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NXT UK results: Trent Seven vs. Sam Gradwell

The show also featured a sit-down with the NXT UK Champion and his next challenger.

The show opened with a recap of Mark Coffey winning the NXT UK Heritage Cup from Noam Dar last week.

Isla Dawn defeated Fallon Henley (5:13)

They traded offense early until Henley slid out of the ring and hit Dawn in the jaw. Dawn came back with a knee to the face in the corner and a running soccer kick to the chest.

Henley briefly ran wild but got dropped into the ropes, kicked in the head, and hit with a half-and-half slam, which gave Dawn the win.

- Sarray came to the UK Performance Center and talked about how much she enjoyed the United Kingdom. She encountered Meiko Satomura and asked her about a match once more. Satomura agreed and told Sarray to be prepared.

- Amale confronted Blair Davenport and told Davenport she would not get under her skin. Amale said she would save all of her anger for Davenport in the ring.

Dave Mastiff defeated Josh Morrell (7:00)

Morrell escaped a headlock by walking on his hands backwards. He continued to show is agility and athletic ability, but Mastiff used his power to keep Morrell at bay. 

Mastiff hit an overhead belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall. Morrell evaded Mastiff, then hit a standing corkscrew senton, followed by a running moonsault over the top rope to the outside.

Morrell kicked out of a powerbomb and Finlay Roll, which shocked Mastiff. Mastiff followed with another Finlay Roll and a senton for the victory.

Mastiff helped Morrell up after the match and showed his appreciation.

- In an East End Bookie segment, Sha Samuels had to pay out all the winning bets for Noam Dar's loss to Mark Coffey from last week. A long line of talent and staff came to collect.

Samuels said he could not afford food or drink and they had to win the Heritage Cup back. After Dar left, Samuels fell asleep and one final person came to collect: NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint. Samuels said he had some more money in the back, then ran away.

- NXT UK Tag Team Champions Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen were at a photo shoot and accepted a challenge from Mark Andrews & Wild Boar for a title match.

Emilia McKenzie defeated Nina Samuels (5:00)

Samuels attacked in the corner, but McKenzie came back with a hurricanrana off the turnbuckles. Samuels then came back with some nefarious tactics.

McKenzie eventually hit a German suplex and spear for the win.

- Andy Shepherd sat down with the NXT United Kingdom Champion (Ilja Dragunov) and his next challenger (Wolfgang). They talked about why they respect each other and Dragunov called Wolfgang one of the best wrestlers on the brand.

Dragunov said Wolfgang is part of a group -- but it will be different when he faces Dragunov alone. Wolfgang said he'll lift the responsibility of being champion off Dragunov's shoulders. They had a staredown to end the segment.

Trent Seven defeated Sam Gradwell (11:02)

Seven threw his towel in Gradwell's face and attacked him, but Gradwell turned things around, hit a dive on Seven, then beat him up around ringside. Seven came back with a clothesline on the apron that sent Gradwell back to ringside.

Once back in the ring, they traded strikes and Gradwell hit a butterfly suplex. They fought some more at ringside and Seven hit a dive through the ropes, which injured Gradwell's knee.

Seven briefly teased walking out but eventually returned to the ring and locked in a Figure Four leglock. Gradwell eventually reversed. Seven hit the Seven Star Lariat, but Gradwell kicked out of the subsequent pin.

Seven went to hit Gradwell with his own knee brace, but Gradwell evaded the shot. Gradwell grabbed the brace and looked to hit Seven with it, but the referee grabbed it away from him at the last second. Seven used the distraction to hit a low blow and another Seven Star Lariat for the win.

Seven went to attack Gradwell's knee after the match, but Tyler Bate ran in to make the save as Seven fled to the entrance.

Final Thoughts --

A fun show. The main event between Seven and Gradwell was good, plus Morrell looked impressive in his loss to Mastiff. The two other matches were also fine.

The Sha Samuels segment was hilarious and the Dragunov/Wolfgang sit-down generated some interest in their title match next week.

Next Week --

  • NXT United Kingdom Champion Ilja Dragunov defends against Wolfgang
  • NXT UK Tag Team Champions Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen defend against Mark Andrews & Wild Boar
  • Amale vs. Blair Davenport