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NXT UK results: Meiko Satomura vs. Ivy Nile Women's title match

NXT 2.0's Ivy Nile challenged for the NXT UK Women's Championship.


A video recapped last week's Tag Team title match with Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith becoming champions. After the match, Trent Seven told Tyler Bate that he was "done."

Mark Andrews defeated Kenny Williams (9:47)

Williams checked under the ring for his "stalker" Tiger Turan as the match began. Andrews hit Williams with a baseball slide and beat him around ringside. Andrews was in control until Williams rammed him into the ring post as they fought on the apron.

Andrews rolled through on a back suplex and hit one of his own but quickly found his hand being worked over again. Williams was in control until they battled on the top rope and Andrews threw him off. Williams rolled out of harm's way and managed to pull Andrews off the top and onto the ropes arm-first.

Williams was looking to finish Andrews up, but Turan suddenly appeared on the apron, distracting Williams. He went to punch Turan, who dropped off the apron, evading the attack, allowing Andrews to roll Williams up with a small package to get the win.

- Another video looked at Seven declaring he was done last week. He will address the people next week on his status.

- Mark Coffey was asked about news from his brother Joe. Mark said he hadn't heard from him, but then apparently received a call from Joe. Mark told Joe to call him when he needed anything or call either of their parents and told Joe to take as long as he needed. Mark seemed concerned after the call.

Symbiosis (Primate & T-Bone w/ Eddie Dennis) defeated Oli Blake & Tate Mayfairs (4:34)

Primate started strong but briefly got double-teamed. Symbiosis then systematically took apart Blake until he finally managed to tag out. Mayfairs ran wild on T-Bone but quickly got his head almost taken off by a lariat.

T-Bone hit a powerslam on Mayfairs, followed by a top rope headbutt by Primate for the dominant victory.

After the match, Symbiosis stared at Eddie Dennis as he celebrated with them. Symbiosis then turned against Dennis and hit their powerslam/flying headbutt finish on him as well.

- Ilja Dragunov was interviewed backstage. He said he was here to watch Meiko Satomura defend her title and said he admired her. Dragunov said they both are making sure NXT UK is the most dominant brand in the world.

- A video looked at Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith winning the NXT UK Tag Team titles last week and the roster backstage applauding them. The video also had headlines from various wrestling websites (including this one) about the win. There also was a video of Smith coming home to his little daughter and showing her the championship he had won. This was really nice.

Eliza Alexander (w/ Xia Brookside) defeated Amale (6:52)

Alexander dominated early, but Amale hit a neckbreaker and a dropkick for a two count. Amale went for a kick into the corner, but Xia Brookside pulled Alexander to safety.

Alexander hit a running kick to Amale's head as she was in the ropes, then choked her in the corner with her boot. Alexander hit a knee to the head and then locked in a chinlock. They traded forearms and Amale hit a few kicks and clotheslines, then followed with a bulldog for another two count.

Amale hit a running kick on Alexander in the corner, then kicked Brookside off the apron for good measure before rolling Alexander up for a near fall. Alexander then quickly hit a running kick to the head to pick up the victory.

- Wolfgang picked Damon Kemp up from the gym and took him drinking at a pub. Kemp got more and more drunk, then apparently puked into some plants five rounds in as Wolfgang picked up another round. They kept drinking and then drunkenly stumbled down the street. They will team together against Noam Dar & Sha Samuels next week.

- Lash Legend talked about defeating Emilia McKenzie. Myla Grace walked up and took offense.

NXT UK Women's Champion Meiko Satomura defeated Ivy Nile to retain her title (10:24)

Satomura took Nile down early, but Nile kept going for submissions once they were on the mat. They had a test of strength until Nile hit a Northern Lights suplex. Satomura went for an armbar, but Nile quickly escaped.

Satomura locked in a sitting abdominal stretch before Nile escaped and they traded more submissions on the mat. Nile hit an impressive fallaway slam, then did some push-ups on top of the champion.

Satomura locked in a double wristlock, but Nile defended well against it. Nile then hit some stiff kicks for a two count. Satomura came back with an enzuigiri off the ropes for a two count before they traded more strikes.

Nile hit a few jumping kicks in the corner and then a blockbuster-style headlock driver off the ropes, but Satomura kicked out at 2.9. Nile was on offense for a while longer before Satomura dropped her with a head kick, followed by a DDT and a handspring knee drop for a two count of her own.

Nile countered a Death Valley Driver attempt into a dragon sleeper, but Satomura managed to roll through backwards and locked Nile's head for a pinning combination that got Satomura the victory.

After the match, Satomura helped Nile up, shook her hand, and hugged her. 

Final Thoughts --

A fun show. The main event was good and Ivy Nile looked competent, while Meiko Satomura nicely complemented her style.

Mark Andrews vs. Kenny Williams also was good, but it was more a backdrop for the Kenny Williams/Tiger Turan saga continuing.

Primate and T-Bone turning on Eddie Dennis was interesting. I believe neither will be babyfaces going forward, but the former Symbiosis may try to challenge for the NXT UK Tag Team titles down the line. Amale vs. Eliza Alexander was fine but unremarkable.

Next Week --

  • Trent Seven addresses the NXT UK Universe
  • Wolfgang & Damon Kemp vs. Noam Dar & Sha Samuels