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WWE NXT UK results: Heritage Cup Champion Noam Dar vs. Mark Coffey

Teoman also faced Oliver Carter, and Stevie Turner took on Amale.


This week’s NXT UK was taped at BT Sports Studios in London, England.

Oliver Carter defeated Teoman (w/ Rohan Raja & Charlie Dempsey) (7:25)

Teoman was in control early and beat down Carter, who had glimpses of hope here and there. Carter eventually came back with a springboard moonsault off the middle rope and then hit a number of running forearms and an axe kick.

Teoman hit a diving forearm for a near fall and went for the Evil Eye, but Carter countered out of it. Raja distracted the referee to allow Dempsey to interfere, but Carter dodged the attack and hit a soccer kick to Dempsey's face.

Carter then hit a top rope dropkick and a spinning heel kick into the corner on Teoman and pinned him for the win.

Immediately afterward, Die Familie attacked Carter and Teoman hit the Evil Eye.

- Sam Gradwell was asked about Trent Seven in the UK Performance Center when suddenly Seven flew into the frame and beat Gradwell down. He then got kicked out.

- Fallon Henley got asked about her time in the UK. Isla Dawn walked up and was creepy, but Henley was having none of it

- Dave Mastiff congratulated Josh Morrell on his win last week, but told him he'd have to face "The Bomber" next week

- Wolfgang was asked about Ilja Dragunov's comments about him last week. He said he would take the NXT UK title from Dragunov.

Amale beat Stevie Turner (4:16)

Blair Davenport was on commentary.

Amale hit a jumping neckbreaker early on, but got flattened with an axe kick. Turner hit a running boot into Amale's head as she was in the ropes and scored a near fall off the attack.

Amale came back with a bulldog for a near fall of her own and followed up with a running kick into the corner. Amale then hit the Hopebreaker for the pinfall victory.

Davenport mockingly clapped at the commentary booth.

- A referee approached Noam Dar and Sha Samuels backstage and banned Samuels from ringside for tonight’s match.

- in a clip from after last week's show, Sarray and Meiko Satomura came backstage and were greeted by Emilia McKenzie. They talked in Japanese and Sarray thanked Satomura for teaming with her, but said she also wanted to face her next. The NXT UK Women’s Champion accepted and McKenzie didn't look happy. Nina Samuels then approached McKenzie for comment, but was blown off.

- Mark Andrews and Wild Boar talked about wanting to bring the NXT UK Tag Team titles home and want to face Briggs & Jensen.

- Sid Scala announced that in two weeks, there would be a title match between Ilja Dragunov and Wolfgang. Next week, Fallon Henley faces Isla Dawn, and Trent Seven faces Sam Gradwell.

Mark Coffey beat Noam Dar in round six to win the NXT UK Heritage Cup (16:35)

Round 1:

Coffey got a wrist lock early, but Dar escaped to the ropes, forcing a break. They mostly evaded each other's offense for most of the round. Coffey hit Dar just after the bell after ducking an attack from Dar first.

Round 2:

Dar went for the Nova Roller, but Coffey ducked and locked in the Gator Lock. Dar quickly tapped just seconds into the round. 1-0 Coffey

Round 3:

Coffey went for pinfall attempts right away, then hit a bulldog for a two count. Dar got the upper hand with some kicks to the legs and body. Dar took out Coffey's leg and went for the Nova Roller just as the round ended. He went to hit it anyway, but the referee stopped him.

Round 4:

Dar locked in the Champagne Supernova knee bar early and Coffey eventually tapped. Dar refused to let go for a few more seconds. Dar 1-1

Round 5:

Dar hit a dropkick into the corner for a two count right away.  Coffey came back with a backdrop driver for a two count of his own. Dar locked in a guillotine and Coffey eventually countered with a vertical suplex. Coffey hit a superplex just as the round ended. Sha Samuels looked close to having a heart attack in a split screen backstage.

Round 6:

Dar stalled early and rolled out of the ring, later locking in a knee bar that Coffey escaped. He followed up with a pin with his feet on the ropes, but Coffey still kicked out. Coffey locked in the Gator Lock once more, but Dar struggled to the ropes.

They ended up at ringside, Coffey accidentally hit his hand on the post and Dar hit the Nova Roller on the outside. Coffey narrowly made it back into the ring. 

Dar looked to finish, but Coffey hit a forearm, lariat, half-and-half slam and finally a diving forearm to score the deciding fall and win the NXT UK Heritage Cup with just ten seconds left in the match. 2-1 Coffey

Samuels went crazy backstage, then ran to the ring with his betting slips. Wolfgang and some members of the roster and staff came out to celebrate with Coffey and also to collect their money from Samuels, who had put 100:1 odds on the match in favor of Dar.

Finally, Joe Coffey returned from hiatus and walked out to celebrate with his brother.

Final Thoughts:

This was a fun show with a good opener and a really good main event. The post-match celebration was cool as you almost never see anything like this in modern wrestling any more.

Next week:

  • Trent Seven vs. Sam Gradwell
  • Fallon Henley vs. Isla Dawn
  • Dave Mastiff vs. Josh Morrell

In two weeks:

  • NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov defends against Wolfgang