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NXT UK results: Trent Seven speaks, Kemp & Wolfgang vs. Samuels & Dar

Trent Seven addressed his future after his recent Tag Team title loss.


Taped at BT Sports Studios in London, England

Tiger Turan defeated Josh Morrell (3:04)

Turan worked over Morrell's arm early and came off the top with a crossbody for the first near fall of the bout. 

This also brought on the end of the match as Morrell seemed to have hit his head taking the move and the referee, after briefly talking to him, threw up the X sign and stopped the match. Medical personnel checked out Morrell at ringside.

- A video announced the return of Blair Davenport, who had injured her leg a few months ago.

Lash Legend defeated Myla Grace (4:34)

Legend dominated early and threw Grace from the ring with an uppercut. Legend caught her off a crossbody attempt and threw her head into the ropes repeatedly.

Legend got Grace up for a cringeworthy gorilla press, but set her back down and hit a knee. Legend applied a kneeling backbreaker and then failed to take a hurricanrana the proper way, stumbling around the ring instead.

Grace hit a tornado DDT for a two count but quickly fell victim to a big boot by Legend which lead to the pin and the win.

- A video announced that Sarray from NXT 2.0 would be coming to NXT UK next week. She also talked about Meiko Satomura already being a Japanese influence there.

- Another video announced that Brooks Jensen, Josh Briggs and Fallon Henley would be coming to NXT UK next week. They said they wanted to challenge for the NXT UK Tag Team titles and Henley wanted to check out the women's division.

Wolfgang & Damon Kemp defeated Sha Samuels & Noam Dar (12:41)

Kemp and Samuels started and Kemp dominated with his amateur skills. Samuels quickly tagged out and Dar evaded Kamp, but quickly got put down as well with Kemp manhandling the smaller man.

Samuels and Wolfgang tagged in next and Wolfgang took over. Both tagged in their partners and Dar eventually used some distraction to take Kemp's leg out. Dar and Samuels managed to work Kemp over for the next few minutes. Dar kicked Wolfgang off the apron, preventing Kemp from tagging out.

Kemp eventually hit a double suplex on both opponents and tagged in Wolfgang, who ran wild. Kemp ran interference to prevent Dar from sneaking up on Wolfgang and the two briefly posed.

Wolfgang hit a spear on Samuels and went for a pin, but Dar made the save. Kemp hit a German suplex on Samuel, who pulled Dar into the ring before taking the move. Dar distracted the referee and Samuels thumbed Kemp in the eye. Wolfgang took advantage and wrapped his scarf around Samuels' leg, allowing Kemp to hit a big running power slam on him for the pinfall victory.

After the match, Samuels ran back into the ring, but Wolfgang stopped him with a spear.

Trent Seven addresses his future

Seven came out and talked to the fans, telling them how much they meant to him over the years. He said he had always been honest with them and it was true when he said he didn't know what he would do once Moustache Mountain lost the NXT UK Tag Team titles.

He called for to partner Tyler Bate to come out. He talked about their history (including mentioning "the other one" aka Pete Dunne/Butch) and all the places they had gone all over the world together.

He said that this was it and had a long, emotional hug with Bate. Seven then went back and hugged Bate once more, telling him that he loved him so much.

Then he proceeded to land a low blow on Bate, pulled him up by the beard and told him that he had never needed him before slapping him and hitting a Birminghammer that left Bate laying. 

He draped his Moustache Mountain towel over Bate before slowly walking out of the arena to thunderous boos.

Final Thoughts:

The opener was cut short by an injury and the women's match with Lash Legend was abysmal. The tag match was fun and Damon Kemp continued to show promise with his unique amateur style offense.

The segment with Trent Seven and Tyler Bate was very good and should lead to what will hopefully be a long feud and a string of fantastic matches between the two.

Next week:

  • NXT UK Tag Team Champions Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter defend against Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen
  • Sarray vs. Nina Samuels