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Velveteen Dream court date canceled, battery & trespassing case potentially dropped

A scheduled court date for September 28 has been canceled.

Battery and trespassing charges against Patrick Clark (FKA Velveteen Dream) may have been dropped. 

Clark was arrested on August 20 after allegedly punching an employee of the Club Orlando fitness center. He was scheduled to appear in court on September 28 but according to a report from PW Insider, court records indicate the date has been canceled. No other court date for the case is listed which could mean the charges have been dropped. 

According to police documents obtained by TMZ, Clark became "irate and argumentative" with the gym employee after he was asked to leave an area of the fitness center that was closed for cleaning. Clark is also alleged to have made death threats toward the employee before punching him in the face. A fight between Clark and the employee ensued and Clark is alleged to have bitten the employee during the melee. Police observed a bite mark on the employee's chest. 

Through his attorney, Clark submitted a written plea of "not guilty" to the charges. He was then arrested for violation of his parole on August 26.