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NXT UK results: WALTER & Coffey negotiate their TakeOver title match


Taped at Bonus Arena in Hull, England on November 15, 2019

Quick results --

  • Toni Storm defeated Killer Kelly in a quick match. Kay Lee Ray snuck up on Storm after and beat her down until Piper Niven made the save. Storm then told Niven she didn't need her.
  • Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster asked for a Tag Team title match.
  • The Hunt defeated NXT's The Outliers (Riddick Moss & Dorian Mak) in a fun match that saw the Americans dominate.
  • Jazzy Gabert teased some dissension during a backstage promo with her and Jinny.
  • Joseph Conners defeated Ligero and Travis Banks in an excellent three-way match.
  • WALTER and Joe Coffey came to terms in the main event segment: Gallus will defend the NXT UK Tag Team titles against Imperium, Ilja Dragunov will face Alexander Wolfe in a no DQ match, and WALTER will defend the WWE United Kingdom Championship against Joe Coffey at NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II. After the segment, Imperium destroyed Dragunov and put him through a table.

Full rundown --

- The show opened with a split screen, showing Imperium and Gallus arriving at the arena.

Toni Storm pinned Killer Kelly after Storm Zero (2:05)

Kelly went to kick and slap Storm, but Storm caught her and hit a flurry of offense. Kelly came back with a modified Camel Clutch/chinlock, but Storm powered out and took Kelly down with a clothesline. She went for Storm Zero, but Kelly turned it into a bridging pin. Storm came back with a German suplex and then hit Storm Zero for the quick win.

Storm took the mic after the match, but Kay Lee Ray snuck up on her and beat her down before she could say anything. That prompted Piper Niven to run out for the save.

KLR fled the ring and slowly backed away down the ramp with a smile on her face. Niven went to help Storm up, but she got up on her own, slapped Niven's hand away, and then got in Niven's face, telling her she didn't need any help.

- Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster were being interviewed backstage about the comments made by the Grizzled Young Veterans. Andrews & Webster asked to be given a title shot at NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II.

- Storm and Niven were shown arguing backstage. Storm again told Niven she didn't need her -- she just needed the NXT UK Women's title and told Niven to stay away.

The Hunt (Primate & Wild Boar) defeated The Outliers (Riddick Moss & Dorian Mak) after double diving headbutts on Mak (7:32)

Moss and Mak were making their NXT UK debuts, coming over from the US Performance Center.

Boar and Moss started out and Moss quickly gained the advantage, then The Outliers further double-teamed him. Mak deadlifted Boar off the mat and hit an impressive backbreaker. Boar eventually evaded a corner charge and tagged Primate, who went wild on both men.

Boar came back in and hit an exploder on Moss, then hit a springboard elbow off Primate's back on Mak. The Hunt then took turns hitting diving headbutts on Mak, followed by double diving headbutts for the win. 

Jordan Devlin pinned A-Kid after Devlinside (7:25)

Devlin trash-talked A-Kid, who took him down with a headlock takeover and applied some submission moves on the mat. He hit a standing dropkick and pushed Devlin over the top with his feet from his back. A-Kid went for a springboard move, but Devlin kicked his legs off the rope in mid-air.

Devlin followed with a knee-breaker and further worked over A-Kid's left knee. Tyler Bate at that point walked out to cheer A-Kid on. A-Kid finally managed to power up, then jumped up on the top rope while still clutching Devlin's hands and hit a moonsault DDT for a near fall.

A-Kid followed up with a dive and a top rope crossbody. He ducked a punch by Devlin and hit a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall. A-Kid evaded an attack by Devlin and threw him over the top onto the apron, but Devlin came right back with an over-the-top cutter.

Devlin went for Devlinside, but A-Kid turned it into a Canadian Destroyer, then hit a springboard moonsault to the outside. Bate talked to A-Kid on the outside and encouraged him. Devlin kicked A-Kid straight in the face as he entered the ring, then followed with Kawada kicks and the Devlinside for the pinfall victory.

Devlin then threw Bate a smug look as the Big Strong Boi was seething outside. After the match, Bate tended to A-Kid.

- A graphic plugged Joseph Conners vs. Ligero vs. Travis Banks next.

- Jinny cut a cell phone promo backstage, talking about her match with Piper Niven and how Jazzy Gabert got ejected from ringside. She said people wanted to talk about Jinny and Gabert but everything was fine between them.

Jinny repeated that everything was fine, but Gabert, who had been standing behind her looking mean, interrupted her as she was saying the line again. Gabert grabbed Jinny's wrist and aggressively said "everything is fine" herself. Jinny looked concerned.

Joseph Conners defeated Ligero and Travis Banks in a triple threat match by pinning Banks after hitting Don't Look Down (10:36)

Clips from three weeks ago aired, with Conners attacking both men in their match.

Ligero and Banks immediately double teamed Conners. They then one-upped each other, taking turns at beating Conners up and then double superkicking him. Ligero and Banks then started having a match with each other, trading quick near falls.

Ligero and Banks once more ended up in a sitting backslide, which resulted in a double pin in their first match, when Conners came in and turned them over, trying to score the win for himself. Ligero hit a double jaw breaker on Banks and Conners through the ropes.

Ligero hit a headscissors on Conners. Banks hit a double foot stomp on Ligero, then took out Conners with a dive. He hit a reverse foot stomp that mostly missed on Conners and was more like a seated senton. Ligero had Banks trapped with an O'Connor Roll, but Conners launched himself over the top with a DDT on Ligero.

Banks and Conners battled on the top rope, but Banks shoved him off, only for Ligero to run in and hit a superplex on Banks, wiping out Conners in the process. Banks and Ligero traded chops on the apron, then both tumbled to ringside off a blocked suplex spot.

Conners hit a double foot stomp on Ligero on the ring steps. He then went for a dive, but it looked like he went short due to his legs getting caught in the ropes, with Banks trying to make the catch. Banks hit Slice of Heaven and the Kiwi Crusher on Conners, but Ligero flew in with a splash and hit C4L on Banks. Conners hit Don't Look Down on Ligero, but Banks flew in with a top rope double foot stomp to break up the pin.

Banks went for Slice of Heaven on Ligero, but Ligero turned it into a powerbomb. Conners then threw out Ligero and whipped Banks into him as he was on the apron trying to get back inside. Conners then hit Don't Look Down on Banks for the pin.

- Kassius Ohno cut a selfie promo backstage and talked about his match with Tyler Bate. Ohno said he got livid and lost sight of why he was here -- and that was to prove he was the best British wrestler. He said there would be no more rolling elbows or cyclone kicks but cravats and certainly the Kassius Clutch.

WALTER and Joe Coffey negotiation segment

Sid Scala and Johnny Saint were in the ring with a table and two chairs. They first introduced Joe Coffey, representing Gallus, who came out to a good pop, wearing a trench coat of sorts. WWE United Kingdom Champion WALTER, representing Imperium, came out second.

Coffey immediately grabbed the mic and said he would not sit down for negotiations. WALTER cut him off and told him not to talk so much and asked him his terms, then sat down. Coffey said he had not forgotten WALTER entering the ring at this year's NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool and booting him in the face. Coffey said he wanted the WWE UK title.

WALTER said he would not back down from the challenge, as challenges and competitions are what this great sport was all about, but he was not giving him anything for free. Coffey asked his terms and WALTER said he wanted Mark Coffey & Wolfgang to defend their Tag Team titles. Joe readily agreed.

WALTER then said he also wanted Ilja Dragunov to step up to Alexander Wolfe in a no DQ match, to which Joe replied he could not speak for Dragunov as Dragunov did not run with his crew. WALTER then told him "No Ilja, no deal." At that point, Dragunov's music played. He walked down the aisle mic in hand and told him to "Make the agreement."

Scala then summarized: Gallus would defend the NXT UK Tag Team titles against Imperium next week, Ilja Dragunov would face Alexander Wolfe at a later date in a no DQ match, and Joe Coffey would challenge for WALTER's WWE UK title at NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II.

As Joe left the ring, WALTER called back Dragunov, calling him "his old friend" (in German) and saying that Dragunov had made a very bad decision. At that point, Wolfe grabbed Dragunov from under the ring skirt and Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel ran in and beat Dragunov down, with Aichner hitting a running knee into the steel steps.

Imperium then rolled Dragunov in the ring. WALTER booted him, then Wolfe powerbombed Dragunov through the table that was set up in the ring. 

Next week --

Wolfgang & Mark Coffey will defend the NXT UK Tag Team titles against Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner.