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NXT UK results: Tyler Bate vs. Trent Seven title tournament final

The no. 1 contender spot for the NXT UK Women's title was also up for grabs.


This week's final NXT UK show opened with a video looking at the history between Tyler Bate and Trent Seven, culminating in the end of their feud in tonight's main event for the vacant NXT UK championship.

Blair Davenport beat Amale, Isla Dawn & Eliza Alexander in an no. 1 contender's elimination match (15:07)

Dawn attacked Amale, but got subsequently punched out by each of her three opponents and was sent to ringside. Amale was next to fall victim to a flurry of offense. Davenport then threw Alexander out of the ring only to be tossed by Amale, who followed up with a dive from the top to the outside.

All four women brawled at ringside until Dawn threw Davenport back into the ring. Dawn dominated and hit a backdrop driver on Davenport, followed by all four women getting back in the ring and taking turns taking each other down.

Davenport and Alexander looked to hit a double superplex, but Amale took all three of them down with a Tower of Doom. She then took turns landing kicks on both Davenport and Alexander in the corners before Dawn attacked her.  Amale hit the Hopebreaker on Dawn, and Davenport and Alexander got on top of Amale for the triple pin to eliminate Dawn at around 7:00.

Amale managed to keep both remaining opponents at bay for a few minutes. Davenport hit a springboard missile dropkick on Amale but got thrown into the post by Alexander, who hit a running knee on Amale followed by the pin around 10:20.

Alexander hit a release German suplex for a near fall on Davenport. She kept working her over and had her in trouble on a few occasions. Davenport finally evaded a corner attack and hit a double foot stomp onto her neck as she was bent over.

Davenport hit a barrage of lariats, but got hit with another release German suplex when Alexander finally ducked under one. Davenport came back with a German of her own off the middle turnbuckle, followed by a running knee and the falcon arrow to win the match and a future shot at the title.

Davenport will be involved in Sunday's Worlds Collide against NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose and NXT UK Women's Champion Meiko Satomura.

Saxon Huxley beat Kenny Williams (5:45)

Huxley threw Williams around and ran wild. Williams eventually came back and worked over Huxley's legs. As Huxley was in trouble, Chase U came out to cheer him on.

As Huxley went for his bodypress into the ropes, Williams ducked and Huxley hit the ropes in full force. Huxley threw Williams to the outside where Chase U picked him up. The referee asked them to put him down, so they dropped him. 

Huxley then pulled him back into the ring and hit a choke bomb for the pin and the win. After the match, Chase U celebrated with Huxley in the ring who waved their flag.

- There was a great video package looking at the history between Seven and Bate. Seven talked about how he took Bate under his wing early on and they had clips from all of their big moments together and a ton of footage from Progress as well.

Tyler Bate beat Trent Seven to win the vacant NXT UK title in the tournament final (20:31)

Johnny Saint and Sid Scala were in the ring with the championship before the match.

They started with a fierce lockup before going to the mat where Bate dominated his mentor early on before they traded offense. Seven started attacking Bate's left leg before he got pushed over the ropes and was hit with a dive seconds later.

Seven went back to attack the leg and Bate started grabbing his knee. Bate came back, but quickly got a hit with a DDT for a near-fall. Bate egged Seven on to kick him, then caught him and hit an exploder.

Bate went for a slingshot lariat, but Seven ducked out of the way and went for a suplex, but got suplexed himself for a near fall. Seven eventually locked in a figure four and Bate looked to reach the ropes, but couldn't make it. He turned the move around and Seven finally made the ropes.

Both were on their knees and traded punches before Seven transitioned to chops. He hit quite a few, but Bate no-sold them and they were off to trading European uppercuts.

They ended up on the top turnbuckle and Bate went for a superplex, but Seven turned it into the Emerald Flowsion for a near fall. Seven then hit the Tyler Driver '97 on for another super close near fall. He went for a pump handle slam, but Bate turned it into a DDT in mid-air.

Bate then repaid the favor and hit Seven with a Seven Star Lariat and a near fall of his own before hitting a corkscrew senton off the top for another one. Seven turned a Tyler Driver '97 attempt into a pinning combination, but Bate kicked out. Bate then hit Seven with a fist to the jaw and followed up with the Tyler Driver '97 for the title-winning pin.

The episode ended with a great highlight video, looking at the history of the brand, all the way from the initial UK Tournament in early-2017 to the finish of tonight's main event. It had scenes from all major title wins and TakeOver highlights and concluded with a group picture of the final NXT UK roster.

Final Thoughts:

This was a great show with a fun four-way opener that was one of the better women's matches in the brand's recent history. Huxley and Williams also had a nice match with a happy ending.

The main event was fantastic and a worthy finale to NXT UK with a clash of two of the brand's pillars and founding fathers. Tyler Bate is certainly a superstar of the future and will hopefully get the recognition he deserves stateside. Even if this was not the planned finale at the time of taping the match, this really was a perfect, full-circle ending with Bate as the first and final champion and watching him grow from a "Big Strong Boi" into a Big Strong Man over the course of nearly six years.

With a smile on a face and a tear in my eye, I look back at covering NXT UK since its first show in October of 2018 (with only a handful of exceptions). I really enjoyed the shows and during most of this period, it felt like the best show that WWE did on a weekly basis with great matches, fun backstage segments and storylines that were simple but made sense. 

It almost seemed like this was a well-booked show from back in the territory days that mostly got left alone as it ran under the radar of the WWE brass at the time. From WALTER vs. Ilja Dragunov to a ton of unique interview and sit-down segments not done that way anywhere else to probably the best tag team division in the world at a time and a lot of quirky, fun, unique characters, I really enjoyed the ride. 

It also was great to see a number of people from Germany, the UK, and other parts of Europe who I have been following for years get a chance to shine here and make a proper living off wrestling for a few years.

Thanks also to Josh Nason for giving me the chance to cover these shows for the site back in 2018 and to everyone else working hard on a daily basis on content for F4WOnline. I hope to be back if and when NXT Europe launches next year and in the meantime, I will continue to provide updates on the European scene to the Observer.