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Report: NXT creative no longer operating independently of WWE


It has been a transformative last few months for WWE NXT, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

PWInsider reported more details on the reporting structure Tuesday, including that the creative team no longer is operating independently of WWE as had been the case in the Paul Levesque "black and gold" era.

For now, according to the report, NXT creative will directly report to Bruce Prichard and Christine Lubrano similar to how both Raw and SmackDown's creative teams operate.

They also reported that longtime creative team member Johnny Russo will head up NXT creative. After moving to the NXT brand in August 2019, Russo (no relation to Vince) had been the lead writer for the brand since July 2020. He had been involved with main roster creative dating back to the fall of 2011. 

Additionally, Dewey Foley and Anthony Golden Jr. will remain on the NXT creative team.

The news comes after last week's developments where William Regal, Brian James, trainers and referees were released due to the "continued evolution of NXT 2.0."