some rarely aired frustrations regarding how people view pro wrestling these days.

The full audio is available for free down below.

While answering a question about frustrations regarding talents being misused when they get called up to the main roster, Levesque said the following:

"It's so funny to me sometimes how in our business, everyone is so worried about where someone is going to go or land or how is this going to play out long-term in the future. How about watch it? Do you like it or do you not like it? Do you have to say 'I like it, but I like this other thing more." Just watch it or don't."

"And stop trying to figure out where everything goes. Fans ruin their own stuff half the time trying to figure out where everything goes and why it's going there and how, and then trying to pick up their phone and search for the thing to find out what it is can ruin it for them so they aren't surprised when it happens. I don't understand that."

He was also asked about whether they will send talent to the NWA all-women's PPV headed up by Mickie James or do their own show again. Levesque said they have already done that and to him, equality is equality. If he did an all-men's show, he would get criticised for that. 

He then questioned James' line about wanting the best regardless of contractual status without mentioning her by name. "From a businessperson's standpoint, why do we have contractual status? It doesn't make any sense to me."

"If you want to wrestle the best women in the world, come to WWE," Levesque said.

For the rest of the call, including an update on the SummerSlam weekend TakeOver and the Million Dollar Title, click below.

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