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NXT UK results: Pretty Deadly vs. Subculture Tag Team title match

Pretty Deadly vs. Subculture

The show opened with a recap of last week's unaired backstage scuffle between NXT UK Champion WALTER and Ilja Dragunov which resulted in the champion suffering a broken hand. There was also a preview of tonight's Tag Team title match between Pretty Deadly and Subculture.

News on WALTER vs. Ilja Dragunov

Sid Scala was in the ring and said the match between WALTER and Ilja Dragunov had to be postponed. He and Johnny Saint had been in discussions with NXT management and turned things over to "these gentlemen." Triple H, Shawn Michaels and William Regal then appeared on screen and said that they were looking forward to the match and since they had such a brutal history, they wanted to present it in the United States for everyone to NXT TakeOver 36 on August 22nd.

-- A video with Symbiosis aired as they are targeting Moustache Mountain. Primate told Tyler Bate that the wounds of war heal, but he won't. T-Bone said that Bate may be the "Big Strong Boi," but let's see how he fares against big, strong men. Eddie Dennis said to Trent Seven that he had his weapons pointed at him and called Primate and T-Bone his ammunition.

Nina Samuels defeated Laure Di Matteo (6:10)

Samuels took over early and worked the arm, but Di Matteo countered. Samuels went for a La Magistral cradle, but found her own shoulders on the mat for a near fall. Samuels took over with submissions and some dirty tactics. Di Matteo scored a near fall with a rollup and hit a hurricanrana off the top rope. She went for a springboard DDT, but Samuels caught her and hit two tilt-a-whirl backbreakers. She then followed with a modified GTS for the pin and the win.

-- Teoman and Rohan Raja were at a dinner table yet again. Teoman said when he debuted months ago, he would always provide for and protect his mother and his brother. He was born hundreds of miles from his brother, Rohan, but he saw his courage and welcomed him into his family. Rohan also said that he would always protect the family. 

-- Xia Brookside was about to cut a promo backstage when Blair Davenport walked up. She said Brookside had been signed for three years, but she had been around for five minutes and everybody was talking about her. She said people only knew Brookside because of her daddy's last name. Brookside was appaled and stormed off. Davenport told her to call her when she got her own last name.

Supernova Sessions: Jinny & Joseph Conners

Dar said the show had taken a short break because he was having a "hot boy summer." Jinny was appalled that Dar had only provided two folding chairs for them, but Dar offered her a cushion to sit on which she reluctantly took. Dar jokingly asked for her phone number and made Jinny touch his shirt, calling the fabric "boyfriend material." He asked about their relationship and if it was personal or just professional and said that the both of them certainly were not cheap anymore. Jinny told him to never say she had ever been cheap. There was a video of Jinny and Conners in a nice but not overly luxurious flat. She said smart people associate with smart people.

Dar deducted that things were professional and further hit on Jinny. He wanted to wrap things up, but Jinny wasn't done. She called out Aoife Valkyrie, which she said was the only reason she had come on the show. She said that Valkyrie only watched from afar but wouldn't dare to step up to her and say things to her face. She also told Dar she doesn't drink cocktails (as he had suggested they may have later tonight) but only champagne.

-- Rampage Brown talked about his upcoming third match against Joe Coffey

Joseph Conners defeated Tristan Archer (6:02)

The France native Archer made his NXT UK debut here. He started in 2009 and was trained, among others, by Lance Storm. He previously had one public WWE match as Clement Petiot in the 2016 Cruiserweight Classic, losing to Cedric Alexander in the first round. He primarily wrestled in France, Germany and other countries on the European mainland, but also had matches in the UK (most prominently in the Super Strong Style 2019 in PROGRESS) and the U.S. He most recently was a mainstay on wXw's tapings during the pandemic.

Conners had Archer in a wristlock early, but quickly was overpowered by the bigger man. Conners took over and wore his opponent down. Archer hit a codebreaker from the outside, which scored him a near fall. He followed with a small package and a Falcon Arrow for another set of near falls. Conners blocked a GTS, hit a DDT and finished things with the Hierarchy (his Rude Awakening style neckbreaker) for the pinfall.

After the match, Valkyrie appeared just outside the barricade and jumped to ringside to face off with Jinny. She removed a feather from her outfit and handed it to Jinny, who accepted it but then let it fall to the ground.

-- Jordan Devlin walked out of Scala's office and we learned that the 30-minute Iron Man mach, requested by A-Kid had been approved. Devlin called A-Kid the dumbest man on the roster for wanting to face him with a torn ACL. He said A-Kid could lie to Scala, the doctors or the fans about his knee, but Devlin felt it snap and heard him cry at his feet. He will end his career when they faced next.

-- Dave Mastiff was backstage, running some sort of massaging tool over his muscles. Jack Starz came in and thanked him again for encouraging him to go against Tyler Bate. Mastiff said no problem and said there was more to come from the two of them.

-- Moustache Mountain said they would finish Symbiosis once and for all, only using more words. The match will take place next week

NXT UK Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly (Sam Stoker & Lewis Howley) defeated Subculture (Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster) to retain

Stoker and Webster started with Stoker using power and Webster using speed. Andrews tagged in for some double team action. but Howley got into the ring and all four men faced off. Andrews and Stoker were back in and also did some speed vs. power spots. Pretty Deadly were dropkicked to ringside, where Howley got into Dani Luna's face but got wiped out by Andrews.

Pretty Deadly double teamed Andrews and isolated him from his partner for a few minutes. Andrews eventually got the hot tag and Webster ran wild on both opponents. He hit a face slam on Stoker for a near fall. Stoker sent him up for a back body drop, but he hit a rana on Howley in mid-air. Subculture hit double dives on Pretty Deadly. Webster hit the Rude Body Block on Howley for another near fall. Andrews tagged in and hit a destroyer on Howley. Webster missed a 450 and got hit by an assisted codebreaker.

Andrews hot tagged in and hit a double Pelé kick on both Howley and Stoker. The champions almost had Andrews pinned after some double team action, but Webster made the save. Andrews hit Stun Dog Millionaire, followed by a poison rana/V-trigger combo, but Stoker saved the pin.

Andrews went for the shooting star, but Howley pulled Stoker to the outside. They caught a dive by Webster and threw him over the barricades. Howley brought both title belts into the ring and as the ref was distracted, Pretty Deadly hit a Hart Attack-style neckbreaker on Andrews to score the win.

Final Thoughts:

With the exception of the very good main event, this was mostly to build up for the future. Samuels looked more aggressive and powerful in her match while Conners looked decent. It was nice seeing Archer catch a break and I hope they will use him more in the future.

The build for Jinny and Valkyrie is nice and the interaction with Jinny and Dar was fun on Supernova Sessions. The tag match was a solid old-school psychology bout and Subculture always wrestle sat breakneck speed.

Of course, everyone is now looking forward to August 22nd and the match with WALTER vs. Dragunov.

Next week:

  • Moustache Mountain vs. Symbiosis