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WWE NXT Level Up results: Brooks Jensen vs. Trick Williams

Jakara Jackson also made her in-ring debut this week.

This week's WWE NXT Level Up was taped this past Tuesday prior to NXT with Sudu Shah and Byron Saxton on the call. This was your average edition of the show with one debut: Jakara Jackson.

Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo (w/ Tony D'Angelo) defeated Tank Ledger

This was Ledger's first singles match. I must say he has quite the ring entrance and quite the gear. D'Angelo sat in on commentary and took umbrage with Shah for not asking him about how his knee was doing. Honestly, the focus of the match was on D'Angelo's commentary.

This was Stacks' first match since his loss to Shinsuke Nakamura which D'Angelo set up to make a man out of him. Shah said Ledger was a local legend in Chicago for his playing time at Northwestern University which D'Angelo wasn't fully prepared to have a retort to.

Ledger got distracted by D'Angelo which swung things in Stacks' favor. Ledger later fired up and used his power to drop Stacks with some clotheslines and a standing splash for a two count. Character-wise, Ledger feels like a wrestling descendant of Mojo Rawley.

In the end, some earlier stomping on Ledger's fingers came back to help Stacks as Ledger failed to get him up for a move. He hit a European uppercut, a boot, and a clothesline to a seated Ledger for the win. The finish looked awkward as Ledger was already laying down before the clothesline was actually hit. Oh well.

- Kelly Kincaid was with Trick Williams who was on the phone with his girl on vacation, saying he would take out Brooks Jensen in two minutes or less. Kincaid said Carmelo Hayes would not be in his corner tonight, but Briggs would be in Jensen's corner. Williams didn't care and eventually did some dancing with Kincaid. If you haven't heard Williams on the mic, he's as good as advertised.

Thea Hail defeated Jakara Jackson

This was Jackson's NXT debut and we were told, among other things, that she is a former model, a multi-sport athlete, and also competed in the Titan Games. New Chase U member Duke Hudson was on hand to watch, but Bodhi Hayward apparently wasn't which commentary said Andre Chase was a bit frustrated with.

As you might expect, Jackson is green. She was working Hail's left arm for a good few minutes that was first-day BJJ white belt level at best. Also, Hail yells. A lot.

Hudson came out into the entryway to wave the Chase U flag to fire up Hail who worked out of the multi-minute armor with a throw. Hail eventually picked up the win by slamming Jackson to the mat and pinning her. I like the Chase U act, but this match wasn't good. I assume we're getting a Hudson-led power struggle within the group by year's end.

Brooks Jensen (w/ Josh Briggs) defeated Trick Williams

Jensen is half of the former NXT UK Tag Team Champions with Briggs while Williams is aligned with the aforementioned Carmelo Hayes. Jensen was rolling early until Williams got him caught up in the ring skirt, stomping on him for some real heel heat.

Williams is going to be given every chance to succeed with his physique, presence and verbal skills. He's going to need a few years down in NXT to get it down which likely means he'll be called up way too early.

Jensen regained control with a powerslam and later avoided getting caught in the ring skirt again by outsmarting Williams by running around the ring and hitting him with a punch. Jensen got popped with an uppercut as he jumped in off the top rope, followed by a spinning neckbreaker that got a close near fall. In the end, Jensen got the win off a Fameasser, snapping a two-match losing streak. 

Given all the wrestling that's on TV in a given week, you can skip this.