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NXT Level Up results: Roxanne Perez debuts

The former Rok-C made her NXT debut this week on Level Up.

Roxanne Perez defeated Sloane Jacobs

This is the NXT debut of Perez, formerly known as Rok-C in Ring of Honor.

This match was quite enjoyable, considering its limitations. Perez got to shine in her short offensive sequences.

Jacobs tried using her strength to gain the lead early on, but Perez nimbly avoided her early attempts at offense. Eventually, Jacobs dropped Perez onto the top rope after grabbing a handful of hair. After finding the lead, Jacobs used a straightjacket choke to keep Perez grounded.

Once standing, Perez landed a quick elbow and kick to create some separation. She followed this with an air scissors drop à la Jumbo Tsuruta for a near fall. After landing a standing corkscrew and code red powerbomb, Perez secured the pinfall victory.

Damon Kemp defeated Troy Donovan

This match was also impressive, given its restrictions.

Kemp wrestled Donovan to the mat, secured control, and landed a gut wrench suplex as soon as the match began. He continued to make advances until a distraction from Channing Lauren allowed Donovan to steal control.

Donovan landed a massive clothesline before trying to take the match to the mat. Kemp eventually fought to a standing position, landing a shoulder tackle and an impressive pair of suplexes for a near fall.

Donovan escaped a fireman’s carry and immediately landed a falcon arrow. After Kemp kicked out, he climbed to the top but overshot his dive by about ten feet. Kemp then landed a neckbreaker slam before pinning Donovan.

Tatum Paxley defeated Kiana James

This was not good.

The match opened with a grappling stalemate. As the competitors were staring each other down, Ivy Nile walked out, making her presence known. James dropped Paxley onto the second rope before reigning in some knees. James then secured control of the midsection in a bizarre control segment.

Paxley landed a quick elbow, clothesline, and dropkick to take control of the match. Paxley landed a suplex and standing twisting senton to secure the pin.

The commentary team explained Paxley wants to be in Diamond Mine really bad.