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WWE NXT Level Up results: Edris Enofe & Malik Blade vs. Ikemen Jiro & Guru Raaj

Thea Hail of Chase U also saw singles action this week.

Sudu Shah and Nigel McGuinness were on the call for this past week’s edition of WWE NXT Level Up, taped two weeks ago prior to NXT.

Javier Bernal defeated Ru Feng

"Big Body Javi" recovered from an embarrassing loss on NXT with a win here.

Feng is still early in his career which you can tell by watching him wrestle. He’s not bad, but his movement and the way he interacted with the crowd is a tell that he isn’t comfortable in front of a crowd yet. Luckily for him, that is why Level Up exists.

The last time we saw Bernal, he lost to security guard turned wrestler Hank Walker. He upped the intensity of his attacks on Feng, showing a lot of fire with his strikes. After surviving a short flurry of offense from Feng, Bernal scored the win with Paydirt.

- Kelly Kincaid was backstage with Guru Raaj and Ikemen Jiro. She asked if the language barrier between them would affect their ability to team. With the help of subtitles, they said they will win with the universal language of wrestling.

Thea Hail defeated Valentina Feroz

Chase U scored another Level Up win with the energetic Hail getting the victory.

Hail has a great fiery babyface energy about her. Her work isn’t crisp yet, but she gave everything she did in this match her all, and I can see people really getting behind her as she improves.

Hail hit a standing moonsault early on, but Feroz hooked the ropes to avoid a dropkick. After Feroz slowed the pace down, Hail picked it up again with some corner splashes and a neckbreaker. Feroz cut her down with a spear and locked in a sleeper hold, but Hail rolled back into a pinning predicament to score the win.

Edris Enofe & Malik Blade defeated Ikemen Jiro & Guru Raaj

Enofe and Blade scored the win in an exceptional Level Up main event.

Blade and his sweater vest started against Jiro and his jacket. I wondered why Blade wore a sweater vest while wrestling a match, but Shah promptly informed us that he wears it in honor of his father.

Raaj tagged in and laid in some good looking strikes before Blade sent him to the floor. Enofe distracted Raaj long enough for Blade to hit an impressive plancha to the floor before following it up with a soaring springboard armdrag. Blade and Enofe then tried to outdo each other with Stinger splashes in the corner, but Enofe got too greedy and hit the buckles as Raaj tagged in Jiro.

Jiro knocked Enofe loopy with some jacket punches and a dropkick in the ropes. A swanton from Jiro got a near fall, but Enofe avoided a big move and hit the Climax with Blade to score the win. This was by far the best match I have reviewed for Level Up so far in my tenure.