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HHH TakeOver audio: Release requests, Adam Cole, Gargano update


WWE COO Paul "Triple H" Levesque held his traditional pre-NXT TakeOver conference call Wednesday morning and answered several interesting questions including one about talents asking for releases.

When asked by Jason Powell about wrestlers going to social media, Levesque said he hoped talent would talk to management instead of going to the media and social media to air their issues. He said that people get frustrated in the moment and say things they later would like to take back. "It's a maturity issue and not how you handle it. You handle your business like a professional."

He also answered questions about whether Adam Cole was considered for a three-way title match against Brock Lesnar and The Fiend for Survivor Series, how the creative teams are working together through this three-way brand storyline, an update on Johnny Gargano's health, and whether he had any interest in being the fourth man on Tommaso Ciampa's team at War Games.

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