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NXT TakeOver media call: HHH on WALTER, Shirai, Storm, Stark


Paul "HHH" Levesque and Shawn Michaels spoke to the media following the first night of NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver, discussing the futures of Io Shirai, Toni Storm, WALTER, Zoey Stark, "the meeting" and more.

Full audio is available by clicking the red button at the bottom of this post.

Levesque said media reports about last week's talent meeting were "inaccurate" and that if he wanted people to know what was discussed, he would have put out a memo about it. He said it was an informational meeting and no other groups were brought up.

Both Levesque and Michaels put over how unique and impactful NXT UK Champion WALTER is. When asked if he could see WALTER being more of a presence in the U.S., Levesque said the travel is just seven hours and that when travel restrictions are lifted, "all bets are off". If he wants to work in both NXT and NXT UK, they can make it work. 

Asked if Io Shirai is done with NXT, he said he finds it funny whenever a talent loses, it's assumed they are getting called up. Both men put over Raquel Gonzalez's work ethic and that this was the right time for her to win the title. Michaels said when he first saw Rhea Ripley and Gonzalez next to each other at an NXT house show, he knew they were money. 

Similarly, Levesque said Toni Storm's loss doesn't mean her momentum is stopped. Both love Zoey Stark and put over her work ethic as well.

For the rest of the call, click below.

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