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Samoa Joe back in NXT, could take over William Regal's GM role


NXT GM William Regal's teary admission at the end of Sunday's TakeOver that "it's time for change" may be foreshadowing for a former NXT Champion to take his role.

On Sunday's post-TakeOver Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that Samoa Joe has taken a behind-the-scenes job with NXT that also could include becoming the on-screen NXT GM.

"I was told (Sunday) Samoa Joe was in a Regal-like role and all of a sudden, he's stepping down," Meltzer said, adding that if the 53-year-old Regal is indeed done with the role, the 42-year-old Joe is the favorite to replace him.

Joe was released from WWE in April due to budget cuts, raising speculation about his next move and whether returning to the ring could be part of that equation. Meltzer said Joe is in NXT in a non-wrestling role, which he believes is because he isn't cleared. He said it's not impossible for him to return given other wrestlers in similar situations, but that apparently isn't in the plans for now.

Joe spent the first two years of his WWE tenure in NXT, winning their main title twice before being called up to the main roster. 

Regal has been in the GM role since July 2014.