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NXT Level Up results: Myles Borne debuts

Thea Hail defeated Arianna Grace

Thea Hail was making her debut as a full-time student of Chase U. She apparently received a full ride, whatever that means.

This match was downright awkward at times, but the focus on arm work gave Hail ample selling time. It could have been worse.

Grace started the match by taking Hail to the mat. Hail fought to her feet by gaining control of Grace's arm, maintaining the control through multiple attempts at offense from Grace. Grace eventually retook her lead by turning her attention to Hail's arm. From standing to the mat, Grace was in total control of Hail’s arm.

Hail launched a comeback, connecting with quick offense while selling the arm. Grace caught Hail in a standing wrist lock, seemingly looking to close, but Hail reversed into a pin to score the win.

Guru Raaj defeated Myles Borne

Myles Borne, formerly David Bostian, made his debut in this match. Borne was a successful amateur wrestler before joining WWE, and it showed. This was a great debut match, with Borne's offense looking especially crisp.

This match opened with a slick grappling sequence. The grappling continued to escalate, with Borne landing multiple snappy arm drags. Borne's lead was punctuated with a pair of great dropkicks and a scoop slam for a near fall.

After kicking out, Raaj landed a big boot, rocking Raaj. Raaj caught Borne with a bunch of strikes and a bulldog from the second rope before pinning Borne. This was Raaj's first win on Level up.

Ivy Nile defeated Elektra Lopez

Built around Lopez's strength and Nile's technique, this quickly became a legitimately great match. Ivy Nile is an extraordinary professional wrestler.

Lopez came to the ring with Legado del Fantasma. Before she finished her entrance, the D'Angelo Family walked out and forced Legado del Fantasma to the back. The D'Angelo Family accompanied Lopez for the rest of the match.

Nile opened the match by gaining control of Lopez's back. Lopez tried to escape, only for Nile to transition into side control on the mat. Lopez, outwrestled, was forced to slam Nile to force the break.

Lopez used strikes and slams to extend her newfound control for some time. Lopez then stretched Nile before trying for a pin.

Nile eventually launched a rally after withstanding more strikes from Lopez. Lopez tried protecting her arm, but opened the door to a dragon sleeper from nowhere. Once Nile locked in the hold, Lopez tapped out.