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NXT UK results: Title tournament begins

The NXT UK Championship tournament kicked off with two matches airing this week.

NXT United Kingdom Championship tournament first-round match: Oliver Carter defeated Charlie Dempsey (w/ Die Familie) (9:10)

Both men cut in-set promos on their way to the ring. Carter vowed that, despite not being 100 percent, he would win. Dempsey said he'd beat Carter because of Carter's disrespect for Die Familie.

Carter attacked every member of Die Familie right away and focused on Dempsey. The referee quickly rang the bell and the match was on. Carter was in control and clotheslined Dempsey to the outside, then followed with a plancha.

Dempsey came back and launched Carter into the corner knee-first, then extensively worked over Carter's previously injured knee. Carter briefly fought back, but Dempsey was relentless.

Dempsey hit a picture-perfect dragon suplex, but Carter got his second wind and staged a comeback. Carter escaped a painful half-crab and turned it into a roll-up for the pinfall victory.

Die Familie hit the ring, but Carter wisely fled up the entranceway and celebrated his win.

- Blair Davenport, Eliza Alexander, Amale, and Isla Dawn all came backstage screaming after last week's main event. Referees separated them and Sid Scala screamed that neither of them would get a title shot.

- Scala asked Tyler Bate not to interfere in Trent Seven's match tonight. Bate said he'd never do something like that, but he will get under Seven's skin by becoming the new NXT UK Champion.

Eliza Alexander defeated Thea Hail (w/ Chase U) (4:11)

Alexander attacked but Hail immediately took over with some clumsy looking lucha offense. Alexander stopped her with a clothesline. Alexander worked Hail over while Hail showed some glimpses of hope in between.

Hail powered out of a Camel Clutch and went for a standing moonsault, but Alexander got her feet up. Alexander then hit a running knee and scored the win via pinfall.

- Nina Samuels crashed an interview segment with Amale. Amale said she would beat whoever it took to get an NXT UK Women's Championship shot, whether it was Davenport, Dawn, Alexander, or Nina Samuels.

- Andre Chase gave a lecture backstage. Eddie Dennis interrupted and ridiculed him. Chase snapped and swore at him. Dennis mocked Bodhi Hayward, saying that Chase got some neanderthal and taught him to comb his hair. Chase said if Dennis thought it was easy having a protege, he should get one and pointed out Saxon Huxley, who sat in the back of the room eating roasted chicken.

Sam Gradwell defeated Teoman (5:41)

Gradwell beat Teoman up early and threw him to ringside. Rohan Raja got in Gradwell's way when he went for a kick, allowing Teoman to pull Gradwell between the ring and apron and take over.

Gradwell still held his own and thwarted some nefarious tactics by Teoman and Raja. A little later, Raja pulled Gradwell from the top. The referee saw Raja and expelled him. Teoman argued with the ref, then grabbed Gradwell. Gradwell hit Teoman in the head with his knee brace, then hit his finish for the win.

- Scala congratulated Mark Coffey on winning the Heritage Cup. Noam Dar entered the office and demanded a rematch. Scala said he would try and make it happen.

NXT United Kingdom Championship tournament first-round match: Trent Seven defeated Wolfgang (8:56)

Wolfgang started with a hip toss and an arm drag, then worked over Seven's arm. Wolfgang hit a dropkick, but Seven threw him out of the ring. Wolfgang quickly took back over and threw Seven into the barricade. Wolfgang climbed the barricade, but Seven threw him down.

Back in the ring, Seven hit a DDT but Wolfgang countered an attempt at the Seven Star Lariat into a German suplex. Wolfgang hit another suplex for a near fall, then followed with an elevated gutbuster for another two count.

They battled on the top rope until Wolfgang threw Seven down and went for a Swanton Bomb, only for Seven to get his knees up. Seven then hit the Birminghammer for the win.

Final Thoughts --

A fun show. Oliver Carter vs. Charlie Dempsey was the best match on the episode, while Trent Seven vs. Wolfgang was a nice brawl between two powerhouses.

Teoman somehow has descended into the midcard. They told a nice story here, but he should not lose to people on the 50-50 level like Sam Gradwell.

Eliza Alexander vs. Thea Hail was another showcase of just how green the NXT 2.0 talent is, but I guess they need all the matches they can get.

Next Week --

  • NXT United Kingdom Championship tournament first-round match: Tyler Bate vs. Kenny Williams
  • NXT United Kingdom Championship tournament first-round match: Joe Coffey vs. Mark Andrews