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WWE NXT live results: Kyle O'Reilly appears, Sarray debuts


NXT's second episode since moving to Tuesdays takes place tonight.

Kyle O'Reilly will kick off the show by making his first appearance since defeating Adam Cole in their unsanctioned match at NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver. On last week's NXT, footage was shown of O'Reilly and Cole both being taken out by ambulance following their unsanctioned match. Cole yelled at O'Reilly and threatened him as they were being wheeled into the hospital.

The NXT women's division will get a new addition as Sarray makes her debut. She'll be facing Zoey Stark.

Tonight's show will also feature Dexter Lumis vs. LA Knight, an open challenge issued by new NXT Cruiserweight Champion Kushida, Breezango vs. The Grizzled Young Veterans, and a special sit-down interview with Io Shirai. This will be Shirai's first appearance since losing the NXT Women's Championship to Raquel Gonzalez at TakeOver: Stand & Deliver.

Kushida answered Santos Escobar's open challenge last week and defeated him to win the NXT Cruiserweight Championship.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Kyle O'Reilly is opening the show with an in-ring promo. He sauntered to the ring in street clothes that including a denim jacket, sunglasses and a fedora. Cool as a fan. He ditched the shades and the hat when he started to get serious, but he would put them back by the end  of the segment.

O'Reilly wanted his work in the ring to speak for itself. After defeating Adam Cole, it was time to move on. O'Reilly found that killer instinct he needed. He talked about his next goal, and he begins to mention the NXT Championship. Cameron Grimes interrupted him.

Grimes confronted O'Reilly in the ring, and Grimes wanted to "invest" in O'Reilly. Grimes thought O'Reilly was buying what he was selling, and O'Reilly jokingly played along. O'Reilly said he is cleared to wrestle, and his next opponent was nearby. Of course, it was Grimes, but he was the last to figure it out. O'Reilly decked him, and they have a match later tonight.

Sarray was entering the building when she was met by William Regal. He welcomed her before Zoey Stark approached them. Stark wanted to wrestle Sarray tonight, and Sarray agreed to the bout. They have a match later on.

LA Knight cut a promo making excuses for getting eliminated from the Gauntlet Eliminator. He then insulted Dexter Lumis. Knight and Lumis meet in match up next.

LA Knight defeated Dexter Lumis

Knight pinned Lumis after Lumis was distracted by Indi Hartwell.

Knight was getting his tail kicked when he cut off Lumis before a commercial break. Lumis fought back during the break, but Knight cut him off again. Knight was working over Lumis as the show returned from the break.

Lumis made a comeback, but Knight targeted the back by ramming Lumis into the ring apron. That again cut off Lumis. They were fighting at ringside when Lumis noticed Indi Hartwell at ringside.

Lumis and Hartwell looked longingly into each other's eyes. Knight hit Lumis with a sneak attack, and then Knight started trying to run game on Hartwell. Lumis jumped over the ropes with a flying ax handle to the floor on Knight. However, Lumis was again distracted by Hartwell. Knight delivered a wacky neckbreaker, and Knight covered Lumis for a pinfall. 

Hartwell and Lumis were about to kiss when The Way came out to pull Hartwell off the ring apron. Austin Theory carried Hartwell away as Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano barked at everyone.

Beth Phoenix interviewed Io Shirai in a pre-tape sit-down at the PC. Shirai in English talked about possibly taking a break. They were interrupted by Presley the Pomeranian as he leapt onto the table. Franky Monet entered the scene apologizing for Presley. She has to be a heel putting the heat on poor Presley like that, because he's a good boy. 

Monet said it was nice to meet Shirai, and Monet was also thrilled to meet Phoenix. Since Shirai was taking a break, Monet said she wanted to fill her shoes. Monet went on to say her shoes were better anyways. Shirai jumped to her feet and cut a promo on Monet in Japanese. Monet said she didn't understand. Shirai in English exclaimed, "I like cats!" Shirai then walked off. Monet said somebody must be having a bad day.

Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake & Zack Gibson) defeated Breezango (Tyler Breeze & Fandango)

Gibson pinned Breeze after a Ticket To Mayhem.

Breezango were cosplaying as the Queen's Guard. This angered the Grizzled Young Veterans. They all fought through a commercial break. James Drake was leaping off the top turnbuckle when the show returned from break, and he sold his knee like it went out on him. The action stopped briefly, but it was dern dirty trick.

With the referee busy tending to Drake, Zack Gibson poked Fandango in the eye. Drake was playing possum like he was Bret Hart, and Drake peppered Fandango. The Vets began to work over Fandango, until a hot tag allowed Tyler Breeze to clean house on the heels. 

Vets soon cut off Breeze. He did bot notice a bling tag, and Breeze was soon caught with a Ticket To Mayhem. Gibson then covered Breeze for a pinfall.

McKenzie Mitchell was trying to interview Indi Hartwell, but they were interrupted by The Way. Bronson Reed then confronted them. This led to Austin Theory saying he was booked in a match against Reed for next week. This skit was more like Saturday Night Live than a wrestling angle. That is good depending on if you like that sort of thing.

After a commercial break, Mitchell was back with another interview. This time it was with an angry Cameron Grimes. He was given an envelope that cheered him up ... but not for long. Grimes thought he had the winning bid on a NFT, but  a letter informed him he was instead outbid by Ted DiBiase. Grimes flew into a rage and screamed DiBiase's name.

Sarray defeated Zoey Stark

Sarray pinned Stark after a Saito suplex. This was very different than most any other match on a WWE show. This was more of a joshi-style match than a WWE bout. It was hard hitting and pretty dang good.

Sarray was pushed like a really big deal. This was a showcase match for Sarray, but Stark did get plenty of offense. Stark first had to escape from a STF, but she came back to work over Sarray.

They traded strikes, and Sarray rocked Stark with dropkicks. That led into a near fall for Sarray with a fisherman's buster. Stark answered back with a high kick, a suplex, a knee strike, and a two count. 

Stark missed a 450. They traded near falls. Sarray delivered a kick and series of strikes before executing a suplex. Sarray then covered Stark for pinfall.

Toni Storm ran down to attack Stark after the match. Sarray came to Stark's aid, and Storm backed away.

NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez was interviewed with Dakota Kai by her side. Kai was clearly a heel, but Gonzalez was less heelish. Gonzalez was more of a strong champion ready for a challenge.

Candice LeRae was backstage trying to get Indi Hartwell to focus on something other than Lumis. LeRae was ranting and raving with Hartwell following her. LeRae did not notice when Hartwell stopped following her. LeRae then bumped into the NXT Women's Tag Team Champions, Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart. LeRae was cutting a promo on them thinking Hartwell had her back. Hartwell did not. The champs then attacked LeRae. That's odd tactics for babyfaces, but whatever.

A video packeged hyped Kushida, and then the new NXT Cruiserweight Champion came to the ring for his first title defense. Kushida first cut a promo saying he was issuing an open challenge. Out came Oney Loran to answer the challenge.

NXT Cruiserweight Champion Kushida defeated Oney Lorcan 

Kushida submitted Lorcan with a Hoverboard Lock. This was fantastic. Legado del Fantasma attacked Kushida after the match.

Last week Kushida not only won the title, but he debuted his new trunks. Yet he still wore boots, even if he ditched the shorts he had worn. This week he also ditched the boots as well. He wrestled barefoot. The announcers speculated it had something to do with Kushida's MMA background.

They grappled like this was a flashy Pancrase match, but they also did pro wrestling spots. Kushida went for an armbar, but Lorcan escaped. Kushida was clearly in control when the show went to a commercial break.

Lorcan was able to cut off Kushida during the break. Kushida after the break began to fire up into a handspring, but Lorcan hit him with a lariat. Kushida moments later came back with palm strike. More strikes and kicks by Kushida. 

They trade strikes, and Lorcan catches Kushida with a blockbuster. Kushida kicked out a two. Kushida absorbs chops from Lorcan, and Kushida made a comeback as if the chops woke him up. Kushida locked in the Hoverboard Lock, and Lorcan tapped out.

Santos Esobar and Legado del Fantasma attacked Kushdia after the bout was over. NXT Tag Team Champions MSK made a save, and they ran off Legado del Fantasma.

Mercedes Martinez cut a promo calling out Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai. 

Imperium (Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner with Alexander Wolfe) defeated Ever-Rise (Chase Parker and Matt Martel)

Barthel pinned Parker in dominate fashion. There was some gaga, but this was mostly Imperium looking like killers.

Imperium was squashing Ever-Rise, until Killian Dain entered the scene. When Dain appeared at ringside, Aichner was distracted by him. That allowed Parker to roll up Aichner for a two count. Parker paid for it, and he was clobbered. 

Drake Maverick came down to ringside wanting to fight Wolfe, but Dain carried Maverick away. Meanwhile, Parker took a Doomsday upper cut, and Barthel covered him for a pinfall.

Announced for next Tuesday on NXT are two matches. Dakota Kai against Mercedes Martinez in a singles match, and Bronson Reed meets Austin Theory in a stipulation match. If Reed wins, he earns a title match for the NXT North American Championship.

Kyle O'Reilly on his way to the ring was met by NXT Champion Karrio Kross and Scarlett. They all stared at each other. Looks like O'Reilly is being positioned as the next challenger.

Kyle O'Reilly defeated Cameron Grimes

O'Reilly pinned Grimes in a fantastic match. Great wrestling in this match, although it did not have the aura of a main event at first. The action made up for the lack of aura, and it was a really great match nonetheless. 

Lots of nifty chain wrestling, and O'Reilly was seemingly in control. Grimes struck with a German suplex to turn the tide, and the show cut to a commercial break. Grimes targeted the neck, and Grimes was working over O'Reilly as the show returned from the break.

O'Reilly eventually fired up after they traded strikes. O'Reilly went for a heel hook, but Grimes reached the ropes. Grimes fought back, but O'Reilly locked in a submission. O'Reilly then delivered a PK. Grimes still fought back with a spinning slam. 

O'Reilly countered a German suplex with a leglock. They traded more strikes, and Grimes with another near fall. O'Reilly fired up one last time, and he nailed Grimes with Ax and Smash. O'Reilly delivered a brainbuster, and then he climbed the turnbuckles. O'Reilly leapt into a Bobby Eaton flying knee drop, and then he pinned Grimes.