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NXT UK results: Roderick Strong vs. Wolfgang

After making his NXT UK debut, Strong issued a challenge to Ilja Dragunov.

Taped at BT Sport Studios in London, England

A larger contingent of fans was back at BT Studios for this set of tapings.

Oliver Carter (w/ Ashton Smith) defeated Tyler Bate (w/ Trent Seven) (10:08)

The two teams agreed last week that they would meet in singles matches. If Smith and Carter win both, they'll get another shot at Moustache Mountain's NXT UK Tag Team titles.

Carter and Bate traded holds and counters early on, then transitioned into quick pinfall attempts. Carter took over with a number of kicks and got another two count before Bate dropkicked him out of the ring.

Back inside, Bate tried controlling Smith with a waistlock but ended up getting floored with a dropkick from the top before Carter went for more pins. Bate eventually caught him and hit an exploder, followed by a running Shooting Star Press for a two count of his own.

Bate took Carter up for an Airplane Spin, dropped him on his knees, and locked in an abdominal stretch and then an octopus hold, but Carter made the ropes. Carter escaped both a Tyler Driver '97 and a German suplex attempt, then went on offense and hit a full nelson slam into a backbreaker for two.

They traded rolling koppu kicks. Bate hit the rope-assisted lariat and went for Tyler Driver '97 once more, but Smith countered it into a hurricanrana for a close two count. 

Bate was sitting on the top rope when Smith and Seven got into it at ringside and Seven shoved Smith into the steps. Bate managed to throw off Carter, who was looking to use the distraction. Bate then went for a flying European uppercut but was still distracted by the bickering at ringside, allowing Carter to turn the attack into a backslide for the somewhat upset of a win.

- A-Kid encountered a raving Saxon Huxley backstage as Huxley was in the middle of a photo shoot. A-Kid asked him to be his tag team partner against Die Familie -- and Huxley eventually agreed.

- Wild Boar was in a video segment, swearing to bring revenge and everything he suffered through during the past year to Symbiosis.

Emilia McKenzie defeated Nina Samuels (8:45)

They went back and forth with wristlocks and grappling on the mat early on. McKenzie eventually hit a hurricanrana off the middle rope, but Samuels took back over.

Samuels locked in a kneeling abdominal stretch, but McKenzie eventually powered out and came back with a back suplex. Samuels dropkicked her into the ropes from behind, leading to a nearfall.

McKenzie hit a German suplex, which prompted Samuels to roll out of the ring. McKenzie followed up with a dive through the ropes, but -- back in the ring -- was promptly thrown off the top rope by the hair. Samuels then missed a top rope moonsault, allowing McKenzie to hit a spear to gain the pinfall victory.

- Mark Coffey came out of Sid Scala's office, then revealed to his brother Joe that Mark would receive a Heritage Cup title match against Noam Dar.

- Kenny Williams found a note on his locker reading "You've made a lot of enemies" and "Tick Tock." The note either came from Sam Gradwell, whose mohawk he cut off a few weeks ago, or someone found some old scribblings of Karrion Kross.

- Eddie Dennis and the rest of Symbiosis went into Scala's office as they had been asked to. Scala revealed that Wild Boar requested a match with Dennis, who replied that he was pretty much a manager these days. Dennis suggested that Boar take on either T-Bone or Primate. Scala said he had to make a call.

Stevie Turner defeated Aleah James (4:10)

After Turner took her down with shoulderblocks, James quickly came back with a dropkick, a Matrix bridge, and more innovative offense. Turner retaliated with a kick to the face and a chinlock.

James made a comeback with running crossbodys before getting almost pinned after a jumping uranage. Suddenly, James came back with a bridging O'Connor Roll for the flash pin.

- Sha Samuels had the odds for the Dar vs. Mark Coffey Heritage Cup title match on a whiteboard. Dar complained about having to face Coffey. Someone called and bet on Mark winning, and Samuels excitedly told them he'd up the odds for that as he and Dar snickered.

- A video recapped the past and recent history between NXT UK Women's Champion Meiko Satomura and Isla Dawn. Dawn said the version of her that Satomura defeated in her very first match in NXT UK is gone and she has collected all the trinkets she needs over the past few months. Dawn said she'll take Satomura's title, while Satomura said she can not lose. The two will meet in a title match next week.

Roderick Strong defeated Wolfgang (9:50)

Strong got under Wolfgang's skin before the match started, then kept evading the big Scot and repeatedly fled to ringside. Wolfgang eventually caught him in a headlock, then hit an overhead, judo-style suplex.

Wolfgang manhandled Strong around the ring, leading to Strong stumbling to ringside once more. Strong used some questionable tactics to regain the upper hand and hit a stomp over the ropes.

Strong kept grinding down Wolfgang, working over his back and neck. Wolfgang made it back to his feet, threw Strong into the corner, and hit another hip toss. He went up top and came down on Strong with a double axe handle. They went back and forth until Wolfgang hit another suplex but missed a spear into the corner. Strong then hit a running knee right to Wolfgang's face to score the win. Strong was bleeding above the right eye by the end of the match.

Strong got on the mic after the match, saying that he's not here for a long time but for a good time and he's looking for the big fight. He called out NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov, stating the ball is in Dragunov's court.

Final Thoughts --

The opener was really good. People know Bate is excellent, but they shouldn't sleep on Carter, who is also a tremendous and entertaining wrestler.

McKenzie vs. Samuels was another good match, with Samuels looking better than she has in recent months. James vs. Turner was alright. James has charisma but seems a bit overexcited at times and isn't as crisp as she could be yet.

The main event was fun, even though Strong didn't look as much a killer as he probably should when calling out the champion. Strong vs. Dragunov should be very good. though.

Next Week:

  • NXT UK Women's Champion Meiko Satomura defends against Isla Dawn