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NXT UK results: A-Kid vs. Jordan Devlin, Tyler Bate vs. Jack Starz


This week's NXT UK featured a Heritage Cup title match

Emilia McKenzie defeated Isla Dawn (6:10)

They started off hard hitting. McKenzie hit a few dropkicks followed by a back suplex. Dawn got back on offense and threw McKenzie to ringside, hitting her with a running soccer kick from the apron. Back in the ring, McKenzie went for her rolling spear from the top rope, but Dawn stopped her with a knee. Seconds later, McKenzie hit a spear for a near fall.

Dawn hit a high kick and went for a cover, but went into some kind of trance which allowed McKenzie to go for an armbar. Dawn turned it into a cover attempt, but McKenzie escaped and hit a German suplex, followed by running double knees for the pinfall victory.

-- A video recapped WALTER's post-match attack on Ilja Dragunov after the latter's victory in last week's triple threat match.

-- Wolfgang and Mark Coffey were backstage talking about their friendly rivalry. Coffey said they were 1-1, but he had an idea and then walked away.

Heritage Cup Champion Tyler Bate (w/ Trent Seven) defeated Jack Starz two falls to one to retain (8:43)

Round 1

They traded holds early with Bate being in control more often. Starz ran wild by the end of the round and scored a near fall. They then traded dropkicks and Bate got a near fall as the round ended.

Round 2

Bate scored a pinfall early in the round at 0:37 to go up 1-0.

Round 3

Bate locked in a rolling cravat early. They traded running European uppercuts with Starz scoring a close near fall. Bate had Starz up for an airplane spin, but Starz escaped and got Bate up for one of his own. Bate went for a La Magistral cradle, but Starz turned the move around and scored a pin at 2:09 of the round to tie things up 1-1.

Round 4

Bate went for a rolling kick right away, but Starz caught him and locked in a Boston Crab. Bate eventually managed to escape and then hit a few strikes. He connected with a lariat, a rolling kick, and the Tyler Driver '97 at 1:22 for the pinfall victory to win two falls to one.

Bate applauded Starz who sulked away and sat by the barricade. Mark Coffey, followed by Wolfgang, then came to the ring. He congratulated Bate, quickly slapped him, and rolled out of the ring. It looks like he wants a shot at the Heritage Cup.

-- Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly had a photo shoot when Sid Scala approached. He said giving Subculture a title shot wa a good idea and proposed a match for next week. Pretty Deadly declined and told him to make them earn it. Scala then made Howley vs. Mark Andrews for next week and if Andrews wins, Subculture gets a shot.

Meiko Satomura in-ring segment

The NXT UK Women's Champion said she was very happy to have finally beaten Kay Lee Ray and that NXT UK was now her home. She was quickly interrupted by Nina Samuels who said she wanted to congratulate her and that Satomura needs more Nina Samuels in her life. She wants to become her first challenger.

Suddenly, she was attacked from behind by Amale who threw her into the barricade and the ring steps. She got into the ring and confronted the champion, telling her she would not congratulate her, but wanted to take the title off her. Satomura decked her with a stiff forearm and proclaimed, "No more talking. You get a match!" Amale smiled, while rubbing her jaw.

-- in a clip from after last week, Rampage Brown was on a couch backstage. Joe Coffey entered and got down next to him. He smiled and said, "Well, that settled nothing", referring to their ongoing match series. They both smiled and Coffey left.

-- in a continuation from last week, the identity of Blair Davenport was revealed as the former Bea Priestley. She said she had wrestled all around the world and asked if we really thought she wouldn't end up in the greatest women's division in the world. Blair Davenport has arrived in NXT UK.

Aoife Valkyrie defeated Mila Smidt (3:44)

Smidt started wrestling around five years ago and has competed in the UK, France, Germany, Japan and all over Europe. She was trained, among others, by Tom LaRuffa.

She showed some promising amateur wrestling prowess, but Valkyrie managed to stop her. Valkyrie was mostly in control and hit the ledgop to the neck from the top for the pin and the win. Jinny came out during the finishing sequence of the match and stared Valkyrie down. They kept staring each other down after the match. 

-- Kenny Williams compared himself to a cockroach, because they are the most resilient animals. He called out Nathan Frazer for next week.

-- Trent Seven was talking to a journalist backstage when Eddie Dennis approached and rattled off his losses to A-Kid, Jordan Devlin and himself at TakeOver. Seven reminded him that after TakeOver, he gave Dennis a Burning Hammer through a table and smashed his shoulder "into 150,000 pieces." Dennis skulked away. A graphic then announced a match between them next week

A-Kid pinned Jordan Devlin 

They traded holds early with both escaping. They did an elaborate and very acrobatic sequence of spots that ended with Devlin throwing A-Kid to the outside. He further attacked him, but A-Kid made it back inside at nine. Devlin was in control, but A-Kid eventually got a near fall off a fisherman's suplex.

They traded some more pins and A-Kid hit a suplex. He followed with a moonsault, but Devlin got his knees up. Devlin went for a standing moonsault of his own but A-Kid caught him with a triangle which Devlin quickly escaped. Devlin caught A-Kid with a spanish fly, but A-Kid came back and looked to lock in the umaplata but Devlin got a foot on the ropes. They traded strikes until A-Kid hit a superman punch and got a near fall.

A-Kid hit two German suplexes, but Devlin got a headbutt in before a third one. Devlin fell to ringside, but managed to snap the bottom rope into A-Kid's face seconds later. He dropkicked the stairs into A-Kid's knee and then dropped the Spaniard kneefirst onto them. Devlin went for Devlinside, but A-Kid jumped over him and turned it into a destroyer. Devlin locked in the cloverleaf on A-Kid's injured knee, but A-Kid escaped and transitioned into an umaplata and then an armbar.

Devlin escaped once more and somehow bent A-Kid's knee in a way that a knee was never intended to be bent as his foot was on the mat, parallel to his thigh. A-Kid immediately and furiously tapped and a number of referees and medical personnel stormed the ring to check on him as Devlin celebrated.

Final Thoughts:

This was a fun show with an excellent main event. The Heritage Cup match showed off Starz's skills while the two women's matches were fine but not spectacular. The show built to a number of matches in the future: Bate vs. Coffey, Satomura vs. Amale and Valkyrie vs. Jinny. 

Next week:

  • Nathan Frazer vs. Kenny Williams
  • Lewis Howley vs. Mark Andrews with a future Tag Team title shot on the line
  • Eddie Dennis vs. Trent Seven