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NXT UK results: Japanese Street Fight for Women's title

The main event was cut short due to Blair Davenport suffering an injury.

Taped at BT Sport Studios in London, England

The show opened with a video promoting tonight's Meiko Satomura vs. Blair Davenport main event, along with the finals of the NXT UK Tag Team title number one contender's tournament. Tyler Bate and Trent Seven, the current Tag Team Champions, were walking backstage.

NXT UK Tag Team title number one contender's tournament finals: Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith defeated Dave Mastiff & Jack Starz (12:32)

Moustache Mountain were on commentary for the match.

Starz took Carter down to start, but Carter came back and held his own. Smith and Mastiff were then in -- and Mastiff wasted no time, running Smith over and hitting a sit-down splash.

Both men tagged out, then Carter hit an assisted slingshot shoulder block on Starz. Carter crashed and burned off a missed quebrada and got squished by a senton. Just seconds later, Carter had recovered enough that he and Smith hit a double back body drop on Mastiff.

Smith and Carter quickly tagged in and out, isolating Starz and taking turns working him over. Starz finally made the hot tag and Mastiff ran wild on both men, eventually settling in on Smith. Smith briefly hit Mastiff with a shoulder block and Starz wanted the tag, but Mastiff refused. Mastiff insisted that he had things under control and waved Starz off.

Mastiff went for Into the Void, but Smith moved out of the corner. Carter then hit running double knees to the back of Mastiff, followed by a lariat from Smith. Carter then hit an assisted moonsault to score the pin. Smith prevented Starz from being able to break it up.

Carter & Smith will be the first team to challenge Moustache Mountain for the NXT UK Tag Team titles.

- Davenport was shown backstage, twirling a Singapore cane.

- A-Kid was asked about next week's match against Saxon Huxley. A-Kid said he respected him and they did some etiquette training. A-Kid tried teaching Huxley about table manners, chess, mathematics, and classical music. Things didn't go well. A-Kid said they'd be back next week.

- Nathan Frazer was walking to his car and was asked about his day at the Performance Center. The car wouldn't start and he was attacked by Die Familie. Charlie Dempsey and Rohan Raja held Frazer up while Teoman punched him. Raja talked into the camera and said this is what happens when you disrespect their family. We also got a cameo appearance by the camerawoman here, who was wXw's head of video production, Katja Pilz.

Isla Dawn defeated Myla Grace (3:00)

This was over rather quick. Grace hit some promising offense but quickly was defeated by the swinging side slam.

- Satomura was shown preparing backstage.

- Nina Samuels hijacked an interview with Amale, then proceeded to talk down to her. Amale responded by shoving the microphone into Samuels and challenging her to a match.

- Sam Gradwell was asked about Kenny Williams recently costing him a tag match against Pretty Deadly. Gradwell said he might have gotten a taste of his own medicine, but that Williams was not ready for him.

- Gallus interrupted Noam Dar and Sha Samuels. Joe Coffey wanted to bet that he takes the Heritage Cup from Dar, but Samuels turned him down. Coffey then wanted on the Supernova Sessions, but Dar said they already had Jordan Devlin booked as a guest for the talk show's season two premiere. Dar walked off, saying he has places to be and people to see.

- A graphic announced that Nathan Frazer would face Teoman next week.

- Japanese Street Fight for the NXT UK Women's championship: Meiko Satomura defeated Blair Davenport by referee stoppage to retain her title (9:15)

There were no disqualifications or countouts in this match, but pinfalls could only happen in the ring. The match ended with what appeared to be a legitimate injury to Davenport.

Satomura kicked Davenport's Singapore cane out of her hands at the start of the match, then kicked her in the head, sending Davenport to ringside. Davenport got some steel chairs and a chain from under the ring, but Satomura thwarted the attacks.

Satomura hit Davenport with a chain, then got a near fall off a pinning combination. Davenport came back and kicked a chair the champ was wielding into her face. At ringside, Satomura threw Davenport into the ring steps but got beaten up with the cane in return.

Davenport used a steel structure, used to hold the turnbuckles in place, to bend Satomura's fingers, but she would not quit. Davenport used a cane for assistance during an STF, then used it on Satomura some more.

Satomura rolled on the apron while Davenport got on the top rope. Satomura tried throwing her off, but Davenport kicked her and Satomura's upper body was on the apron. Davenport then hit a double foot stomp, but after making an impact and hitting the floor, it looked like Davenport's left ankle gave out and she immediately rolled around the floor, screaming in pain.

The referee checked on Davenport and immediately threw up the "X" sign and stopped the match. Satomura was awarded the win due to referee stoppage as Davenport was put on a stretcher outside the ring.

Final Thoughts --

The main event, which was gearing up to be a great street fight, was cut short by what appears to have been a legitimate ankle injury to Blair Davenport. Hopefully Davenport makes a quick and full recovery.

The number one contender's tag team match was a lot of fun and seems to indicate trouble between Starz and Mastiff down the road. Moustache Mountain vs. Carter & Smith should also be great. The Isla Dawn match was a quick squash and mostly filler.

Next Week --

  • Nathan Frazer vs. Teoman
  • A-Kid vs. Saxon Huxley